MWPH with Doill Technologies launch Miss World Philippines NFTs – Manila Bulletin

MWPH with Doill Technologies launch Miss World Philippines NFTs – Manila Bulletin

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Published May 26, 2022, 10:10 AM
by MB Technews
The Miss World Philippines Organization (MWPH) continues to expand its market reach by venturing into the realm of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. 
The official Philippine franchise of the MIss World Organization recently inked an exclusive contract with Doill Technologies, one of the country’s emerging developers of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which have been touted as a viable platform to drum up its “Exceptionally Empowered Filipinas” marketing campaign, as well as its charity projects and other relevant advocacies.
Held at the Kingsford Hotel last May 25, the contract signing press conference was attended by key signatories from Doill Technologies, including CEO Angelo Bagas, COO Adrian Resuera, Board of Directors Antonio Magsaysay, Treasurer Lemuel Gatchalian, and Executive Secretary Mike, Lugasan, with MWPH National Director Arnold Vegafria. 
The event, dubbed “Non-Fungible Beauty: One World, One Dream,” was hosted by Mill Multinational Philippines 2021 Shaila Mae Rebortera. 
Also in attendance were Miss World Philippines 2021 Tracy Maureen Perez and her court: reigning Miss Eco International 2021 Kathleen Paton, Miss Environmental Philippines 2021 Michelle Arceo, Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2021 Emmanuelle Vera, Miss World Philippines 2021 First Princess Riana Agatha Pangindian, Miss World Philippines 2021 2nd Princess Janelle Lewis, as well as the 36 candidates for the Miss World Philippines 2022 pageant. 
Vegafria exclaimed, “This partnership is a technological breakthrough. With the many advancements in blockchain technology in the global market, we have made a giant step forward by putting the Miss World Philippines brand further out – not just in the global market, but also in the digital and cybermarket as well – where it can engage more customers and more importantly, educate them about our existing advocacies as well, particularly for education and mental health, and for our Exceptionally Empowered Filipinas campaign.”
“At the same time, we are giving pageant fans a rare opportunity to take part in our advocacies through our unique digital caricatures and artworks developed exclusively for Miss World Philippines. These will be their virtual tickets to our exclusive events, including the Charity Gala and Coronation Night, and also give them the chance to avail of other premium perks. Being the first of its kind, we are also confident that these digital artworks will appreciate in value over time.”
For his part, Doill Technologies CEO Angelo Bagas said, “As one of the country’s pioneers in the NFT market, we are confident that this alliance with the MIss World Philippines Organization will put a higher premium and market demand for our products, for the simple reason that the brand is globally renowned for its prestigious legacy. We are more than happy for the partnership, and to have all the ladies onboard. But more than that, we feel equally empowered in doing our humble share in contributing to their noble advocacies, which are very relevant issues affecting our youth nowadays.” 
As part of the tie-up, NWPH NFT holders can avail of various perks and premiums. Fifty (50) NFT holders will be chosen in random to win tickets to the coronation night. Sixty (60) random NFT holders will receive an invitation to the Charity Gala. They will also gain livestreaming access to the coronation night, support charitable foundations and advocacies, and receive giveaways.”
The 36 candidates are currently breezing through the various Fast Track Challenges, which will culminate with the Coronation Night set on June 5 at the Mall of Asia Arena, which will also be highlighted by the presence of global pageant luminaries including Miss World Organization founder and CEO Julia Morley, and Miss Eco International founder and CEO Dr. Amaal Rezk. 
You can mint these artworks by buying Polygon (MATIC) on Binance or other cryptocurrency exchanges. Make sure to have a few extra to cover gas fees. 
Then create a MetaMask wallet, by going to, make sure you write down your seed phrase on a notebook, which will be provided to you during the creation of the wallet. In case you lose access to your wallet, you can recover it using the seed phrases. Lose your seed phrases, you lose your wallet. Write down your seed phrases. Don’t save it on a computer document, don’t store it online. Write. It. Down. And keep that paper or notebook locked in a vault or someplace no one will ever mistakenly throw it in the trash. We’re not even kidding. Seed phrases are important.
In the MetaMask wallet, add Polygon Network. And from your crypto exchange, deposit Polygon (MATIC) into the MetaMask wallet. Copy paste the address. Do not attempt to individually type it down, if you do, triple check everything is correct. If you send crypto assets to the wrong address, you will lose those assets forever. 
Now, you’ve got your wallet all set up. Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Miss World Philippines NFT minting site.
In the exhibit tab, select which advocacy group – Education or Mental Health – you wish to mint. Click the “mint” button under that group. Once the transaction is successful, you now own a Miss World Philippines NFT. 
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