Increasing your Dating Site's SEO with PNB's Benefits and Risks – TechDay News

Increasing your Dating Site's SEO with PNB's Benefits and Risks – TechDay News

Having good search engine optimization when running your dating site is essential for higher traffic and better quality members
What is a PBN, and How Can it Help Your Dating Site?
PBN or a Private Blog Network is an SEO tool to help increase traffic to your site. A PBN is a network of sites that all provide links and backlinks to a central site to help the main site appear higher on Google search results.
It can be a fast and cheap way to increase website traffic to new sites or sites in niches with huge competition such as dating, gambling, or travel. In particular, dating sites are difficult to “get to the top of Google” as there are over 1500 dating sites and apps in use today and sometimes cutting corners to appear in the “top ten” with a Google is the only option for exposure as a new site.
Famously SEO is one of the hardest things to crack when creating a new website to launch online. The continuous Google updates make it difficult for even the experts to keep up with so many marketers – especially those working with lesser-known brands and brand new websites, there are several options to help push your Google ranking in the right direction when you’re ready to launch.
A PBN is one of the most popular ways to get straight to Google’s top and give a new site the exposure it needs to succeed – especially in a niche market. But is it good or bad for your site? And what happens if it goes wrong?
To understand what a PBN is and how good or bad it is, we asked the team of to explain the truth about profiting and risks in using PBN’s for increasing your SEO rankings. (Please note: we do not promote the PBN’s, we are just talking about its pros and cons.)
PBN to Help with Google Rankings
PBN works by buying up expired domain names already established and have “high domain authority”. These sites are then filled with content that includes links back to the main site you want at the top of Google for your keyword search terms and improving your main sites’ domain authority and SEO ranking.
Pros of Using PBN for Google Rankings:

  • Improved SEO
  • Increased rankings
  • The fastest way to get to the top of google
  • Easy to set up
  • Can monetize PBN and sell to other marketers
  • The common tool with marketers
  • You control backlinks and can use them for further projects in the future
  • Content doesn’t have to be perfect and might be possible to source from content farms
  • Network sites might help to create more natural backlinks from other sites
  • You have an advantage over your competitors to rank above them on google, especially for their use of keywords

Cons of Using PBN for Google Rankings:

  • Can cost a lot to set up (you will need to buy several high-quality domains)
  • New content can be costly and time-consuming (each site will need a minimum of three pages of content, and good PBNs will continue to update content)
  • The network needs to be managed and monitored (like with your main site, you will need to maintain and update all of the sites on your network – sometimes requiring another full-time person or team depending on the size of the network)
  • One error or bad link could close down the whole network (as the network is inter-linked, bad links could close the whole network)
  • Google penalties can also close down the whole network (this will remove all of your backlinks, well as traditionally produced links are rarely all penalized at once, and your site can maintain ranking even though Google updates)

Not all PNB’s are the Same
It is also important to remember when deciding whether or not to take the PNB route with your online dating site that not all PNB’s are the same. With the cons of having your entire network punished if it isn’t done correctly, it is important (if you choose to use a PNB) to use a good quality one.
Cheaper sites or businesses offering to manage your PNB’s often are too good to be true, and while it might work well for a couple of months, bad PNB’s are taken down within a couple of months. good and high-quality PNB can work well for different companies for many years without ever being taken down – and help many businesses be very successful.
Should You Choose PNB for SEO Rankings?
We would never recommend or suggest against using a PNB as they work well for some people and bad for others; however, we suggest that if you decide to use one – go for a company with a good reputation to help manage it. Or better still, employ your team and buy your sites to create a network you are truly in control of.
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