How Web3 Is changing Internet Marketing. | by Abimbola Abe | Aug, 2022 – DataDrivenInvestor

How Web3 Is changing Internet Marketing. | by Abimbola Abe | Aug, 2022 – DataDrivenInvestor

Aug 11
The world is changing, and so is how brands interact with consumers. The introduction of web3 will lead to a more decentralized online marketing landscape. Brands will now have to explore new ways to interact with consumers and use the latest technologies like VR/AR.
Due to how Web3 operates, online marketers will also need to undergo significant transformation. The decentralized version of the internet is founded on data privacy, and data is the lifeblood of online marketers.
Here’s how brands are interacting differently with customers in web3:
2. Some brands can now offer a more immersive experience by allowing customers to explore their products in a virtual world. This has led some brands to rethink their approach to marketing and experiment with new ways of engagement.
3. To create Web3 content, NFTs are crucial. These tokens have been utilized to expand the reach of some of the world’s most well-known companies.
Moreover, they can provide customers with novel digital experiences and connect the NFTs to in-person activities.
4. The emergence of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralized applications has rendered intermediaries obsolete. In other words, this will help businesses save money and remain competitive.
Web 3.0 apps can be launched using significantly less expensive infrastructure than their predecessors. Due to the decentralized nature of Web 3.0 applications, they are substantially cheaper to create and maintain.
5. Companies can be held accountable for their behavior due to the blockchain’s ability to record every transaction. As a result, purchasing from reliable organizations will be less of a headache for consumers. When a customer feels comfortable enough to reveal personal information, it benefits both the business and the customer.
Moving from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 will not occur instantly. That is to say, and companies will have an opportunity to reflect on their procedures and determine where they are on the decentralization and transparency spectrum. Even though Web 3.0 is still a ways off, businesses need to prepare for it now.
Is your brand looking for ways to utilize blockchain technologies in your business?

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