21 Best SEO Companies 2021 – Built In

21 Best SEO Companies 2021 – Built In

Once a Google insider’s secret, SEO has become one of the marketing industry’s most popular tools. According to Search Engine Journal, SEO itself gained traction during the late 1990s, during which time early websites grew frustrated over the fight for search engine dominance. Back then, SEO strategy was largely defined by “keyword stuffing,” HTML tags, and internal and external linking. 
Yet, for modern-day websites, cramming a huge number of keywords into a piece of content isn’t good SEO. Our present-day understanding of SEO takes into account a wide range of tactics, from competitive analysis and content optimization to link building and landing page optimization. 
Regardless of their respective industries, businesses must embrace SEO as a must-have marketing strategy. And with so many brands fighting for the same spot on the first page of Google, getting there takes a lot of skill. Luckily, there are countless companies across the nation dedicated to helping businesses improve their online presence. Whether they serve fintech startups or nonprofits, these SEO experts have the skills needed to bring brands to the top of their SEO game.
Here’s our pick of 21 top SEO companies you should keep an eye on this year.  
Founded: 2020
What they offer: GRO is a digital marketing agency dedicated to driving organic growth for direct-to-consumer brands. The agency offers services such as content creation and optimization, search volume analysis, local keyword targeting, SEO competitive strategy planning, and Google search console integration. GRO also provides PR outreach and influencer marketing services.
Who they work with: M13, Hydrow, Ritual, and MuteSix.
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Founded: 2009
What they offer: Duda, Inc. enables businesses to create optimized websites. The company’s website builder is designed to give businesses full control of their SEO, granting them access to local business schema, sitemaps, dynamic serving, and meta keywords and descriptions. Duda’s website builder boasts other features such as a drop-and-drop editor, flexible navigation, customizable templates, and API documentation.
Who they work with: Solocal, Checkdomain, TripAdvisor, and Telstra.
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Founded: 2010
What they offer: Nuclear Networking – Denver SEO is a marketing tech company that specializes in a broad range of SEO solutions. The company’s SEO expertise encompasses onsite analysis, performance measurement, competitive analysis, content optimization, and security and algorithm checks. Nuclear Networking also offers crowdfunding campaigns, and social media advertising.
Who they work with: HomeAdvisor, LendingTree, IBM, and Amazon. 
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Founded: 2010
What they offer: Conductor’s organic marketing technology helps businesses improve their visibility online. Teams can use the company’s software to create optimized content, develop SEO-friendly websites, and measure the impact of their content with reporting. Additionally, Conductor helps businesses with social media marketing, demand generation, product marketing, and business intelligence.
Who they work with: Coursera, GoDaddy, Slack, and HP. 
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Founded: 2010
What they offer: Skyword offers content marketing software designed to help brands build relationships with consumers. The company’s software allows users to improve their SEO strategy with their Keyword Planner, which grants businesses access to recommended keywords, competitive analysis, and multilingual SEO. Skyword’s platform also enables users to review and edit content easily, find and manage creatives, set role-based workflows, and measure lead generation activity.
Who they work with: HCA Healthcare, Vera Bradley, Tom’s, and Iron Mountain.
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Founded: 2014
What they offer: Hawke Media is a digital marketing consultancy that focuses on SEO. The company specializes in services such as SEO-friendly web development, editorial content optimization, keyword targeting, social media management, email marketing, and paid search and social. Additionally, Hawke Media specializes in creative services such as visual identity, performance branding, and packaging design.
Who they work with: The Sill, Localish, Petnet.io, and Tamara Mellon. 
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Founded: 2008
What they offer: Effective Spend specializes in a wide range of SEO strategies. Their SEO solutions include tactical link building, competitive analysis, landing page optimization, and keyword research. Effective Spend also offers social media marketing, Amazon marketing, media relations, and content development.
Who they work with: Swivel, Roomify, Bellacor, and Snap Kitchen. 
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Founded: 2016
What they offer: Luxury Presence’s platform lets luxury real estate agents build websites. The company offers a wide range of SEO services including on-page optimization, content strategy, keyword research, and competitive analysis. Besides SEO, Luxury Presence offers an intuitive page builder, blog publisher, listing manager, and home search experience.
Who they work with: Hilton & Hyland, Jade Mills Estates, The Fridman Group, and Carlin Wright. 
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Founded: 2007
What they offer: Digital Third Coast is a digital marketing company specializing in SEO strategies. Their SEO services include on-site content strategy, link building, landing page optimization, and reporting. Digital Third Coast also offers display advertising, remarketing, and digital PR.
Who they work with: US Foods, Waterstone Management Group, C+R Research, and Intelligentsia. 
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Founded: 2017
What they offer: Bevel PR is on a mission to help businesses “build reputable, longstanding brands.” In addition to offering SEO services, the company specializes in media relations, digital and social media strategy, visual branding, corporate communications, and content creation. Bevel PR works with clients throughout the financial, real estate, and professional services sectors.
Who they work with: Acorns, Rho, Mammoth, and Iris Nova. 
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Founded: 2011
What they offer: Verblio is a content creation agency that focuses specifically on SEO. The company’s team of writers is dedicated to creating optimized content for businesses across the globe. Verblio’s content offerings include blog posts, ebooks, newsletters, product category pages, videos, and pillar content.
Who they work with: CarHopper, Helios, Nextiny, and Dove Way Maine. 
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Founded: 2004
What they offer: Tinuiti is a performance marketing agency that focuses on cross-channel strategy. The agency boasts a broad range of SEO services including content and website optimization, SEO site migrations and launches, featured snippet implementation, and social media optimization. Tinuiti’s other capabilities include paid search and social, campaign development, and Instacart marketplace management.
Who they work with: Burt’s Bees, Verilux, Advil, and Jet.com. 
Founded: 1990
What they offer: PMX Agency is a performance marketing agency driven by the aim to heighten the relationship between brands and consumers. With a focus on organic and technical SEO, the agency offers services such as page-level optimization, authority development and linguistics, and website and content optimization. Additionally, PMX Agency offers services such as customer experience, creative optimization, web analytics, and project management.
Who they work with: Uber Eats, Sierra Club, eBay, and ASOS. 
Founded: 2016
What they offer: Blackhawk Digital Marketing is an agency that focuses on technical on-site SEO. The agency employs a variety of SEO strategies including custom titles, meta descriptions, alternative text on images, and keyword research. Blackhawk Digital Marketing also specializes in services such as copywriting, brand development, photography, and print design.
Who they work with: ACL Radio, Hayes Software Systems, Sponsor Burst, and Bluebonnet. 
Founded: 2017
What they offer: 1205 Marketing is an integrated marketing agency on a mission to “help growing organizations scale marketing efforts.” The agency’s SEO services include keyword research, link building campaigns, audits, website optimization, and SEO content strategy. 1205 Marketing’s other focus areas include branding, influencer marketing, social media, graphic design, and experiential marketing.
Who they work with: Special Olympics Washington, Charles Krug, SkillUp Online, and bLoyal. 
Founded: 1997
What they offer: SocialSEO specializes in numerous aspects of local, national, and e-commerce SEO. Their SEO expertise covers keyword research, keyword mapping and focus strategy, citations, on-site content optimization, competitive research, and conversion rate optimization. Additionally, SocialSEO offers email marketing, PPC advertising, video production, and Amazon marketing.
Who they work with: E-commerce businesses, law firms, financial services companies, and others. 
Founded: 2009
What they offer: Top Hat Rank is an internet marketing firm that offers a broad range of SEO services. The firm’s SEO specialties include technical audits, keyword research, content optimization, Google Search Console monitoring, citation building, and conversion rate optimization. Top Hat Rank also provides content marketing, customer review aggregation, and citation clean-up services.
Who they work with: Bombas, Checkr, Beyond Yoga, and Student Loan Hero. 
Founded: 2011
What they offer: Launch Digital Marketing is dedicated to building experiences that “connect people with brands in real life.” In addition to SEO, the agency offers a variety of services including campaign creation, web design, video production, brand amplification, and social platform advertising. Launch Digital Marketing’s client base spans a broad range of industries such as hospitality, education, and food and beverage.
Who they work with: Howl at The Moon, Plant Perks, Chicago Neighborhood Maps, and Beef Shack. 
Founded: 2014
What they offer: CSTMR Digital Marketing & Design is a full-service agency that works specifically with fintech and financial services companies. Besides SEO, the agency specializes in web design and development, content strategy, email marketing, paid media, and social media marketing. CSTMR Digital Marketing & Design also offers creative services such as visual identity and logo development, collateral design, and product design.
Who they work with: Credit Karma, Prepaid Technologies, Goji, and Tradestops. 
Founded: 2008
What they offer: 3Q Digital is a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping brands drive growth. Their SEO expertise encompasses keyword research, analytics, content optimization, and technical architecture. 3Q Digital’s other focus areas include paid social, video production, responsive web design, and branding. 
Who they work with: Atlassian, Square, SurveyMonkey, and Helix. 
Founded: 2015
What they offer: Green Flag Digital is a content marketing company dedicated to driving organic growth for digital-first businesses. The company specializes in technical SEO, helping businesses tackling issues related to crawlability, indexation, content, and ranking. Additionally, Green Flag Digital offers digital PR services such as content creation and campaign development.
Who they work with: MindBodyGreen, Bucket List Events, Reservations.com, and Coastal Creative. 
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