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Everything You Need To Know About GDPR

What is General Data Protection Regulation?

Everything You Need To Know About GDPR – GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It’s a game-changing data privacy law set out by the EU, and it’s going to be enforceable from May 25th, 2018…

What is personal data GDPR

Everything You Need To Know About GDPR

  1. The term personal data is an entrance to the application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)…
  2. Personal data are any information which identifies to an a natural person.

How has GDPR affected marketing

Get your privacy policy page up to scratch

  1. GDPR contains strict regulations about your privacy policy, how you must write it, what it must contain and how one might access it…

Audit your current databases for opt in consent

  1. Begin by determining whether you have explicit consent to use the personal details of your current database, and for which exact purposes they have given consent for their data…

Re-opt-in campaigns for current databases

  1. You must create engaging campaigns to request contacts to opt in or re opt in for certain purposes for which you wish to use their data…

Create a process for opt-in consent

  1. For any new details you add to your database following your audit.
  2. You want to ensure there is a process in place to gather the required level of opt-in for each new contact.

Get the sales team on board

  1. If yours is a lead generating business, marketing will likely bring the leads in and pass them on to the sales team for conversion…

Review third-parties who have access to your databases

  1. What third parties do you share data with? How do they use it? What are their GDPR policies?
  2. Review all partners that access your customer data. Do they need access? What do they use it for? Revoke access if required