Marketer’s Cheat Sheet: How To Maximise Your Mobile Marketing – B&T

Marketer’s Cheat Sheet: How To Maximise Your Mobile Marketing – B&T

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Within the different elements and layers of a marketing strategy, one segment that often receives the least attention is mobile marketing – but in 2022, it’s something you simply cannot ignore.
It’s a curious case that marketers would choose to put such little significance in a portion of the marketing world that carries such weight. Data from Statista showed that 73 per cent of retail e-commerce takes place on mobile, making it far and away the most common way that users interact with sales and marketing.
Despite this, many marketers focus on a single method of mobile marketing, or will consider it in a single context rather than a complex entity rife with possibility. Some choose to only use SMS or push notifications; others will use it purely as either a top- or bottom-of-the-funnel solution.
In a world where everyone has a smartphone in their hands, why wouldn’t you make it a priority to market your product directly using the power of mobile?
If you’re a marketer looking to maximise the potential of your mobile marketing strategy – or you’ve just gotten this far into the article and feel motivated by the energy – then thankfully, there’s a solution.
Acoustic, a digital marketing solution that specializes in creating personalized, multi-channel engagement, has laid out the path to a successful mobile marketing plan. Consider this your cheat sheet to mastering mobile marketing and getting the information you want into the hands of your audience!

Firstly, it’s important to know the best methods of utilising mobile marketing. SMS and mobile push are perhaps the most well-versed among marketers, but the option that feels underrepresented is WhatsApp. WhatsApp has a current average of 2 billion active monthly users, putting it top of the pile ahead of alternatives such as WeChat and Facebook Messenger and making it a fantastic option for marketers.
Then there’s the question of methodology. Given how many brands have only a limited consideration for their mobile marketing plans, it’s important to know the best path to success in this field – so what’s the best route?
The applications of a good mobile marketing plan can be seen in a wide swathe of industries. Travel and hospitality? Let your customers see last-minute deals on aeroplanes and hotels. Finance? Give your users alerts when their balance is low, or when trading options are available. Education? Help students track social events and assignment results.
So, there you have it – a helpful guide to getting your mobile marketing plan off the ground. Looking for some more in-depth assistance?
Download the full report from Acoustic today.
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While my editor is off today mourning the results as an Eels supporter. I’m here recapping the concert. I mean game.
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Nothing says I’ve sold my soul to capitalism and I love chicken quite like rocking some Red Rooster merch.
B&T HR forced to explain to staff that a worthy cause isn’t supporting your local pub via ordering schooners.
Honeycomb’s office is now more jam-packed than a Sunday roast plate at a slightly derro pub.
Cricket Australia is rumoured to be cracking out a new packet of Arnott’s cream favourites to celebrate!
Surprisingly measuring your carbon footprint has nothing to do with the actual size of your foot.
Further proof microwave meals aren’t just what your Dad serves you during a trial separation from Mum.
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by B&T Magazine
Seven announces management changes at 7plus, as hunt continues for whomever scratched Kurt’s Beemer in staff carpark.
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Sunrise viewers tuning in for the Cash Cow ended up with an impromptu live rescue this morning.
What we all want to know is, why hasn’t Optus wheeled out ‘teflon’ Gladys to assuage the marauding hordes?
This doesn’t answer B&T’s demands for a radio station to play AC/DC’s Thunderstuck on constant repeat, but it’s close.
Has wokedom all but kyboshed your annual Melbourne Cup staff piss-up? Ready the sweep tickets on this news.
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by B&T Magazine
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by B&T Magazine
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by B&T Magazine
Finally we can laugh at the Optus leak! Unless your account’s been drained & a stranger’s travelling on your passport.
Special staff alarmed by crackling, groaning & crunching noises as trophy cabinet continues to buckle under the weight.
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