Do businesses really need to invest in video marketing? – Lancashire Business View

Do businesses really need to invest in video marketing? – Lancashire Business View

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By Tall Zebra Designs Ltd
Jun 01 2022

Video marketing is the biggest social media trend right now and is predicted to dominate for the next 10-15 years. Of course, like any trend it’s not essential and many businesses are still thriving without it, especially those that are already well established. However, we believe there will come a time when even the most successful businesses will need to jump on the curve before they begin to fall behind it. 
For newer businesses finding their place online, competing against industry giants then presently, video is absolutely the best option to be seen and heard.  
So, in short, yes, all businesses need to start investing, researching suitable platforms, selecting software, setting budget aside, planning and trialing some video content. Depending on your business size, you also need to be deciding if you are going to upskill yourself to create and manage the content, arrange staff training, or outsource to a third party. 
Just one successful video on your channel could have an incredibly positive impact on your business. 
It doesn’t necessarily need to ‘go viral’ but one video with thousands of shares could boost your whole profile and sales for an extended amount of time. 
You do you. Make your videos funny, informative, artsy, animation-based, with or without sound, with text or without it, minimal or technical, 10 seconds or 1 hour long, it doesn’t matter, as long as your videos reflect your brand.   
You’re not ranked by popularity, even if your video gains 1 or 2 likes it can still appear on lots of people’s search feed across the world, gaining your business exposure and traffic through to your website.  
People are used to being inundated with information thick and fast. We want to know the answers to queries, prices, delivery times, and your brand qualities… instantly. Video seems the easiest way to share that information.   
For social media, the focus is now on video shares and saves. The algorithm knows that if people take the time to watch, share or save a video then it must be pretty engaging, it then pushes it to the top of the search feed along with any other content that you post.  For more on algorithms, take a look here.
If you need any help with your social channels, planning or designing content, get in touch!
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