4-Step SEO Waltz: Tackle SEO Challenges Head-On – Search Engine Journal

4-Step SEO Waltz: Tackle SEO Challenges Head-On – Search Engine Journal

Learn how to address SEO challenges with this 4-step process that will take your organization toward more effective SEO management.
Trying to establish a more consistent SEO structure within your organization?
Wish every SEO fire had a more standardized, easy-to-follow solution?
We know – no two days in SEO are the same.
However, finding a consistent approach that provides meaningful impact is surprisingly easy.
And – it works whether you’re in-house, an agency, or a freelance consultant.
On March 23, I moderated a sponsored webinar presented by Jamie Indigo and Michelle Race from Deepcrawl.
In describing SEO as a dance, they provided a four-step process for handling challenges head-on as they arise and preventing SEO fires before they start.
Here is a summary of the webinar.
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We cannot fix what we cannot see, so it’s vital to ask some fundamental questions when approaching SEO problems:
To dig deeper, you also need specific criteria and questions to ask yourself:
[Discover the tool that gives you visibility into behaviors] Instantly access the webinar →
Once you see the problem, you can now measure it.
To be a great partner of the dev team and other stakeholders in the dance of SEO, you’ll need to consider these:
[Discover the best tools for great teamwork] Instantly access the webinar →
When you’re presenting the problem to other team members, be sure to mention these other factors and questions to consider when you’re diagnosing SEO:
[How to use DevTools to find the exact code causing the problem] Instantly access the webinar →
Now that you’ve learned the steps, here are some factors and questions to look at to adequately demonstrate to your partner:
[See the importance of breaking tickets into actionable items] Instantly access the webinar →
How to keep your SEO rehearsals focused:
[Overcome SEO challenges] Instantly access the webinar →
To glide effortlessly on the SEO stage, you’ll need to know how to monitor by answering these questions:
[Dig deeper into monitoring] Instantly access the webinar →
Moving your company towards an effective SEO project management process doesn’t require a complex dance.
With this simple framework, you can now deal with all types of SEO challenges, which pivots between engineering and UX, between product and the whim of search engines.
Here’s the presentation:

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