Morrisons launches advertising agency for supplier brands – Retail Gazette

Morrisons launches advertising agency for supplier brands – Retail Gazette

Morrisons has launched a new full-service internal advertising agency team, named the Morrisons Media Group, allowing supplier brands to deliver marketing campaigns to Morrisons customers.
In a statement, the grocer said the new media group “will leverage creativity, data and technology and will help brands advertise to customers through Morrisons owned and external media platforms via one central function.”
The new service for suppliers who stock their brands and products in Morrisons stores was revealed at Morrisons annual Supplier Conference which took place in Bradford on September 22nd.
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The team will represent Morrisons Customer, Trading and Marketing priorities, with the “market-leading expertise to create, creative campaigns that resonate with Morrisons customers and maximise ROI for brand partners.”
The supermarket has said the new group will develop targeted advertising campaigns, tailored to an individual brand’s goals and objectives, across the full customer journey.
It will also offer opportunities for brands to communicate with customers across Morrisons full network of stores – including main estate supermarkets, as well as the growing number of convenience stores and newer online shopping channels such as Morrisons on Amazon and rapid delivery partners.
Morrisons said that the new media service “builds significantly” on what has been previously available to brands with more targeted marketing opportunities on a store-by-store basis available and the introduction of more digital channels.
By combining MyMorrisons loyalty data and Morrisons e-commerce data, the supermarket said “brands will have greater opportunities to connect with bespoke audiences to deliver more personalised advertising and will be better able to track media investment back to sales,” achieved through product partnerships, seasonal events and sampling activations.
Morrisons Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Rachel Eyre said: “We want to work more closely with our suppliers on targeted, high-performing campaigns that will benefit both their businesses and our customers. The new dedicated internal agency team at Morrisons Media Group will do just that.”
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