Lenovo unveils the Go 130W multi-port charger alongside two Yoga wireless mice – Notebookcheck.net

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Lenovo unveils the Go 130W multi-port charger alongside two Yoga wireless mice – Notebookcheck.net

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In addition to the rich collection of computers and monitors unveiled at CES 2022, Lenovo also introduces a multi-port charger and two Yoga wireless mice. The Go 130 W multi-port charger and the Yoga Mobile Mouse and/or Yoga Performance Mouse can be an excellent addition to any desktop or mobile hardware setup.
The Lenovo Go 130 W multi-port charger allocates the charging power intelligently depending on the devices connected and their requirements. The maximum power it can deliver is 130 W, and the output available on the four connectors is 100 W for the first two USB-C ports, 20 W for the third one, and 18 W for the USB-A port. The intelligent LED lighting shows when a port is active and also the power output it delivers (for example, solid on/breathing/fast breathing/off for the first USB-C ports, when delivering more than 45 W/30-45 W/0-30 W/0 W).
The Yoga Rechargeable Mobile Mouse has an adjustable DPI of up to 2400 DPI (800 and 1600 are the other two options available) and an IR sensor. Its rechargeable battery lasts up to 3 months on a 2-hour charge. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
The Yoga Rechargeable Performance Mouse has the same specs as its sibling but comes with a right-handed ergonomic design. Both are available in Cloud Grey and Dark Teal.
While the charging station is expected to hit the market in April starting at US$99.99, the mice should follow in June, both with a price tag of just US$39.99.
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Pick Accessories that Fit your Lifestyle12 – Yoga Mobile Mouse, Yoga Performance Mouse and the Lenovo Go 130W Multi-port Charger
When inspiration strikes or work calls, you need to be able to connect your rechargeable mouse to any device and work effortlessly on any surface. For individuals looking for a wireless mouse with a premium look and feel to boost productivity, look no further than to the ultra-portable Yoga Mobile Mouse with low-profile, or the new Yoga Performance Mouse with ergonomic high-handed design and programmable buttons.
Available in Cloud Grey and Dark Teal hue5 to complement new Yoga devices, they’re built with three adjustable settings for higher sensitivity of up to 2400 DPI, plus a dynamic scroll wheel with dual speeds. Both fully-functional mice deliver users with the accuracy of an IR sensor, a dual-host Bluetooth® connection for greater precision, and long-lasting integrated battery that’s easily recharged via USB-C port to make low-battery notifications a thing of the past. And if the look of less wires is appealing, instead of cluttering your home office with several random chargers, why not upgrade to an elegant on-table solution that enables the simultaneous charging of up to four devices, including the new Yoga mice.
Meet the compact Lenovo Go 130W Multi-port Charger that aims to remedy consumers searching for an open port via a single charging hub that offers three USB-C power delivery ports with up to 100W laptop charging and one USB-A port with quick charging up to 18W. The portable charger intelligently allocates power depending on the connected device and includes LED indicators to display charge status.
U.S. Pricing and Availability:
Lenovo Go 130W Multi-port Charger is expected to be available starting April 2022 and will start at $99.99.
Yoga Wireless Mobile Mouse is available starting June 2022 and will start at US$39.99.
Yoga Wireless Performance Mouse is expected to be available starting June 2022 and will start at US$39.99.
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