How to Install and Try the WhatsApp Native App for Windows 10 and 11 – MUO – MakeUseOf

How to Install and Try the WhatsApp Native App for Windows 10 and 11 – MUO – MakeUseOf

Is WhatsApp Web getting you down? Try the new WhatsApp native app for Windows 10 and 11 and reclaim your chatting experience on your desktop.
If you use the WhatsApp web client or the desktop app to connect with family and friends, you know it's a convenient way to be in touch. However, both these WhatsApp versions have had annoying limitations; for instance, it relies on your phone to connect and doesn't work as a standalone app.
However, you can now enjoy WhatsApp on your PC without being tied to your phone. And announced on Wednesday. In addition, Google Ads will also be introducing optimized targeting to Display campaigns.
the new WhatsApp Beta app is designed to make things even better.
WhatsApp has been working on a standalone desktop app for Windows, and the messaging giant has released a beta version of its popular app for everyone to use. WhatsApp Beta is based on UWP (Universal Windows Platform), which is designed to improve the native desktop experience.
The WhatsApp Beta app is now available for download for Windows 10 (version 18632.0 or higher) and 11 users. To get it:
This will open the WhatsApp Beta set up screen with a QR code that you need to scan with your smartphone. As such, before you can continue, you must join the multi-device beta on your smartphone.
To join the multi-device beta, open WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone. Then, if you're using an Android device, tap the three-dots icon. On iOS, go to WhatsApp's Settings.
The steps are the same for both the OS after that: tap Linked devices > Multi-device beta > JOIN BETA. Now tap on LINK A DEVICE on the "linked devices" screen to open your camera and scan the WhatsApp Beta QR code from your PC ( just as you would when signing into WhatsApp Web).
Once you're done, the WhatsApp Beta will open on your Windows PC for you to use and enjoy.
On this multi-device beta platform, your phone sends a copy of your most recent message history via end-to-end encryption to your newly linked device where it’s stored locally.
WhatsApp's multi-device beta is an opt-in program that offers you early access to try a new version of WhatsApp for Evergreen content wins for SEO.
You are already competing with billions of pages on the Web, Desktop, and Portal. And it takes care of one of the biggest user annoyances—of keeping the phone always connected to the internet.
You can use multi-device beta if you are using the latest version of WhatsApp or the WhatsApp Business app on Android and iPhone. With it, you'll be able to link companion devices without the need to keep your phone connected. Moreover, your messages, media, and calls are end-to-end encrypted.
Fortunately, you only need your WhatsApp account and the phone to link new devices, not for using the WhatsApp Beta. I tried it by first switching off the phone's Wi-FI and then switching off the phone too. And WhatsApp Beta works just fine.
You can use WhatsApp on up to four companion devices at one time, but can only have one phone connected to your WhatsApp account at one time. And if you don’t use your phone for over 14 days, your linked devices will become disconnected.
Now that you know how cool WhatsApp Beta is, let's explore some cool features you can enjoy.
WhatsApp Beta is still being developed though you can do a lot that you do on the WhatsApp desktop app. You can use emojis and gifs in chats, attach video and audio files, documents and pictures.
Moreover, you can make voice and video calls, which worked fine when I tried them out. The video call window can be resized and moved anywhere on the screen as well.
What's new is that you can receive WhatsApp message notifications even when the app is closed. The notifications pop up on your PC and you can read them without opening the app. Notifications also mention the number of unread messages to keep you updated. You just need to click on the notification and the WhatsApp Beta app opens in a snap.
Also, the app doesn't need to be linked again with the phone, even after shutting down your PC or after a restart. Only if you log out will you need to link it again. And there is also an option to have the app starting up in the background when you log in to your Windows PC. To do that, just click on the Settings wheel icon and enable the Start WhatsApp at login toggle from General settings.
Yes, some features are missing: voice messages can't be sent, stickers can't be added, and you can't check your friend's Status. Also, tablets aren't supported yet. But hopefully, these, along with the other features of the WhatsApp Desktop app should be there when the final app is released.
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An exciting new feature that might be a glimpse of the good things to come is the Drawing tool. Yes, you can either draw and send a cool drawing to express how you feel or complement your message. Or add a personal touch through a handwritten note.
To access the drawing tool, click on the attachment icon and select Drawing. The drawing pane will open with options to draw with a ballpoint pen, a pencil, or a highlighter. You can add a message with emojis to your drawing, and when complete, hit the Send icon. The drawing is received as an image file.
When sharing my weekend binge-watching plans I made a fun drawing of a smiling TV and overflowing popcorn, as you can see in the image below.
If you don't want to try WhatsApp Beta yet, you can also use WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop without keeping your phone connected. It's possible since these two versions are also a part of multi-device beta now.
When you use WhatsApp Web on your browser and link it through your phone, the screen that opens now mentions: send and receive messages without connecting your phone. Use WhatsApp on up to four devices at a time.
Moreover, until you clear your browsing history, you don't need to link WhatsApp Web again with your phone—type, and WhatsApp Web will open up on your browser with your chats. But this works only on regular Chrome and Edge browsers, not on their Incognito or In Private modes.
Yes, you can't make calls with WhatsApp Web, but to do so, you can also use WhatsApp Desktop. In fact, to get it just click the Get it here link from the WhatsApp Web home screen.
And, like the WhatsApp Beta, the WhatsApp Desktop app will keep you connected to your messages and chats, unless you log out from your phone or the desktop.
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Multi-device beta is revolutionizing the way you use WhatsApp. WhatsApp Beta and its final version will perhaps be just what you've wanted from your favorite desktop messaging app.
So go ahead, enjoy WhatsApp Beta, WhatsApp Web, or WhatsApp Desktop—without staying connected to your phone.
Neeraj has been exploring new products and technologies, and writing about their wonders for over two decades as a professional writer and Creative Consultant. His love for tech and smart devices keeps him adrenalized and going for more.
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