How to Build a Career-Boosting Online Presence – MakeUseOf

How to Build a Career-Boosting Online Presence – MakeUseOf

Have you been job hunting? Check out these tips that can help you build a job-ready online presence.
If you're serious about building a successful career in tech, your online persona is one of your most valuable assets. Key decision-makers, potential employers, and business partners that matter to you are all online. Which better place to sell yourself than where they can see you right away?
A well-crafted online presence will provide recruiters and relevant professionals within your industry with a glimpse of your skills and personality. It builds your brand, promotes you, and makes you much more attractive to the people that matter in your career.
Here's how to build an online presence that can supercharge your tech career.
You don't have to own a tech business before setting up a website for yourself. If you've lived with such misconceptions, it's time to rethink. A personal website is an indispensable asset for tech professionals who want visibility for their skills and tech career.
It's one of your most significant assets for self-promotion. With a personal website, you can outline your skills and vision, prove your experience by showcasing work you've done in the past, and share projects you're currently working on with the public.
Whenever people search for solutions to a problem your tech skills can solve, a personal website can serve as a channel to connect them to you. That's not all; setting up a portfolio website for yourself ensures:
With a few hundred dollars, you can hire someone to build a website for you. Or, you can do it by yourself. Thanks to free and easy-to-use website builders, you can set up a professional portfolio website through simple drag and drop operations—no coding required. Wix is an excellent website builder for building a portfolio website. Weebly is another popular option.
A personal website for a tech career should ideally include:
You're not the only professional within your tech field. You'll need a personal identity that separates you from the others to stand out. Your brand will help you stand out. Your brand is the first thing people think of when they talk about you in a professional setting.
To create your brand, you'll need to:
Social media is where most of the heavy lifting for your personal identity happens in today's digital world. It provides potential clients and employers with an up-close view of your personal and professional persona. This is why you need to be intentional about your social media presence.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are all important. However, if you have time for only two, it should preferably be LinkedIn and Facebook. If you are building a career in tech but don't have a LinkedIn account, stop reading right away and create an account now. You'll find LinkedIn to be a rich resource for job seekers.
According to Kinsta, 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn. In other words, 87% of people that might matter to your career are on LinkedIn. Being active on the platform brings you closer to them.
Similarly, with more than a billion people on Facebook, the social network represents a goldmine for visibility.
Below are some tips to optimize your social media for career enhancement and visibility:
The internet is powered by content. To get the visibility you crave, you'll need to provide contents that appeal to your target audience. Therefore, it would be best to be intentional and targeted with your content strategy.
The best way to put yourself out there with your content strategy is to think about your audience before yourself. You need to make yourself a useful part of your community by being on the helping end. Share insights, ideas, and help. Research what your audience needs and serve them. However, whatever content you share must align with your end game.
The key is to be targeted in your approach to content creation. Even if your audience is limited, they'll undoubtedly be those that matter to your career and goals.
Whatever your career direction may be, there is one sure way to get visibility online: build a brand, be consistent and provide value.
Create and share valuable content, and your audience will naturally spread the word. As long as you stay consistent, people, that matter will eventually reach out to connect with you.
These days, online safety feels like an overwhelming and complicated endeavor. Whether you’re answering e-mails, browsing the Internet, downloading music or buying things online, it seems like there are dangers everywhere you turn. You’ve got hackers trying to install keyloggers on your computer, shady characters attempting to intercept your Internet traffic, and criminals attempting to hack into your bank or Paypal account. With all of these threats, what on Earth is a regular user to do?
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