How conversational marketing is building relationships and creating authentic experiences with customers – The Financial Express

How conversational marketing is building relationships and creating authentic experiences with customers – The Financial Express

The Financial Express

By Meghna Varma
With the outbreak of the pandemic, the world shifted online overnight. This not only transformed the digital landscape, but it also made brands switch to the most innovative methods of reaching out to their audiences. According to Gartner, COVID-19 increased both the speed and scale of digital transformation, “escalating digital initiatives into digital imperatives.” One of the methods that took a leap in last few years is the technique of Conversational marketing.
During their purchase journey, the new-age customers count on personalised experiences, 24/7 support, and instantaneous access to the brands. The technique of using Conversational Marketing has solved this demand by offering what marketers have been seeking for a period – product evolution with consumers. This not only helps brands build applicable consumer data, it also helps to shorten the go-to-market time for their products and services.
Creating Right Brand Experience
Marketing efforts today have been redirected towards adopting Conversational Marketing strategy in order to refine overall digital customer experience, thereby creating a better brand experience. This helps further in accomplishing pipeline goals, accelerating businesses to engage with buyers more effectively and increase overall revenue across the marketing funnel.
Deepen Customer Relation Through Personalised Solution
Conversational Marketing operates on building trust and personal relationship with the customer through an interactive and responsive conversation. This makes the overall experience completely personalised. This empowers the customers throughout their buying journey and helps brands strengthen relationships, pipeline, and revenue through remarkable, authentic user experience. Need for personalised interaction has become a necessity and demand for tailored content and experiences is on the rise so much so that this will continue to be a crucial selling point for conversational marketing solutions.
Save Time with Rapid Conversions
Patience is scarce in today’s day and age. It has become imperative for brands to make quick conversions and provide real time solutions to their consumers. Initially, businesses used a form-filling and emailing technique on their websites for providing personalised solutions, however this took a lot of time leading to customer loss. But conversational marketing has reduced the overall time by providing answers to the queries 24*7, this in turn improves customer stickiness and helps brands move through the sales funnel faster. Live chat and chatbots are great examples of Rapid conversations. However, beyond these tools’ conversations can be extended to SMS, IM’s and social media – pretty much any channel that consumers prefer.
Building on Customer Insights
This method of conversational marketing has opened doors for the brand to directly connect with their customers and have one-on one interactions. This in turn helps the brands to gain customer insights on a real time basis. The approach should be to involve gathering and sorting applicable information and understand the needs of the buyers and whether the expectations are being met. This also helps better understand the how customers are spending time and what are the specific requirements. This process has also been enabled by AI enabled tools like chatbots; these solutions empower the brand to automate common tasks and accelerate overall revenue. Brands who are pioneering AI solutions are witnessing robust engagement between sales and marketing teams.
To conclude, application of conversational marketing has opened gateways for businesses to grow and provide their customers endless, efficient and quick assistance. This further helps establish the customer-brand relationship based on real time one-on-one conversations culminating into trust and reliance for the requirement. This also gives brands an opportunity to improvise as they expand and attract new customers and generate faster conversions for their products and services.
The author is director marketing of IPM India Wholesale Trading Pvt. Ltd. Views expressed are personal.
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