10 Instagram Settings You Didn't Know Existed – Screen Rant

10 Instagram Settings You Didn't Know Existed – Screen Rant

From adding special characters in a bio to hiding unwanted ads, Instagram is full of unique settings to personalize any account.
Instagram got into some heat this summer after its users realized they were seeing more ads and content that didn't relate to them or who they followed. After a post went around saying, "Make Instagram Instagram again," it went viral and was shared by mega celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.
Many users claimed it was looking more like TikTok than Instagram, which bothered many those who don't use TikTok. Since this backlash, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, came out and said the company was going back to its old ways to please users. Now that Instagram users can see more of their friends and the people they follow again, there are plenty of unique settings that can be played around with to personalize any account.
Most Instagram users know they can turn off their comments if it's no longer serving them or are unnecessary. However, there's also a way to filter comments by keyword if a user has a large following and is looking to get rid of nasty comments.
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On a non-mobile device like an iPad or laptop, a user can go to "Settings" and click "Privacy & Security." From there, users can scroll down to "Comments" and click "Edit Comment Settings." Once there, they can add any keyword they don't want in their comments section. Once these keywords are added, any comment that contains a banned keyword will not show up in the comments section of a photo.
Some followers may notice the different fonts used in bios or captions. Since Instagram only has one basic font, users will have to download a free font app that can also be used on Instagram. Some of these apps include Sprezz Keyboard and LingoJam.
Once downloaded, a user can type the bio of their choice in their font app, copy it, and paste it directly into the bio section on Instagram. After saving, a new bio with the chosen font should appear.
While there are differences between Androids and iPhones, the Instagram app works the same for both — including where to buy products.
Whether it's an influencer or a business, followers can buy products easily on Instagram with a few touches. With these tips, followers will be able to click a picture and buy the items linked directly from the page. Users will need to have a business account before doing this. Once they add the photo they're ready to post, all they need to do is press "Tag Products" and add the items they've already pre-selected from their business catalog to the tag.
iPhones aren't the only devices that have hidden features; Instagram does as well. When it comes to highlights, most users think that they have to post a photo to their story to have it as their highlight cover. On the contrary, there's a way to add a photo without sharing it on Instagram.
All a user has to do is hold down on the highlight they'd like to change the cover of, click "Edit Highlight," and then press "Edit Cover." From there, they can choose any photo from their phone's gallery to add as the highlight cover without sharing it with their Instagram story.
If users are loyal to Instagram filters instead of using free photo editing apps, they should know this Instagram tip.
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With Instagram having multiple filters to use for free, users can reorganize them to make editing easier. The filters used the most can be moved to the front so users don't need to scroll. Once a photo is chosen, the user can then press down and hold or drag the filter to the position of their choice.
One thing that isn't leaving Instagram anytime soon is ads. Specific ads are targeted toward followers and their interests. Instagram's algorithm allows the app to share more content that's relative to said user's likes and views.
However, if the ads being shown aren't relative to a user (or perhaps they're being shown too much), Instagram users can hide them. When an ad pops up, the user can press the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the ad and select "Hide Ad" or "Report Ad" if they find the ad offensive.
Instagram influencers and bloggers have shown off free travel apps to use on top of what to do, where, and stay on amazing excursions. However, there's a function on Instagram that allows these influencers to create guides for their followers instead of emailing blog posts or creating YouTube tutorials.
When a business-owning Instagram user goes to their profile page, they should press the plus icon, select "Guide," and then choose a guide they're interested in. Guides are easy models that followers can use when it comes to traveling, products, and more.
There are apps for everyone and everything, from improving writing to learning how to do math. Knowing this, there are also apps that can Instagram users to add special characters to their bios, captions, and comments.
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From hearts to moons to crowns, users can add characters from apps like Symbol Pad & Locations for Texting. A person can select the character of their choice, copy it to their clipboard, open Instagram, and then paste the character into the open space of their choosing.
Most users know that they can make their profiles private so that their posts and stories can only be viewed by the following of their choosing. However, there are plenty of other ways to make a profile even more private.
Users should go to their profile and click the grid at the top right-hand corner. From there, click "Close Friends." This is where the user can select particular followers who are considered close friends. These close friends can then be chosen to see separate stories for even more privacy.
Instagram users who get plenty of direct messages can create automatic replies so that followers aren't left waiting for too long.
Whether a user has an automatic reply for a promo they're running, a special guide they created, or products they sell —the reply is completely customizable. In settings, a user can search "Saved Reply" before adding their replies. A title for the reply can be made so that the Instagram user knows what reply they'd like to send.
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