How to empower your SEO and digital marketing strategy with data – Search Engine Land

How to empower your SEO and digital marketing strategy with data – Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land » SEO » How to empower your SEO and digital marketing strategy with data
After your technical, content and outreach strategies are in place, you should be well on your way to digital marketing success. 
At this stage, you should have optimized your website for a strong page experience, created lots of entity-driven content, and gained inbound links providing you with rankings and traffic.
Now, you’ll need to empower your team with the right data to help you continue to grow and shape your digital marketing strategy.
Fortunately, a myriad of tools can help organize the data you need to keep your traffic growing.
Here are some data points you can look at:
It’s important to look at your data and develop actionable plans based on your findings.
Some ways to use your data:
Every time you update a page, create new content or add links, you should create an annotation to determine if the changes made resulted in positive growth.   
If you continue producing content and building links without checking your analytics and data, you may waste valuable time and resources.
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Now you have all this wonderful traffic coming to you, how do you improve your conversion rate and turn more visitors into customers?
The ideal way is to do A/B testing and conversion rate optimization
You’ll need to set up software that will give users two variants of your site. You can then track to see which cohort had better conversions.
Various tools will help you conduct this research:
Ensure you continuously run tests and update your landing pages and articles. If users have a good experience on your site, this will have a positive impact on your SEO.
Just when you feel you have a grasp on your strategy, Google releases an algorithm update that creates upheaval in your traffic and rankings.
Monitoring trends will help you stay compliant and within Google’s best practice guidelines.
Some trends you can look out for:  
Tracking your site’s metrics, KPIs and trends in search will help you continuously revamp and update your SEO strategy.
It’s the only way to stay relevant and current.
Make sure you build dashboards that allow you to check the performance of your campaigns and react quickly to changes in your site’s performance.
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