How Social Media Search & Short-Form Video Are Revolutionizing SEO [Webinar] – Search Engine Journal

How Social Media Search & Short-Form Video Are Revolutionizing SEO [Webinar] – Search Engine Journal

Social media search is making a major SEO impact. Learn how to optimize your content for social platforms & boost organic traffic in 2023.
Gone are the days when Google was the most important factor to consider in your search strategy.
As a marketer in today’s digital landscape, you should be putting real emphasis on how you optimize content for social media.
More and more people are turning to the search bar on social media platforms – and the more discoverability your brand has on these platforms, the better.
Even Google has made note of social media’s dominance in recent years, particularly with its new Short Video Result Type on mobile SERPs.
With the explosion of TikTok came a significant rise in short-form video content. Other social platforms have embraced the trend, as well – with Instagram continuing to push its Reels feature, and YouTube rolling out Shorts.
As a result, search engines are getting in on the action by allowing users to discover relevant short-form videos as part of their search results.
The impact social media has had on search marketing is undeniable.
The only thing left to decide is this:
Are you going to adapt to the changes by prioritizing social media in your 2023 strategy? Or are you going to get left behind?
If you’re ready to get a leg up on the competition next year, register for our webinar, Is Social Media Search The New Google? How To Boost Organic Traffic In 2023.
Join Rachel Schardt, SEO Success Manager at Conductor, as she shows you how to market your brand on social media to boost your organic discoverability and reach.
Of course, there’s no actual substitute for search engines when it comes to finding what you’re looking for online – at least, not yet.
But social media search is certainly increasing in popularity, which has implications for how you should approach SEO in the future.
When planning your 2023 strategy, consider the following ways social media can work to your advantage:
Ready to get your social strategy on the right track for next year?
Sign up now and start setting yourself up for social media success in 2023.
Heather has over 20 years of industry experience and is the Director of Marketing at Search Engine Journal. Having worked …
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