PPC Management – The First Turnkey White-Label PPC Platform, Pivot – Search Engine Journal

PPC Management – The First Turnkey White-Label PPC Platform, Pivot – Search Engine Journal

Everyone who runs an agency knows they need to have an impressive PPC offering in order to attract and retain the right clients.
The problem is that offering high-quality PPC management demands a daunting number of resources that could otherwise be invested into your area of expertise.
Imagine a white-label PPC solution so turnkey that it revolutionized your PPC offering, enabling you to scale more effectively.
You are about to discover a way to stop blowing through resources only to produce subpar PPC management, while reallocating those assets toward more profitable activities.
Yes, you read right – “Service As A Software.”
Running a digital marketing agency has hundreds of moving parts, each of which pulls your attention further and further away from your agency’s core competencies.
The less focused you are on your areas of expertise, the less profitable you are going to be.
That’s why we propose a paradigm shift in the way you run your agency and the value your agency brings to your clients.
It’s time to introduce the first white-labeled PPC platform of its kind to help your agency achieve new growth and prestige.
P.S. “Service as a software” is the term I coined years ago to capture my vision for our organization (oxbird) to become a streamlined, white-label PPC machine.
Our goal for you: Provide you with a white-labeled PPC offering so calculated and efficient that it feels like software while never ceasing to be a service driven by real, talented people. That’s the essence of “service as a software.”
Let Your Team Get Back To What They Do Best
We know how important a calculated, efficient approach is to:
This is the very mission that birthed Pivot, a first-of-its-kind platform in white-label PPC and the poster child of our vision for service as a software.
At oxbird, we strive to be the ultimate turnkey solution for white-label PPC so that our partners can stay focused on their areas of expertise.
opening-pivot-image-620545f1777b1-sej - Globe Boss
Screenshot from Pivot, February 2022
Pivot is a revolutionary interface that empowers you to efficiently white-label PPC management at scale across the entire client journey through one dynamic interface.
Pivot gives your agency the power to:
Pivot is a service-based solution powered by humans; however, its white-labeled platform is so streamlined that it feels like an operating system to you and your team.
tornado-video-1-620aaee221454-sej - Globe Boss
Created by oxbird, January, 2022
No other white-label PPC solution provides its users with a platform that governs every nuance of the outsourcing process.
Pivot’s groundbreaking technology covers the basics of:
But Pivot goes a step further by giving your agency:
The caliber of Pivot’s interface is unprecedented in our niche.
The difference comes down to the scope.
Portals ease client communication with support tickets, but Pivot doesn’t stop there.
Most portals are too narrow, i.e., limited to simple functions like submitting a support ticket.
Others are too broad, i.e., not zeroed in on specifically managing one of the most critical facets of your agency’s offerings – paid media.
Opportunity cost is the most compelling reason for an agency to white-label its PPC.
Pivot’s “service as a software” methodology is the most effective way to make white-labeling as profitable as possible.
If your agency has been outsourcing multiple PPC accounts with multiple, manually-created white-labeled accounts, you’re essentially trying to do the work of a modern computer with a typewriter and filing cabinet.
Pivot’s users say, “If we reverted back to using conventional means for simultaneously white-labeling numerous accounts, we would be instantly dissatisfied no matter how cool the ‘typewriter’ sounded.”
The disjointed, cumbersome methodology that has been available up to this point is now officially outdated.
Ditch the typewriter. Pick up a computer. Pick up Pivot.
Now that you have a sense of the oasis we’ve built for agencies let’s dive in.
Onboarding new PPC accounts is complex, especially when migrating or launching multiple accounts at the same time.
Normally, you’d have to keep track of various tools and documents, including an intake form, a to-do worksheet, and an online invoicing system, to name a few. Layered on top of this juggling act are multiple searches through multiple inboxes.
Thanks to Pivot, you can kiss those days goodbye, or at least offer a handshake before you drive away very fast.
Onboarding PPC accounts has never been simpler.
We’ve converged and streamlined these processes into one centralized experience.
With Pivot, you can easily onboard new clients using the smartest onboarding wizard and dynamically generated intake briefs that exist to date.
Simply navigate to Pivot’s forms section, where you can initiate various requests, open the onboarding wizard, finalize the pre-populated intake brief, and you’re done!
Our favorite part: the questions will dynamically morph based on your input to provide you with a seamless experience.
You’ll also be able to instantly see invoices as well as any payments you’ve made.
Gain peace of mind knowing that your team will never miss an onboarding task again.
Pivot’s task management section allows you to greatly reduce room for error during one of the most sensitive stages of service.
The “Tasks” feature in Pivot was designed with the understanding that onboarding is the first impression you’ll make with your clients.
It is not hyperbole to suggest I could write an entire blog post on this feature alone.
si2_tasks-feature-61fad3bb3f2e5-sej - Globe Boss
Screenshot from Pivot, February 2022
The entire onboarding process has been broken down into nearly 40 bitesize tasks for total transparency and ultimate clarity.
With Pivot, you’ll have pinpoint accuracy on where each of your accounts is at any given time, in real-time.
Complete Task Details, All In One Place – Reduce The Number Of Tools In Your Stack
Every task contains a description, contingent tasks, properties, and successor items.
If that wasn’t cool enough, you can instantly transport yourself into the chat thread specifically related to the task in question with one click.
That’s right, chat threads down to the actual task, not just the account.
This is unheard of in other portals, especially when you consider that we’re talking about the same interface where you can also manage and access items related to every other critical area of the client journey.
You will not find onboarding at this caliber anywhere else.
si3_threads-feature-61fad3faf2ae6-sej - Globe Boss
Screenshot from Pivot, January 2022
If you survey dissatisfied clients, you will find poor communication near the top of the list.
This is why Pivot makes this crucial area of relationships simple through high-accessibility and cutting-edge features that make emails obsolete.
Clients can easily see the status of their projects.
You can easily communicate with clients.
In addition to instant, granular access to threads at the task level, you’ll find an entire section where previous and existing messages are populated.
These threads display all the high-level details you’d want to see without needing to open them.
Pivot also supplies you with a breakdown of your primary points of contact, their roles, and the option to schedule a meeting on the spot without ever leaving the portal.
si4_oxbird-contacts-61fad44a7e7d4-sej - Globe Boss
Screenshot from Pivot, January 2022
Additionally, Pivot makes it easy to:
Each feature is intentional and necessary for strategically reducing opportunity cost.
You can see that Pivot is much more than just a portal.
Pivot is also a tool that helps generate more business.
With Pivot’s automation, you can spend less time compiling pitches and more time pitching.
With a few clicks, you can:
Ready. Set. Go!
si5_ppc-calculator-feature-61fad47eab97e-sej - Globe Boss
Screenshot from Pivot, January 2022
Imagine projecting ROAS on the fly during a sales call and attaching an image like the one above into a follow-up email or proposal.
Pivot empowers you with this capability for both paid search and paid social.
With built-in strategic questions, this feature works wonders for the dynamic of a discovery call.
Automatically inject a consultative touch into your meeting, set a proper precedent, and accurately qualify potential clients.
Enter in the data, and let Pivot do the work.
si6_custom-case-study-feature-61fad4cb4d56f-sej - Globe Boss
Screencast from Pivot, January 2022
Pivot has every base covered.
Pivot supplies your prospect with bonafide marketing material branded with your logo.
Not only are you able to generate these within seconds, but you’re also able to do so while never leaving the interface.
The same holds true for downloading market analyses, and the process is nearly identical.
Beefing up your sales cycle has never been easier.
If this were an ebook, I’d happily share more, but I trust you get the idea.
If your agency manages multiple accounts and PPC is not your core competency, white-labeling has never made more sense.
Pivot is taking opportunity cost to the cleaners by combining US-based talent and optimized communication with its innovation.
The vision for “service as a software” has paved the way for white-label PPC to have a turnkey solution.
We’ve pursued this so agencies like yours can scale more effectively as you stay focused on your areas of expertise.
Schedule a discovery call with our Growth Manager today to learn more about how we can help you take your digital marketing firm to the next level.
Stay focused.
The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.


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