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How to protect your online privacy – Travel Daily News International

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When using anonymous services, you should always access the internet undetected and use a private and secure payment system. 
Have you thought about steps you should take to protect your privacy while hosting a website or blog? An important aspect of web hosting is anonymity. A special type of hosting service called Anonymous Hosting will let you host your data without exposing your true identity. Additionally, when using anonymous services, you should always access the internet undetected and use a private and secure payment system. 
How difficult is it to figure out who you are
Before learning how to create a website anonymously, you must be aware that your identity might be exposed. It can be done by following services:
How to protect your online privacy from monitoring?
Shield your IP address
Many human rights activists and politically radical bloggers choose anonymous services. Operating anonymously is the only option they have. If you want to protect your privacy, protecting your IP address should be your top concern. You can shield your IP address using a VPN or the Tor network when connected to the internet. Before signing up for any anonymous services and while using them, you should activate the VPN or Tor connection.
Use the Tor network
Users can browse the internet anonymously thanks to the Tor network. The abbreviation "TOR" was first applied to the project known as "The Onion Routing" in reference to the tech on which it is based. Your information travels through randomly chosen Tor nodes. At each node, the traffic is strongly encrypted before gradually decrypted one layer at a time.
In other words, using this browser makes it extremely difficult or impossible to identify Tor users. The Tor browser is preferable to a standard browser for anonymous web browsing, although responses might be a bit slower.
Always use VPN
A virtual private network, or VPN as it is generally known, safeguards your online activities and privacy by masking your actual IP address and building a safe, encrypted tunnel for internet access. These secure tunnels are established through VPN protocols, guaranteeing a secure and safe connection. A VPN protocol controls how your data is transmitted between your computer and the VPN server. When utilising Tor, a VPN is essential, especially if you're in a country where Tor is prohibited. By using a secure VPN in combination with the Tor browser, none of your internet activities will be linked to you by snoops, trackers, or other curious third parties. 
Set up a new disposable email account
Never associate your existing emails (private or business) with any anonymous service. For this purpose, set up an anonymous email that is not associated with your true identity. Look for an email provider that won't require SMS or email verification. 
Don't use Google Analytics
Avoid using Google Analytics or any other third-party analytic services since these could be used to identify you. If you use Google Analytics, you should be aware that it is possible to find out what other websites you are tracking. Thanks to "reverse Google Analytics ID lookup" it's possible even to find your associated Gmail account. 
How to buy hosting and domain anonymously
If you have to buy hosting and register a domain, follow these steps to safeguard your data:
Anonymous hosting and privacy
If you are wondering how to host your digital content anonymously, then only anonymous hosting allows you to host your data without revealing your true identity. Anonymous hosting offers a unique way to host your content anonymously, making this solution ideal for investigative journalists, bloggers, or anyone who'd like to strengthen his online privacy. 
These services often use VPS (Virtual Private Server) technology; therefore, we call them Anonymous VPS providers. VPS is a technology where one physical server is divided into many virtual machines with strictly allocated resources. Anonymous hosting provider often sets these physical anonymous servers in offshore locations. Offshore hosting benefits from different offshore jurisdictions, allowing to ignore DMCA takedown notices
Anonymous hosting can be characterised by anonymous crypto payments and a sign-up process that won't require any private data or verification. If you use your credit card, there is always a chance that law enforcement could steal, leak, or access the information on it. 
Some anonymous hosting providers go even further and offer anonymous control panel access thanks to the onion domain. The onion domain is a unique domain hosted on the Tor network, making any login untraceable. The onion domain is not accessible by standard browsers and can only be accessed by Tor. 
With anonymous hosting, you can register your website or any online project that requires a certain level of anonymity using a pseudonym. Therefore, you won't be required to provide information like your name, postal address, or phone number. Anonymous hosting offers many advantages, but bear in mind that these hosting services oppose illicit activity, including spam, phishing, and fraud. It's also crucial to assess your website security while considering anonymous website hosting to ensure your site is extra secure. Knowing what to look for when purchasing anonymous web hosting could be very helpful.
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