A Week in My Life: Stephanie Caldecott, Brand Communications Manager, Circus PPC Agency – Prolific North

A Week in My Life: Stephanie Caldecott, Brand Communications Manager, Circus PPC Agency – Prolific North

Stephanie Caldecott joined the Circus PPC team in November 2021 as its Brand Communications Manager.
She has a range of experience across industries, having previously worked in marketing and communications roles at companies including Freeze Debt, First Event and Cefar Digital.
Circus provides growth-focused PPC services to clients across the retail, finance, online gaming and travel sectors, having worked on campaigns for clients like Miele and Lavazza Professional.
We found out how a recent week in Stephanie’s life looked.
I don’t usually work from home on a Monday, but this morning I definitely needed an extra half an hour in bed!
My terrible WFH habit is that I keep my laptop next to my bed… so inevitably, when I do work from home, I end up grabbing it and sitting in bed for the first hour of the morning, checking emails, planning for the week ahead, and of course, sipping on a coffee.
I’m currently working on a number of exciting projects, so I spend some time looking over a cost breakdown for a future event, before receiving a very exciting email about the agency having won an award at the Corporate Vision MarTech Awards. The whole team are constantly connected through Skype, so I let everyone know about the award – good news on a Monday is the best way to start the week.
I have a Zoom call with Ahmed, Circus’ Commercial Director, to discuss some of the exciting projects we’re working on right now. Before I know it, we’ve been on the call for an hour and it’s 3pm – the days go by so quickly!
Following our call, I make myself some soup and take some time to brainstorm ideas and talking points for our Team Workshop this Thursday, adding them to a document shared with the whole team.
I end the day with all the intentions to go to the gym… and I make it! Today is Valentine’s Day so once we’re back from the gym, my partner cooks up a lovely meal which we enjoy on the couch, with a glass of fizz and a rom-com.
I’m working from home again today – the rest of the week is going to be extremely busy so I’m trying to get my task list completed before then! Tomorrow, we’ve got a professional photographer in for a photoshoot in the new office, so I create a list of some of the specific shots we’d like. These include headshots, team photos, office shots and working shots – the works!
Then, I get to work on some written content. I’m a naturally sociable person, and I feel energised and inspired when I’m around others, so when I do work from home, I try to focus on the tasks that require complete concentration – which is usual longer pieces of written content such as blogs, articles, PR outreach and awards entries.
Lunch is at a normal time today, and I walk to ASDA to pick up my all-time favourite lunch: Mango, coconut and chilli chicken from the hot counter, which I bring home and shred onto some mini tortillas with fresh salad, hummus and hot sauce. Utterly divine.
This afternoon, I’m tuning into a Marketing 101 workshop hosted by Agency Hackers. It’s all about awards, which I’m doing a lot of at the moment, so getting some insight from others in the industry and being able to ask questions to an expert is really helpful.
I work a little later finishing off content as I’ve got a busy few days ahead, and when I’ve finished, head to the gym for a short workout, before retiring from any sort of mental or physical exertion for the evening.
Exercising after work helps me to transition out of work mode, especially when I’m working from home, so it feels much easier to relax and enjoy my evening away from my laptop. I make dinner, Lamb Moussaka, and watch some Schitt’s Creek. I’m in the office for the next few days, so make a veggie curry and separate it into batches. It doesn’t take long, and I know I’ll thank myself tomorrow when I don’t have to worry about buying lunch out.
I plan to go to bed early, but I end up scrolling on TikTok until around 11 – I’m obsessed.
I’m in bright and early today with the photographer to set up and get some shots of the new office before the rest of the team comes in, and then the morning is spent directing photos, making sure we get all of the assets we need. I stop off at Starbucks for a large coffee – I woke up two hours earlier than usual, don’t judge me – and a breakfast sandwich.
The weather is terrible, which means there’s no way we’ll be using use our office’s rooftop terrace for some of the photos – it has a fantastic view over Leeds City Centre and the photos would’ve looked great, but that’s a job for the summer.
I’m super busy helping out the photographer, posing for photos, and catching up with work in between shots, that I eat my lunch at my desk – good job I made the curry last night.
It’s 3pm and we’ve just finished the photoshoot – I can’t wait to get the photos back! Ahmed and I have our weekly marketing catch-up, which we spend going over all things marketing and any upcoming deadlines or things we need to do, including the special projects that we’re currently working on.
I’ve been in the office since 7:30am, so my energy levels aren’t as high as usual and I accept that I won’t be making the gym tonight! I’m knackered, and head home for an relaxing evening. My partner worked from home, so cooks dinner, and I’m in bed by 8:45pm.
Today is our annual Team Workshop day, and I’m really excited! It’s great to have the entire team in the office together, and for the whole afternoon our out-of-office is on and we spend the day discussing, as a team, plans for the year, what we can improve, what we do well, and anything else that comes up.
Before the workshop, I make sure to catch up with anything I need to do before the business goes offline for the afternoon. There’s definitely a buzz in the office, and I can tell everyone is looking forward to the workshop.
In last year’s Team Workshop, it was decided that part of the plan for 2021 was to develop a brand new website, and having worked on the website alongside our webdev agency, I’m super excited to see what the team thinks when it’s unveiled during the workshop!
The workshop goes on for a long time, but we discuss a lot and everyone is really engaged and excited about the future of the business. Today is also our monthly team social, which we try to time to make sure everyone can attend and we can spend some time away from work together to celebrate another great month and the achievements that have come with it.
Tonight, we’re heading for tapas and drinks! (I booked the restaurant, so I’m praying that everyone likes it.)
It’s Friday! Even better, I’ve somehow – narrowly – avoided a sore head this morning after team drinks last night, and I think the restaurant was a hit with the team!
I head into the office, stopping for a coffee on the way in – I might have avoided a sore head, but I’m much more tired than usual – and need the extra caffeine to fuel the morning.
I revisit my task list for the week and make sure that anything urgent is crossed off before lunch. First on the list is to look through our amazing new website for any final fixes, followed by some social media and award content planning.
This afternoon, I have a couple of calls regarding special projects coming up, so spend the rest of the morning prepping for those. I nip out at lunch for some fresh air, despite the rain, and a bit of lunch before my first call, as I anticipate it might last a while.
The rest of the afternoon is spent making sure that I chase anything/deliver anything promised before the weekend – most of this is through emails, and checking in with people on Skype – before my second and final call of the day.
Tonight, my partner’s parents are in Leeds for his birthday meal, so I end my week with a lovely meal at Brasserie Blanc, feeling accomplished and treating myself to a glass of red. This week has been super busy, but really rewarding, so I’ll spend the weekend in bed or on the sofa, resting and recuperating for another exciting week!
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