6 Key Advertising Trends You Need To Know About – Entrepreneur

6 Key Advertising Trends You Need To Know About – Entrepreneur

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You can’t have digital marketing without advertising – the two are intimately interlinked. However, advertising trends tend to change as shifts in technology and consumer habits occur. The coming year…
You can’t have digital marketing without advertising – the two are intimately interlinked. However, advertising trends tend to change as shifts in technology and consumer habits occur. The coming year is likely to be no exception, as some long-standing trends continue to thrive and others become increasingly obsolete.

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Advertising budgets for many businesses have decreased since the pandemic hit in early 2020, however, will 2022 see an uptick in this industry. The following are the main advertising trends to hit the market now and into 2022.
One of the most notable shifts in the world of advertising is the rise of video ads. Today, 86% of businesses use video in their marketing strategy, and for good reason. You see, people’s attention spans are decreasing as a result of the constant streams of content available across online platforms. Video, therefore, is a far easier way of engaging more customers more quickly.
All good video ads start with a production brief that answers key questions about the video’s purpose, what the audience needs to know, and what value it can add to those watching.
Pay-per-click or PPC advertising has always promised a good return on investment for marketers thanks to how cost-effective and well-targeted it can potentially be. However, it looks as though the sun might be setting on this old faithful of the advertising world.
The impact that you make with PPC ads is only temporary because the moment you stop paying is when they disappear. Furthermore, while they can be targeted, it’s far harder to win engagement and loyalty with a PPC advertising campaign. To encourage strong customer relationships, you have to offer more.
Huge numbers of people access the internet primarily through their mobile devices. In response, digital advertising has had to become much more mobile-friendly, which is a change that can be seen across platforms.
Nowadays, many ads are shot vertically to ensure they’re easily viewed on a smartphone, while games and quizzes have become increasingly popular as a way of better engaging consumers through advertising.
In 2022, this trend looks set to continue its upward trajectory. As such, it’s worth looking into new ways you can alter your ads to make them more appealing to mobile users.
On average, people spend around 145 minutes every day on social media. So, it’s little wonder that brands are investing increasing amounts in social media advertising. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another platform entirely, effective marketing to so many already engaged users can take a lead generation and conversion to new heights.
It helps that advertising options abound on these sites. From Instagram stories and Facebook video ads to instant messaging advertisements, there are plenty of different approaches that your business can adopt when 2022 rolls around.
A pro-tip from Aaron Babb, the owner of Aevum, is that if your Instagram/Facebook organic messaging is high quality, and you have a large number of followers, your paid campaigns will generally result in a much higher conversion rate.
Banner ads, also known as display ads, have always played a big role in many brands’ digital marketing strategies. However, marketers simply paid for ad space for a long time and hoped that a one-size-fits-all approach would work. Now, though, banners ads are capable of being far more intuitive.
These days, it’s possible to create a display advertising campaign that is targeted and tailored to the needs of specific demographics or even individual consumers. Resultantly, it has become a key player in the field of remarketing, giving marketers the power to present returning customers with large, eye-catching ads that take into account their previous purchasing history.
A key theme running through all of these trends is personalization. This has to do with the fact digital advertising is far more likely to be successful if it is tailored to the personal preferences and behaviors of individual consumers. But, as we move into 2022, data protection and tracking policies are set to tighten up.
When that happens, personalization will have to come as a result of registered data or more generalized customer behavior analysis. So, marketers will have to go into the new year with an action plan that allows them to continue offering users ads that are relevant to them.
The advertising game is on the precipice of change, and marketers will have to be savvy if they want to carry on seeing the same gains from their campaigns in the new year. While some of the most popular ad types have remained the same, many will have to be approached in new ways as a result of big changes to online personalization policies.
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