How to use WhatsApp on multiple devices – Android Police

How to use WhatsApp on multiple devices – Android Police

You can connect up to four additional devices
One of the biggest limitations of WhatsApp is that you could only use it on your smartphone. While you could access the messaging service on the desktop or web, it only worked when your phone was online and connected. Thankfully, WhatsApp added multi-device support to its platform in early 2022. Here's how to set up and use WhatsApp on multiple devices.
WhatsApp's support for multiple devices is notable because it supports end-to-end encryptions. However, this also means that the implementation has some limitations. WhatsApp now supports fived linked devices, including your primary phone. Since your WhatsApp account can only be linked to one phone number, you cannot link the service to multiple phones.
The WhatsApp update also makes it easier to contact people, since your phone does not need to be online to send messages from your desktop or the browser. However, you will be logged out automatically from all devices if the primary phone does not come online at least once every 14 days. You also need the phone to link any new device to your account.
There are certain WhatsApp features that can only be used on your smartphone, including:
WhatsApp will now load all your chats and group conversations. You can continue to use WhatsApp web on the linked device even if your phone loses internet connectivity.
The process to unlink a device from your WhatsApp account is relatively simple. Just follow these steps:
You can re-link any removed device again without any issues.
If you are a heavy WhatsApp user and receive a lot of unwanted media files and forwards, you'll want to delete old WhatsApp media from your phone to free up storage. If removing all those extra media files doesn't help add some pep back to your phone, you may want to try some of our favorite tips to speed up your phone.
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