LinkedIn Debunks Algorithm Myths In New Video Series – Search Engine Journal

LinkedIn Debunks Algorithm Myths In New Video Series – Search Engine Journal

LinkedIn addresses myths and misconceptions surrounding its feed in a new video series.
LinkedIn is debunking common myths about its how its algorithm works in a new series of videos rolling out over the next several weeks.
There’s currently two episodes of ‘Mythbusting the Feed’ published, with at least two more confirmed to be on the way.
The series aims to provide greater clarity around the types of content LinkedIn surfaces content in peoples’ feeds, while addressing misconceptions and assumptions.
This article contains a quick recap of the two videos published so far, which are dedicated to the following topics:
Let’s get right to it.
People are free to post about anything they want on LinkedIn, but not all content gets equal visibility. The LinkedIn feed is preferential toward surfacing certain types of posts over others, as is the case with most social media sites today.
LinkedIn states in its video:
“We welcome all sorts of conversations on LinkedIn, but primarily we want to have conversations that people care about. Where the things they talk about, and the content they generate, are about things that are authentic to them, and resonate with them, but also make them feel like they’re connected to their communities.”
Based on that statement, the LinkedIn feed likes to surface content that’s authentic and relatable to other people in your network.
Examples of such content could be discussions about about working from home, or the challenges of being a parent working from home.
LinkedIn notes there’s been a rise in posts from front-line workers talking about the challenges they face in today’s work environment, bringing visibility to employees people depend on.
Lastly, LinkedIn says posts about topics that may be hard to talk about tend to go over well in the feed:
“Another thing we’ve seen is conversations that may be hard to talk about like mental health and wellbeing, other than productivity and how people think about working, but what that truly means to them.
We see LinkedIn as a place to have that conversation, and our technology teams are finding ways to enable that, to keep it safe, and for members to feel like this is a place where they can actually talk about everything that’s authentic to them.”
There’s a misconception that LinkedIn posts should be strictly professional.
LinkedIn sees professional growth and personal growth as intertwined, so it encourages both types of content.
There are times when professional milestones intersect with personal milestones, which make for great opportunity to show your LinkedIn network a side of who you are outside of work.
For example, maybe you overcame a lifelong fear of public speaking by giving a presentation at an industry conference.
That’s something containing a mix of personal content and professional content, which LinkedIn would likely surface in peoples’ feeds.
LinkedIn states in the video:
“Think of LinkedIn as a place to have an authentic conversation and not limit it to one topic or another because so many of those things go hand in hand.”
Future installments of LinkedIn’s ‘Mythbusting The Feed’ will address the following topics:
Source: LinkedIn
Featured Image: IB Photography
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