Best NFT Apps for March 2022 – Compare Apps for iOS & Android – Business 2 Community

Best NFT Apps for March 2022 – Compare Apps for iOS & Android – Business 2 Community

Last year was a fantastic year for NFTs, with the market reaching a $40 billion valuation for the first time. In addition, more than $10 billion worth of NFTs are now sold every week – with NFT apps offering a quick and easy way for investors to operate within this rapidly-expanding market.
In this guide, we’ll review the best NFT apps available right now, covering their features and fee structures, before showing you how to get set up with a top NFT app today – all in a matter of minutes.
If you’re looking to invest in the best NFTs to buy, then presented below is a brief overview of the top apps to make your purchase: 
When researching how to buy an NFT, you’ll likely come across two primary mediums for making your purchase – web-based platforms and apps. Both have their pros and cons, although apps tend to offer a more streamlined approach and allow investing on the go.
With that in mind, let’s dive in and review the best NFT apps available on the market to ensure you’re able to make an informed investment decision.
Our number one pick when it comes to NFT marketplace apps and the best NFT wallet is the NFT app. is considered by many to be the best NFT marketplace and has grown to over 10 million users in the past few years. Most people will have heard of due to its crypto exchange service – yet the platform hopped on the NFT bandwagon and launched the NFT Marketplace in March 2021.
The marketplace has the same ‘feel’ as the Exchange and offers NFTs from categories such as music, crypto, gaming, sport, and more. Although the marketplace is built on the blockchain, the platform recently announced that it will now be supporting Ethereum-based NFTs. Notably, the NFT marketplace doesn’t charge any transaction fees when users purchase NFTs, which is in stark contrast to most other platforms.

In terms of payments, allows users to fund their purchases via crypto or via credit/debit card, which makes the process much more accessible for rookie investors. NFTs on the app tend to be listed as an auction or a fixed price and will be automatically transferred to your account post-purchase.
Finally, although the Ethereum NFT marketplace is currently only accessible through your browser, plans to offer it through the app soon. The app’s interface is easy to navigate, and makes it easy to buy the digital currency necessary to facilitate your NFT investment. Importantly, provides a simple way to send your NFT to an external wallet, which is a complicated process with some other platforms.

Buy NFTs on Now

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Another of the best NFT apps to consider is Binance. Binance is regarded as one of the best crypto exchanges in the world, thanks to its colossal asset selection and massive daily trading volume. Much like, Binance entered the NFT market in 2021 by launching the Binance NFT Marketplace, offering a way for users to buy and sell NFTs easily.
The Binance NFT Marketplace can be accessed using your standard Binance login credentials – so there is no need to create a separate account. Furthermore, you can access the NFT marketplace through the Binance mobile app, available on iOS and Android. The marketplace offers NFTs hosted on both the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum – with only a 1% transaction fee to make a purchase.

In terms of categories, the Binance NFT Marketplace offers NFTs related to art, sports, entertainment, gaming, and more. Interestingly, Binance provides an exciting ‘Mystery Box’ feature, allowing investors to purchase a ‘box’ and receive a completely randomised NFT. Ultimately, this provides a chance to obtain a rare asset for a lower price.
Although the Binance NFT Marketplace doesn’t allow users to buy NFTs with a credit or debit card, it does enable seamless crypto payments, with users able to buy the necessary digital currency through the Binance exchange. Finally, a recent press release from Trust Wallet (Binance’s native crypto wallet) noted that the wallet is now able to store NFTs – offering an easy way to keep your assets safe!

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OpenSea is the world’s largest NFT marketplace in terms of asset selection, boasting over 80 million NFTs for investors to purchase. OpenSea has such an incredible asset range because the platform makes it simple to buy, sell, and mint NFTs – even for complete beginners. The OpenSea app is one of the best NFT apps available, featuring a sleek interface and the ability to follow NFT creators that you are interested in.

You can connect the OpenSea app to your web-based account and view NFTs that you have previously purchased, and you can even create an NFT ‘wishlist’ to keep tabs on intriguing assets. The purchasing process is easy, as OpenSea supports over 150 cryptos for payment, with the only fee being a 2.5% charge to the NFT seller. Finally, after purchasing an NFT with OpenSea, you can choose between 14 different wallet providers to store it with.
If you’re looking to find the best NFT app for blockchain NFT gaming, Axie Marketplace is worth considering. As investors who buy Axie Infinity will know, the Axie Marketplace offers a way for users to buy and sell in-game items. These include weapons, costumes, land, and ‘Axies’ – which are the pets that each character owns. There are no fees charged to the buyer when making a purchase, although sellers will have to pay a 4.25% marketplace fee.

The Axie Marketplace is built on the Ethereum blockchain, meaning that investors can purchase these NFTs using ETH. The marketplace’s interface shows a clear breakdown of recently listed NFTs so that users can invest quickly, along with stats on the total items sold and total trading volume over the past 24 hours. Finally, the Axie Marketplace has integrated with the Ronin Wallet, making it easy to buy the ETH required for NFT purchases.
Rarible is the best NFT app for keeping tabs on upcoming launches on the NFT calendar. The app can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play and allows users to browse any Ethereum address and view any collection on the blockchain. The app also has a handy feature that shows trending NFTs, and you can even create a customised newsfeed with creators you have followed.

At present, you cannot actually buy NFTs on the app, so you’ll have to make your purchase on the web-based platform. Purchases come with a 2.5% fee for buyers and sellers, although Rarible makes up for this by supporting assets hosted on the Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow blockchains. Aside from purchasing in crypto, Rarible also allows users to buy NFTs using a credit or debit card. Finally, Rarible is ideal for users looking to mint their own NFTs, as the process is user-friendly and can be completed in a matter of minutes.
Foundation is an exclusive marketplace that focuses solely on NFT art. All NFTs are listed via auction and tend to be up for a short time – usually 24 hours. Due to this, Foundation tends to attract high-end NFTs to the platform, although sellers are charged a 15% transaction fee when their item sells.

The Foundation marketplace is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, so all NFTs are denoted in ETH. Although there isn’t a mobile app at present, users can invest in NFTs through the Foundation web app, accessible through your browser. There are over 12,000 collections to browse, many of which feature innovative and unusual artwork. Finally, Foundation supports both MetaMask and WalletConnect, ensuring investors can store their NFTs safely post-purchase.
If you are a fan of the NBA, then NBA Top Shot is ideal for collecting sports memorabilia. As the name implies, NBA Top Shot focuses solely on NBA-based content – more specifically, licensed video clips that fans can purchase and ‘own’. NBA Top Shot was one of the first platforms to venture into the NFT space and has been in operation since 2019. Furthermore, the platform is backed by the NBA itself, adding a great deal of credibility and safety.

The marketplace operates on the Flow blockchain, and users can buy NFTs through ‘packs’ or other Top Shop members who are selling specific NFTs. Each NFT’s value is determined by supply and demand, although users can get lucky and obtain rare NFTs through buying packs, which contain a selection of random items. Finally, NBA Top Shot makes it easy to purchase NFTs as the platform accepts credit/debit card payments, along with crypto payments in BTC, ETH, BCH, USDC, DAI, and FLOW.
Nifty Gateway is the ideal platform to buy exclusive NFTs, as the marketplace focuses solely on NFT drops with a limited number of editions. Nifty Gateway’s NFTs tend to have a premium price point, which has attracted celebrities such as Steve Aoki and Eminem. The Nifty Gateway platform is a division of Gemini, one of the best marketplaces to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptos.

US-based investors can purchase NFTs using a credit or debit card, although investors outside of the US will have to make their purchase using crypto. There are no fees to buy NFTs on Nifty Gateway, although sellers are charged a 5% commission plus a $0.30 transaction fee. Finally, a recent press release from Nifty Gateway has announced that the platform will be launching a feature in early 2022 that allows investors to buy NFTs directly from their ETH wallet – significantly streamlining the investment process.
Autograph is a top NFT creator app that offers a medium for celebrities and high-profile names to launch their own collections. The platform was co-founded by NFL superstar Tom Brady and has raised funding from multiple reputable sources, including Andreessen Horowitz. Due to its exclusive nature, Autograph has already seen NFTs from the likes of Tony Hawk, Wayne Gretzky, and Simone Biles be hosted on the platform.

Users can purchase Autograph NFTs through the browser-based app, which highlights the top creators and any upcoming drops. The platform itself is a division of the DraftKings NFT Marketplace, allowing investors to purchase these NFTs via credit/debit card, bank transfer, or even PayPal. Finally, the fees that Autograph charges are not clear, although NFT owners can sell their items in the secondary market and obtain a 10% royalty fee.
Rounding off our list of the best NFT apps is Larva Labs. Larva Labs is a software company best known for creating CryptoPunks – one of the most successful NFT collections to date. According to BusinessInsider, one CryptoPunk sold last year for a whopping $5 million, highlighting the popularity of these items.

The Larva Labs web-based app allows users to view the creators’ top collections, with CryptoPunks and Meebits displayed front and centre. To buy NFTs through Larva Labs, you’ll need to set up a MetaMask wallet and connect it to the website, where you can invest in NFTs using ETH. Notably, Larva Labs charges no fees to buy NFTs, with the only applicable charges being GAS fees for network transfers.
Now that you’ve gained a solid understanding of the best NFT apps available on the market, presented below is a comparison of the key elements to keep in mind whilst making your decision:
Put simply, NFT apps provide an easy-to-use platform for buyers and sellers to facilitate NFT transfers. These apps work in much the same way as brokers and exchanging, acting as the ‘middleman’ in transactions. As compensation for facilitating NFT transfers, NFT apps often charge a fee. Most of the time, this fee is only charged to the seller – although some platforms will assign it to the buyer, too.
The best crypto apps for NFT trading also offer the ability to mint NFTs. Minting refers to the process of placing a digital creation onto the blockchain, where it can be traded and monetised. Again, this process tends to come with a fee charged by the network that the NFT is being minted on – for example, Ethereum-based NFTs will accrue GAS fees when minted.

Overall, these NFT apps are ideal for investors looking to buy and store digital assets safely. Many apps support credit/debit card payments and multiple cryptos, whilst others offer compatibility for various crypto wallets. Finally, some NFT apps (such as the one provided by even combine the NFT marketplace with a crypto exchange, offering investors an ‘all in one’ solution.
An essential subset of NFT apps is NFT creator apps. As the name implies, these apps focus specifically on the NFT creation process, allowing users to design and create NFTs for sale. NFT creator apps are ideal for beginners and advanced investors alike, as they enable the NFT creation process to occur on the user’s smartphone or tablet. Once created, the NFT can be minted and sold using a reputable NFT marketplace, like those mentioned earlier in this guide.

If you’re interested in creating an NFT today, here are three of the best NFT creator apps available for your smartphone or tablet:
As you’ll likely know, the vast majority of NFTs are denominated in cryptocurrency. Due to this, you’ll have to buy Ethereum (or another crypto) to facilitate your purchase and pay for any associated network fees. There is an abundance of platforms available that allow traders to buy crypto online – although our recommendation would be to partner with eToro.
eToro is one of the world’s leading online brokers, boasting over 23 million users worldwide. The platform is regulated by multiple top entities, including the FCA, ASIC, CySEC, FinCEN, and FINRA. eToro users can invest in over 45 cryptocurrencies with no hefty commissions, as eToro incorporates all fees into the spread.

Notably, buying crypto with eToro will mean that you own the underlying asset – which is in stark contrast to CFD brokers. The minimum investment amount with eToro is only $10, with deposits able to be made via credit/debit card, bank transfer, or e-wallet (such as PayPal). Finally, eToro even offers a free crypto wallet app for all users, featuring advanced standardisation protocols and DDoS protection to secure your crypto holdings.
If you’d like to buy cryptocurrency with eToro right away, you can do so in minutes by following the four quick steps below:

Buy Crypto for NFTs on eToro

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.
Finally, let’s now turn our attention to the process of using an NFT app. As noted earlier, our recommended NFT platform is, as users can purchase NFTs with no fees and via credit or debit card.
With that in mind, the four quick steps below will walk you through how to buy an NFT using – all in a matter of minutes.
Head over to the NFT Marketplace homepage and click ‘Sign Up’. Provide your full name, enter a valid email address, and choose a username and a password for your account.

To verify your NFT account, you have two options:
As noted earlier, you’ll have to use the web-based app at present to browse NFTs, although does have plans to integrate the NFT marketplace into the app soon. Using the web platform, you can browse NFT collections and click on the one you are interested in to be taken to the listing page.
If the NFT is available via auction, you can easily bid on the item through the displayed order box. On the other hand, if the NFT is listed for a fixed price, you can instantly purchase it by clicking ‘Buy for X’.

Either way, once your NFT purchase is finalised, the item will be placed in the ‘Collectibles’ section of your account. You can then view the NFT or send it to an external wallet if you wish.

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Your capital is at risk.
To summarise, this guide has discussed the best NFT apps in detail, highlighting which options have the best features and lowest fees. These days, buying and selling NFTs has never been easier – and by opting for one of the apps on our list, you’ll be able to get involved in the NFT market right away.
If you’re looking for the best NFT app, we recommend – click the link to register your account today!


Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. No UK or EU investor protection.
Through our research and testing, we’ve found to be the best app for NFTs. The NFT marketplace charges no fees to buy and sell NFTs and even allows purchases to be made via credit or debit card.
You can buy NFTs through your smartphone by partnering with a top NFT marketplace like or Binance. The mobile app tends to have the same features as the browser-based app but in a more condensed platform.
Buying NFTs on OpenSea is as simple as connecting your crypto wallet to the platform and making your purchase via auction or fixed price. Once purchased, the NFT will automatically be transferred to your linked wallet.
Some NFT apps require an account to be created, whilst others are anonymous and only require you to link a crypto wallet. However, the apps make it easy to buy NFTs in just a few clicks, after which you can transfer the NFT to a crypto wallet for safekeeping.
NFT creator apps are specifically designed for users to create their own NFTs. By downloading one of these apps, you can create unique artwork which you can then mint and sell on an NFT marketplace.
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