partners with ISBA and IPA on effectiveness survey – Marketing Week

partners with ISBA and IPA on effectiveness survey – Marketing Week

The Marketing Effectiveness Roadmap will provide a model for any company looking to improve its marketing effectiveness practices, as well as “useful ammunition” for conversations with the C-suite.
effective - Marketing Company - SEO Agency DublinMarketing Week is teaming up with ISBA and the IPA on an industry-wide survey to better understand marketing effectiveness best practice.
Building on last year’s IPA Effectiveness Culture Monitor, which has been rebranded as the Marketing Effectiveness Roadmap, this year’s survey will  provide a benchmark for brands and agencies to compare company performance against the industry as a whole, as well as guidance on how to boost the effectiveness of work.
The Marketing Effectiveness Roadmap will do two key things for businesses, ISBA’s head of media effectiveness and performance Clare O’Brien explains.
“It engages the wider organisation beyond marketers, and it also provides marketers with an excellent set of progress points and positional data that informs constructive internal discussion at a very practical level,” she says.
“Accurate, actionable, marketing effectiveness measurement needs the full weight of the business behind it to fully deliver.”
How Boots balances creativity and science to drive effectiveness
Conducted by IPA Effectiveness Leadership Group consultant Nick Milne, founder of Go Ignite Consulting, the 10 minute survey asks participants about the effectiveness practices and attitudes in place at their own organisation.
The subsequent analysis will inform the wider IPA Effworks initiative.
The IPA’s director of marketing strategy, Janet Hull OBE, says the survey will provide a “clear model” for any company looking to improve its marketing effectiveness practices and “useful ammunition” for conversations with the C-suite about how to make improvements.
“We’re inviting as many brands and agencies as possible to take part and welcome submissions from a range of different stakeholders in each organisation in order to help give a more rounded picture,” she says.
Anyone who completes the survey before Friday 10 June will receive a free top-line summary comparing their organisation to industry benchmarks.
A detailed bespoke report with additional analysis and insight on responses from across their company will also be available to purchase from £100. Samples can be downloaded from the IPA website.
Sainsbury’s magazine recipe scored in the top 30% of UK ads for its ability to grab attention, as well as in the top 25% for building salience and the top 10% for brand cues.
Using new tools to optimise campaigns before launch and taking a “brave” approach to driving progress have helped Boots CMO Pete Markey produce more effective advertising.
The in-house studio is designed to boost agility and will play a key strategic role in supporting Britvic’s wider ambitions of improving customer centricity and accelerating digital.
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At the end of every week we look at the key stories, offering our view on what they mean for you and the industry. From the launch of our Opening Up campaign to make a career in marketing more accessible to Coca-Cola’s first London store, it’s been a busy week. Here is my take.
As new DMA research claims a 23% decline in marketing effectiveness and an overreliance on “vanity metrics”, marketing bosses at WW and Salesforce explain their approaches to measurement.
Adopting a confident position, sticking to the plan and building relationships has helped Cushelle in its mission to change the makeup of the toilet paper sector.
An unrivalled group of senior marketers in number, seniority and expertise will determine the shortlist and winners of this year’s awards.
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