4 Tips for Local Digital Marketing Agencies – TechDay News

4 Tips for Local Digital Marketing Agencies – TechDay News

Businesses that want to stay competitive in this day and age need to create a digital marketing strategy. As much as 75% of marketers increased their company’s credibility and trust with digital marketing tactics.
But not everyone has the means or proper knowledge required for a good digital marketing strategy, which is why a lot of companies choose to look for professional help. And if you run a local digital marketing agency, you have a large chance of finding success. You just need to know and implement the right tactics.

Optimize for local search

As a local agency, your main goal is probably to find businesses in your area that would be willing to work with you. And this is why you must prioritize local search engine optimization.
Most people look for local businesses by conducting a Google search and adding a phrase such as “near me” or “in my area”. If you want to gain local customers, you need to ensure your agency comes up as a search result when they’re looking for businesses.
The first step in local search optimization is creating a Google Business profile and including all the relevant information about your company on it. Make sure you have a completely filled-out profile and photos that will give your audience an insight into what your business does.
The second step is to optimize your website with relevant keywords that will ensure it’s found by the right people. Ideally, you should use long-tail keywords that the people who are most likely to become your customers would use when conducting a Google search.
And once you succeed in your area, then you should start working on a localization strategy to start expanding globally. Adapting your services and products to the global market through translation, and even more importantly, localization is essential if you are looking to take your agency to the next level.

Set the deal properly

Almost every business out there will talk about the results their company can provide for the client without any proper demonstration. If you want to make an impression and show your agency is worth signing a contract with, you need to demonstrate the value it offers.
Before you even ask for a proper contract or payment for your services, you can provide a smaller service that will show you’re a good agency to work with. For example, bring in a few leads without asking the potential client to commit so they can see you’re worth the money you’re charging.
Additionally, when you’re talking to prospective clients, talk to them in a way that will show your marketing expertise is there to make their life easier. Don’t bore them with what your marketing process looks like but rather explain what results you will achieve with your strategy.
And finally, you need to have an amazing proposal that will outline the scope of your agency’s work, show you understand the client’s needs, present your ideas, and show you have the right skills. Keep in mind that you need to learn how to write a proposal if you truly want to set the deal properly.

Use PPC ads to find local customers

Pay-per-click ads, better known as PPC ads, are one of the main elements of any digital marketing strategy. As much as 74% of brands cite pay-per-click advertising as a primary business driver.
You can use PPC ads to reach high-quality leads that are interested in your business and are very likely to convert to customers. To create a good PPC campaign, you need to know the best keywords to use and bid for the placement of your ads.
PPC ads are an amazing way to find local customers because they appear at the top of search results. This means your target audience is very likely to see these ads, click on them, and go directly to your landing page where your website will take over the job and explain why you’re a good agency.
Another reason why pay-per-click campaigns are amazing is that you only pay for the ads people click on, not all ads that are shown. So if you know how to create a good campaign and learn how to improve your PPC performance, you will soon have a plethora of high-quality leads.

Don’t rely on traditional sales techniques

Even the best and most successful digital marketing agencies need to bring in clients through an inbound sales process. After all, no matter how good your agency is and how many clients it has, you still have to talk to potential clients and convince them to sign that contract.
But the main difference between a good and an amazing agency is how they go about their sales process. A lot of agencies still use tactics such as cold calling and digital spamming, hoping it will bring results. However, these tactics are outdated and overused and rarely work.
To grow a successful business, you need to do much more than just sell your services. Agencies that manage to land clients easily do so because they understand they need to build trust and loyalty instead of using outdated sales techniques. Only when you treat your leads with respect will you earn the same from them.


In a world where everyone and everything is online, businesses are ditching old marketing strategies and focusing most of their efforts on digital marketing. If you’ve decided to open a digital marketing agency, know that you’ve chosen a very lucrative career path. As long as you know the important tips and tricks, you have nothing to worry about.
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