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35 Best Yoga Mats & Exercise Mats from £9.99 – Women's Health

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.
From the biggest Black Friday deals to our long-time WH faves, we’ve got your back
The best yoga mats and exercise mats are a hot topic and for good reason: how else are you going to smash your home workouts while keeping your joints safe?
Black Friday yoga mat deals can be just the thing if you’re planning to finally start up that few-times-a-week stretch sesh habit, maybe as a New Year’s resolution or just a proven mood-booster (honestly, the benefits of yoga are endless) as we head into the bleak mid winter.
From protecting your body from injury by keeping you steady and stable during yoga asanas (poses) to providing a softer surface for chest-to-floor burpees (vom), a yoga mat is the bread and butter of a great exercise kit.
First off, it’s totally OK to just buy one mat and use it for both your yoga sessions and your home workouts – you don’t need to fork out for both.
But, having said that, a yoga mat tends to be thinner, longer and more grippy than a standard exercise mat. Exercise mats can be a bit thicker to offer extra support for any higher-impact movement. They might be ribbed or made of foam too.
So, think about what you’re going to use your mat for the most before getting click-happy online.
How thick a yoga mat should be really depends on personal preference. If you have joints that ache after exercise (or just generally), choose a yoga mat above 3mm thick. This will make sure there’s enough cushion to support you whilst you move. If you like to feel the floor/ground beneath you (some do for extra sturdy vibes), plump for a yoga mat of 3mm or less.

There are five main factors to be aware of when adding to cart:
For those who answered yes to the anti-bac point above, you may be wondering what the best way to clean your workout mat really is.
Wipes or a cleaning spray applied in circular motions to both sides of the yoga mat with a towel are a good call for a quick fix between classes, but at some stage you are going to want to give your exercise mat a deep clean. The best course of action depends on the workout mat you have so check the label or instructions it comes with.
Some workout mats are machine washable (rejoice!), in which case giving it a deep clean is as easy as throwing it in the machine, putting it on a cold gentle cycle with mild detergent and air drying it afterwards.
Other yoga mats require just a bit more effort. The safest way to deep clean a yoga mat is by using a gentle cloth and warm water with either dishwashing soap or a mild detergent. Once you have cleaned both sides, make sure to use clean water and rinse the surface of the mat with the cloth before giving it a quick dry with a towel and leaving it to air dry.
Now that you know how to care for one, it’s time to get purchasing. We’ve done our best to source yoga mats, exercise mats, workout mats that not only fit every budget but that are also definitively great. From luxe athletic brands to more affordable options it’s time to shop – and ship – your new yoga pal.

Keep an eye out for any mats that have our WH Lab Approved badge proudly displayed on their picture. Think of it like a Where’s Wally for quality products, as these items have all been given our resident PT and yoga expert’s seal of approval.
Our pro put a total of 20 mats through their paces, seeing how each one performed during yoga, yoga nidra (a form of guided meditation), HIIT and even weights sessions. They were scored based on how grippy, comfortable, portable and stable they were (with bonus points for eco credentials), and only their favourite few made it on to this list.
But, if you fancy a bit more choice, never fear. Our editors (no strangers to a soothing stretching session) have listed their top black friday deals and picks for a spot of at-home yoga.
How much? Was £55, now £41.25
A solid all-rounder, the classic Yogamatters yoga mat isn’t the lightest but it packs a supportive punch with 5.5mm of comfortable cushioning. With a smooth side for slower styles, like yin and hatha, and a seriously grippy dotted side for hotter and faster styles, the innovative reversible design has your whole practice covered.
USP: This mat is all you need, thanks to the reversible design.
Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm, 5.5 mm thick
Weight: 3.5kg
How much? Was £55, now £41.25
Made with a mix of recycled and reclaimed EVA foam, rubber and cork granules, this mat — from ethical yoga brand Ekotex — is not only beautiful but gets two enthusiastic thumbs up for grip and cushioning. AND they’re planting two trees for every purchase during the sale. (Check out their cork blocks and bolsters while you’re there!)
USP: Each is unique and made from recycled materials.
Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm, 5.5 mm thick
Weight: 3.5kg
How much? Was £85, now £68
The MandukaPROlite Yoga Mat is a five star favourite. Not only does it rival the high-spec PRO for cushioning and durability, but it’s far lighter at only 1.8kg. As with the whole Manduka offering, it’s produced using environmentally-friendly processes and even has a lifetime guarantee. We’re calling it: this is a yogi must.

USP: It’s the no-brainer go-to for fans of the PRO, who need a lighter version for easier carrying or storage.
Dimensions: 180 cm x 61 cm, 5 mm thick
Weight: 1.8kg
How much? Was £100, now £80
High-quality and well-cushioned, with intelligent alignment markers to help guide your flow, this yoga mat is ultra-grippy even when things get HAWT. Practising at home? It won’t budge on the carpet either. Oh, and it comes with its own yoga mat bag to really tick all the boxes.
USP: A solid yoga mat investment for dedicated yogis, with superior grip and alignment guides to aid your practice.
Dimensions: 185cm x 68cm, 4.2mm thick
Weight: 2.5kg
How much? Was £70, now £63
If you’ve ever tried a dynamic Pilates workout, or given hot yoga a go, you’ll know that your time on the mat can get pretty sweaty. And, as any overly keen lifeguard will tell you, wet surfaces are slippy (not ideal when we’re trying to perfect various precarious poses). Imagine our surprise then, when we found this With Every Atom mat actually becomes MORE grippy when wet.
Our expert said it offered amazing grip in all poses, even during sweaty sessions, and the weightiness of the mat allowed it to lie flat instantly while providing a luxe feel. This does make it less portable, so we’d recommend it for home yoga sessions only. But, beyond this, we had no complaints. 
USP: This mat gets grippier the wetter it gets, so there’s no need to worry about slipping hands during sweaty hot yoga sessions. 
Dimensions: 183cm x 68cm, 5mm thick
Weight: 2.5kg
How much? £60.00
We’re all for keeping your fitness routine fresh by trying new things. And, luckily for us, so is this versatile mat. It’s double-sided, with the cushioned red surface ideal for yoga and the grey side (with its anti-slip coating) providing a brilliantly grippy platform for energetic workouts. 
Our expert said it lay flat on the floor instantly when rolled out (nothing like tripping over curled-up edges to ruin your flow) and was robust enough to withstand a weighty dropped barbell, while also proving super comfy for yoga. The eyelets were a nice touch for hanging in our home gym, too.
USP: This double-sided mat is great for stretching sessions and sweaty workouts alike.
Dimensions: 180cm x 61cm, 5mm thick
Weight: 2.1kg
How much? £65.00
 If slipping limbs always seem to ruin your yoga sessions, this Sweaty Betty mat is the one for you. It was by far the stickiest mat we tried — our expert’s hands stuck fast in Downward Facing Dog — and is even sturdy enough to withstand a HIIT or weights workout without any marks being left on the latex.
The basic, block colour design isn’t going to light up your living room, but the mat is lightweight enough to roll up and take with you for al fresco sessions. It unrolls like a dream too, and the 4mm thickness provided an impressive amount of cushioning, protecting our tester’s spine from hard floors.
USP: Unbelievable grippy, this mat is one for seasoned yogis looking to take their practice to the next level. 
Dimensions: 183cm x 62cm, 4mm thick
Weight: 2kg
How much: £26.99
Ever tried savasana (also known as corpse pose — you get the idea) on a hardwood or tiled floor? Not fun. Or it didn’t used to be, anyway. Now, thanks to this plush mat, you can transform the hardest surfaces into cushioned workout zones.
It’s sticky and feels soft on bare feet, a potent combo for yoga, and is also more than durable enough to provide a solid base for weights sessions. Thicker than most mats, it cocooned our spines during ab workouts, but can still be rolled up tight thanks to its nifty adjustable carry straps.  
USP: The plush, 10mm thick rubber provides plenty of cushioning for ab workouts and burpees. 
Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm, 10mm thick
Weight: 1.25kg
How much: £24.99
Don’t fancy shelling out big bucks on a luxe yoga mat? Well, if it’s great grip you’re after, turns out you don’t need to. This Domyos Travel Yoga Mat was great for standing practices, allowing us to flow between poses without worrying about slipping. It’s incredibly thin too, so can easily be scrunched up and popped in your gym bag.
Don’t expect much support though — at only 1.5mm thick, it didn’t offer much protection for our expert’s spine during lying poses. However, if you want a mat to lay on top of your yoga studio’s well-worn offering (think hygiene, people), this portable option will definitely do the trick.  
USP: The thin, lightweight design means this mat will take up minimal space in your gym bag. 
Dimensions: 180cm x 62cm, 1.5mm thick
Weight: 1.2kg
How much: Was £49.95, now £29.97
First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room: this mat looks great. But, how did it perform?
Thankfully, there was plenty of substance to back up its stand-out style, with a layer of soft towelling providing a nice, soft feel to the upper. This could be a little slippy on dry hands, but (top tip) you can solve this small setback by giving it a quick spritz with water before using.
It’s incredibly light — great for travelling — and the soft towelling provided a surprising amount of cushioning for a 2mm mat. It did mark quite easily, though the fact that it’s machine washable means cleaning it is a doddle. 
USP: The thin, lightweight design means this mat will take up minimal space in your gym bag. 
Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm, 2mm thick
Weight: 1.5kg
How much: £60.00
If a mat has any green credentials, it’s a big bonus in our book. So, when we found out this mat is partly made from literal algae (yep, the stuff from lakes and ponds) we knew we had to give it a try. 
Our expert said it was one of the most comfortable mats they tested, offering mattress-esque levels of cushioning, and felt soothing on their hands and feet. It was surprisingly lightweight and portable too, handy if you fancy some Pilates in the park. Our only niggle: it wasn’t amazingly grippy, so we’d reserve it for more relaxed practices.  
USP: Top eco credentials make this a conscientious buy. It looks great and provides comfy cushioning too!
Dimensions: 190cm x 60cm, 5mm thick
Weight: 1.5kg
How much? Was £19.99, now £9.99
Now that travel isn’t just a thing of our imaginations (hallelujah), a yoga mat you can throw in your suitcase for your next trip out or in the country feels like a good investment. 
This one folds up and comes in at under a tenner – everything we love.
USP: It’s a toss-up between the price and the ease of carrying it around, to be honest. 
Budget and lifestyle-friendly, what more could you ask for?
Dimensions: 173cm x 61cm, 3mm thick
Weight: 800g 
How much?  Was £20, now £16.87
Scoring an average of 4.5* out of 5 amongst the Amazon reviewer crowd this mat is a good beginner exercise mat. 
USP: It’s plush so offers good cushioning for floor work – welcome news for those with sore knees. But perhaps, something to consider if yoga is more your thing than workouts. 
Dimensions: 183cm Length x 58cm Width x 1cm Height.
Weight: 850g 
How much? Was £17.99, now £12.99
While the beautiful mandala print on this yoga mat may have spiritual meaning for some, it also has a practical purpose and will help you to perfect your alignment with its symmetry. 
Lightweight, easy to clean thanks to its closed-cell structure, and coming with a handy carry strap; the only real effort will be what you bring to your yoga mat come practice time. 
The material isn’t a fan of burpees or mountain climbers though so you’ll want to keep this exercise mat strictly for yoga. Can’t say we blame it…
USP: Cheap, cheerful, easy to carry and just as easy to clean. This yoga mat offers great value for money.  
Dimensions: 173cm x 61cm, 6mm thick
Weight: < 1kg
How much? Was £42.49, now £33.99
Don’t be fooled by this yoga mat’s good looks, it’s there to put in the work. 
From making sure your hands and feet stay just where you put them to ensuring your joints remain safe and happy with extra cushioning, this good-looking exercise mat will allow you to flow from pose to pose with zero distractions.
USP: With just the right amount of padding in a workout mat that is free from all the nasties, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s also set to last a lifetime.
Dimensions: 173cm x 61cm, 6mm thick
How much? £88.00
A yoga company by heritage – the first Lululemon store was literally a yoga studio – you’d expect the Canadian brand to lead the field when it comes to first-rate yoga mats, right? Well, spoiler, they do. 
Made to accommodate tall folks and those who like to really spread out during their sessions, this yoga mat is longer and wider than their average mat. 
Don’t worry though, it’s added length doesn’t detract from its high quality or its mission to ensure that no slipping occurs. 
USP: The extra space both width and lengthways is what makes this yoga mat really stand out. 
Apart from its overall great quality and stunning design that is.
Dimensions: 213cm x 71cm, 5mm thick
Weight: 3.2kg
How much?  Was £230, now £170.00
If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all things yoga, Alo Yoga not only has the perfect outfit to keep you satisfied from sun salutations all the way through to Savasana, but they also have gear that won’t let you down on your first downward dog of the day. 
Just one add to the bag will get you not only the renowned Warrior yoga mat but a set of yoga blocks, a yoga towel and a strap too. 
While you’re at it, why not add a matching sports bra and yoga leggings to finish off the look?  
USP: Dreamy design doesn’t detract from the performance of the yoga mat or the extra goodies you get with it. 
Dimensions: 189cm x 67cm, 4.2mm thick
Weight: 2.72 kg
How much?  £40
This mat is latex free so a win for yogis with latex allergies. Plus, it’s also kind on the planet that’s to its eco production. 
USP: made from natural latex
Dimensions: L 183cm x W 61cm X D 6mm .
Weight: 2kg
How much? £19.50
If you haven’t quite managed to master relaxation through breathing techniques, the subtle minty smell that comes with this yoga mat may get you closer to succeeding. 
And if not, the refreshing scent, from the antibacterial treatment, will be a welcome change from the usual sweaty aroma lingering around your workout space. 
Inhale, exhale…..
USP: Non-slip, comfortable and minty fresh for a mind-easing amount. 
Complete inner peace isn’t officially included with this yoga mat but it may as well be.
Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm, 6mm thick
How much? £18.00
Ok, not only is this yoga mat non-slip and long lasting, but it even comes with a carrier bag so that you never have to struggle your way to class again. 
It also means that when it comes to storing your yoga mat it’s as easy as rolling it up, slipping it into the carrier bag and tugging it shut. 
Say goodbye to those unwanted wake ups that come from your fitness mat suddenly deciding to unroll itself in the middle of the night.
USP: A super affordable yoga mat and bonus goods? Don’t mind if we do.
Dimensions: 173cm x 60cm, 3.5mm thick
Weight: 1.05kg
How much? Was £50.00, now £35.00
Style and simplicity are all rolled into one with this designer yoga mat. 
The black upper layer is anti-slip and features an intricate leaf pattern while the lower layer is ridged to improve grip and comes in a soft hazy pink that’ll make you sad it only gets to see the floor. 
And finally, a hazy pink carry strap ties it all together perfectly.
USP: Having any Adidas by Stella McCartney exercise equipment is a style statement in itself, and this appealing yoga mat is no exception. 
Roll it out for your fanciest of yoga classes. 
Dimensions: 176.5 cm x 61.5 cm
How much? Was £16, now £12
New to yoga and not looking to spend a fortune on a yoga mat that may find its way to the back of the cupboard if downward dog isn’t quite for you? 
Not to worry! At only £12, this fitness mat will provide the quality you need with the price you want and make sure you aren’t slipping through poses unexpectedly in the process.
USP: If you do end up sticking to your daily yoga flows, you’ll have little trouble with this exercise mat beneath you. 
But if you don’t, it’s also perfectly capable of seeing you through your bodyweight workout.
Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm x 6mm
How much? Was £32.95, now £23
Just because you’re in the market for a new yoga mat doesn’t mean yoga is your only exercise of choice. 
If you’d rather have one workout mat to do it all, this Reebok yoga mat is a good bet. 
Fashion Assistant Courtney Smith has done everything from outdoor bodyweight bootcamp classes to restorative yoga flows on it and has only good things to say; “I used this outside and for a variety of exercise types and loved how comfortable and light it was. It was super easy to clean after a day outdoors too!”
USP: This yoga mat is a good all-rounder and will save you having to clear out two spots in your cupboard for two different exercise mats.
Dimensions: 180 cm x 60 cm, 5mm thick
How much? Was £48.99, now £43.99
There’s a lot going on with this yoga mat, and we don’t just mean its colourful pattern. 
It is odour resistant, non-slip and has ample cushioning thanks to the 6mm dual layered surface. But that’s not all. 
Designed to reduce environmental damage, this exercise mat is made from natural rubber that is biodegradable and free from harmful toxins.
USP: You may already be impressed by the extra cushioning on this workout mat and its eco-friendly approach to exercise. 
But if not, the exercise manual, yoga mat carry strap and yoga mat bag that come with it may sweeten the deal.
Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm, 6 mm thick
How much? £59.95
This mat is built for training so can handle all the burpees, lunges and sweaty HIIT workouts you throw at it. 
Plus, it can easily be rolled up and stashed behind the sofa when not in use. 
USP: designed for functional movement
Dimensions & weight not available.  
How much? Was £49, now £42
Cork is a great material for a yoga mat. The more you sweat the grippier it gets, and you won’t have to break it in either. You’ll have steady hands and feet from the get-go. 
As for strong odours and pesky bacteria? That’s old-you’s problem. Cork is antimicrobial and will kill off bacteria and germs before they set in. 
Did we mention it’s a renewable resource, 100% biodegradable and 10 trees are planted with each yoga mat purchased? 
What are you waiting for?
USP: The power of cork is strong with this one. 
A biodegradable, sustainable, antimicrobial and non-slip mat is everything you’ve ever wanted from a yoga mat.
Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm, 3mm thick
Weight: 1.6kg
How much? Was £49.95, now £30
Designed by YOGI BARE for Oliver Bonas, we’re finding it hard to pick out the thing we love most about this yoga mat. 
With a grippy surface and anti-slip top layer, it’s foldable for when you’re not using it or travelling. 
Something you’ll be inspired to do after catching a glimpse of the tropical looking palm trees every time you fold yourself into a downward dog.
USP: Has to be the fact it’s foldable. Nothing worse than shoving difficult home gym equipment into a cupboard. 
With this yoga mat, you can fold and store it safely or easily take it with you on your next big adventure.
Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm, 2mm thick
How much? Was £75, now £68
We’re all for making your yoga life that little bit simpler so we’ve gone and found you a yoga mat and yoga towel all in one. 
Micro-crystal technology (say what?) makes for excellent grip, and the microfibre suede surface will wick away all that moisture you create along the way. 
With a natural rubber biodegradable base and no harmful substances used in its making, this yoga mat is also kinder to the planet.
USP: If it’s the pink leopard print that draws you in, it’ll be the yoga mat – yoga towel combo that keeps you around both during and after purchase.
Dimensions: 183cm x 68cm, 4mm thick
Weight: 2.5kg
How much? £19.99
Ah Decathlon, you’ve done it again. Given us just what we need before we even realised we needed it and at a price we can stomach. 
This time it’s a yoga mat made for restorative sessions like yin yoga
When you’re holding poses for longer periods of time you want a mat that can keep you comfortable and your joints happy. And at 8mm thick, this exercise mat does just that.
USP: If gentle yoga practices are your jam, you’ll love this comfy yoga mat with extra cushioning.
Dimensions: 173cm x 61cm, 8mm thick
Weight: 1.85kg
How much? £21.99
At 10mm thick, this ain’t just another flimsy yoga mat that allows you to feel every indentation in the floor as you flow. 
It is instead the ideal exercise mat option for those whose knees seem to need all the help they can get and for those who would benefit from having a bit more cushioning. 
Plus, the added thickness hasn’t affected the weight, and it’s as portable and lightweight as it is comfortable.
USP: This yoga mat provides extra padding in a foam construction that remains light and easy to transport to and from your favourite class.
Dimensions: 182cm x 58cm, 10mm thick
How much? Was £85, now £68
Anything with ‘pro’ in the title means business, that’s just basic maths. 
And the Manduka PROlite yoga mat really is as legit as it says; plush cushioning with performance grip and ‘closed-cell surface’ to stop the absorption of moisture and bacteria. 
The mat is also guaranteed for life, making it a no-risk purchase.
USP: The antibacterial surface really has to come out on top here. 
Through sweat and fluid loss mid-session, knowing that none of it’s going into your yoga mat is a true #win.
Dimensions: 180 cm x 60 cm, 4.7mm thick
Weight: 1.8kg
How much? £69.00
Longer and wider than a regular yoga mat, Fable pride themselves on creating kit for yogis who take their asanas as seriously as their style. 
Best for professional yogis who want to take their practice to the next level – get to grips with this Fable yoga mat for the best yoga flow possible.
USP: A long and wide workout mat. More space for more inventive moves. Need we say more?
Dimensions: 185 cm x 68 cm, 4mm thick
Weight: 3.2kg
How much? Was £69, now £55
With a super grip of note, you’ll be able to hop onto this yoga mat for a strong and sweaty practice without the worry of tumbling over as your hands and feet warm up. 
From fast flows to longer-holding yin practices, this yoga mat has been made for all types of yoga and any yogi which is why it has been B Yoga’s top selling yoga mat since day one.
USP: 100% eco-friendly rubber has you feeling secure and sustainable. We like that.
Dimensions: 180 cm x 66 cm, 4mm thick
Weight: 1.86kg
How much? £44.95
Skipping out on your much-looked-forward-to daily flow, because you’re not at home and didn’t feel like lugging a hefty workout mat around? 
That won’t be a problem once you get your hands on this super light yoga mat. Weighing only 450g, you won’t mind taking it along for the ride.
USP: Ultra-lightweight in a fun speckled design, this yoga mat will have you flowing wherever the day takes you.

Dimensions: 173cm x 61cm, 4mm thick
Weight: 0.45kg

How much? £22.99
Mad about yoga? Why not get a yoga mat you can be just as mad about? 
This all-round star of a yoga mat has a lot going for it but wins out on practicality – it’s machine-washable for easy cleaning, plus slim and lightweight for easy storage and transportation. 
The cherry on the top? It’s under £20.
USP: A high-quality, practical exercise mat for under £20 is a winner in our books.
Dimensions: 183cm x 61cm, 4mm thick
Weight: 1.1kg


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