Ad Tech Industry Veteran Myles Younger Joins U of Digital as Head of Innovation and Insights – PR Web

Ad Tech Industry Veteran Myles Younger Joins U of Digital as Head of Innovation and Insights – PR Web

SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) October 11, 2022
U of Digital, a company focused on improving the digital marketing industry through education, has hired ad tech industry veteran Myles Younger as its first Head of Innovation and Insights.
In this role, Younger will lead new product development with a focus on tech-enabled education services and unique insights to help scale the company’s offerings to new formats, learners, and markets. He’ll also bring his deep industry knowledge and thought leadership to U of Digital’s learners at current clients like TikTok, Criteo, Comcast FreeWheel, StackAdapt, A+E Networks, and more.
Younger’s nearly 20-year career in advertising has spanned every facet of the business—from his time in client-side marketing to his experience as an ad tech founder and product leader to his experience in the world of agencies, enterprise consulting, and managed services. Most recently, he was VP, Go-to-Market, Data at Media.Monks (formerly MightyHive), where he led product development, marketing, and enablement for the data & digital media consulting practice. Prior to that, he founded the Canned Banners dynamic ads platform, which was acquired by Thunder in 2017. Younger is also a regular contributor to industry publications such as Adweek, AdExchanger, and AdMonsters, where he covers digital advertising and ad tech / mar tech trends.
“Throughout my career in digital, I’ve seen multi-million-dollar business opportunities held up because of a lack of knowledge of core concepts. Even seasoned executives often don’t know what they don’t know,” he said. “U of Digital has been busy cracking the code on this industry-wide challenge, and I’m excited to join the company to help democratize access to learning and development as a service. It’s a natural progression in my career, since I’ve been tapped as the ‘explainer guy’ countless times. I’m looking forward to increasing my impact on the industry by helping U of Digital scale education.”
“We’re doubling every year and finding that demand for the kind of outcomes U of Digital provides to organizations is simply outstripping our current means of delivering it,” said Shiv Gupta, Founder at U of Digital. “Myles has tremendous experience as an ad tech entrepreneur, as a widely respected evangelist for programmatic leader Media.Monks, and, most importantly, as a thought leader and innovator within ad tech and mar tech. I’m excited for him to join so we can innovate new learning products that reach more learners in new ways and more efficiently than ever before.”
About U of Digital
Founded in 2018, U of Digital is on a mission to bring clarity to the complex and ever-evolving digital marketing ecosystem through multi-medium, ongoing education. We transform individuals and teams at companies like Google, TikTok, Indeed, Reddit, Quantcast, StackAdapt, Criteo, Lotame, GumGum, and more. We do this by deriving deep expertise from The U of Digital Expert Network, a group of industry leaders who bring their knowledge to our learners on topics like programmatic advertising, data privacy, identity, connected TV, clean rooms, and more. We believe education should be multi-modal to meet the learner where they are—and that learning should be an ongoing evolution, not a one-time event. U of Digital learners consistently advance faster in their careers and deliver better results for their organizations.
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