Improve Your Pay-Per-Click Ad Conversion with the Right Testing – Inc.

Improve Your Pay-Per-Click Ad Conversion with the Right Testing – Inc.

Creating copy for your pay-per-click (PPC) ads can be daunting. After years of trying out different copy and strategies, I have learned there are a few essential tests to conduct to ensure your copy is as effective as possible.
Through the years, I have found personalization is essential if you want to ensure your PPC ads are effective. Creating ad copy that resonates with your end-user is essential. There are a handful of tests to help you achieve this:
You have to know your audience. Who are you trying to reach? For example, an entry-level worker and C-suite executive have completely unique goals from one another. The same ad copy won’t work for both.
Different people have unique problems. While this is true, the same product may solve both the issues, but the way you present it matters. Once you know your audience, apply what you find to the ad copy you create. Speak directly to your audience. Take time to figure out your audience’s pain points and challenges, then provide a synopsis of why your product is the solution.
With headlines for PPC ads, the goal is to get someone’s attention. Descriptions are where you can add more details.
To garner attention with your headlines, make sure they are customized. Ask something, answer something, use customizers for a countdown, location, price, and more. Consider your audience when creating copy and make the most of the 30 characters you have in each of the three headline areas.
Be sure to test your headlines beyond where you should put the call to action (CTA). Consider using “you” and solving a problem. This is going to provide some trust and reassurance to your customer. The idea is to create a compelling stack of relevant headlines for someone searching for your product or service.
The way you talk to someone who has visited your landing page or interacted in any way with your brand needs to be unique from other top-of-funnel tactics.
Now is when you need to create a sense of urgency or use ad customizers. For example, if you want someone to sign up for an upcoming webinar, use the countdown timer. Are you planning to use dynamic remarketing on Facebook for items? If so, use “finish what you started” verbiage in your ads.
Using several platforms together will work out well for you. Your goal here should be to remind someone why they visited your site to begin with while they are browsing a social media feed. This type of strategy can be extremely effective. The key is to ensure you use ad copy that is designed for these past visitors.
If you want to improve your ad copy, the best tool you can access is testing different tactics. Remember, just because something worked today doesn’t mean it will still be effective next month. Be sure you are continually testing your ads to ensure they continue producing the desired results.


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