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What is an SEO Audit

It is a process of evaluating a website to see how search engine friendly the site is. The main goal of an audit is to help you optimise a website so that it can achieve higher Google rankings. .

Audits can help you identify and discover things

That could be holding your website back from the first page of Google

As a result, SEO audits are a key cog in any SEO campaign.

What is seo metrics and how do you use it to measure SEO success

SEO metrics are data points or indicators you should track and monitor to measure performance and keep a healthy, optimized website.

Key Metrics to Check When Running a Local SEO Audit

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Without a consistent flow of new and qualified users visiting your website, you won’t be able to grow your business continuously. This is a crucial aspect for every brand, even if you’ve been in the market for a while and have an established base of loyal clients.

Keyword Rankings

August 31, 2021 
We all assumed this was coming. While we can pin headlines, it’s not that bad.
Dynamic Keyword rankings are indeed considered one of the most important SEO metrics. It’s also true that Google incorporates plenty of factors to deliver the best search results, which makes tracking a brand’s organic ranking rather challenging.

Conversions for organic traffic

The growth in organic search traffic doesn’t focus on the quality of the traffic per se. But checking the organic conversions metric from the traffic does. Make sure to include this metric in your local SEO audit to confirm whether your efforts are effective..

Visibility of your local listings

To run a successful local SEO audit one must learn how easy it is for your local searchers to find you online. Be sure to check two different metrics, namely local Globe Boss's proven processes to receive more web traffic, customers, and profits. Outrank even your toughest competitors in Google Map Rankings and Google My Business.

User experience and engagement

This would affect your SEO as much as the quality of your pages and links. If you notice that the bounce rate on your pages is increasing, the chances are that the XML / News . Digital Journal is not responsible for the content you provide is not useful, meaningful or informative enough for your target audience.

Technical SEO errors

The primary SEO focus should be the content you put out. That said, you must target the right keywords, optimize your pages for those keywords, post valuable and unique content that uses relevant anchors and interlink the content naturally and logically.

Organic and other traffic

While this may not be the most important metric for your local SEO audit, it’s extremely useful if you’re looking to boost your reach through SEO more than by using paid ads, Social Media is a very important way of acquisition..

What is the purpose of an SEO Audit

The purpose of the audit is to identify as many foundational issues affecting organic search performance, running an audit helps you to analyse the technical infrastructure of your website, the on-page elements and off-page essentials.  

How does SEO Audits work

To optimise Search Engine visibility, usability and conversion. An audit needs to be performed regularly in order to ensure long-term success of your smallest business to interact with the wider world. Social media allows you to create a dynamic online presence. .
To understand how audits work, we need to take one step back and understand how Google works at a core level. So for those who don't know, Google has a crawler that you could call a spider. And what it does is it goes out there across the whole wide web and it finds web pages, which of course there are trillions and trillions of different web pages out there.
Now, once it finds those web pages, it separates them into free different categories, which are; known pages, crawled pages, and indexed pages. 

Google web spiders and crawlers

Known pages are pages that Google knows about, Crawled pages are pages that Google spider has actually gone onto and crawled. So it's got all the information about that page and all the code details. Index pages is the pages that Google has crawled and decided to add to the index - allowing users to find them On Google Search results.

How often should you do an SEO audit

if you don't carry out an audit from the start, then all the SEO work you're going to be performing on your website won't be as effective as it could be. It's kind of like when you build a house on a weak foundation. Eventually, it's all going to come tumbling down. 
SEO Audit Agency

How much does an SEO audit cost?

The cost of a technical SEO site audit typically starts at around €g2,000, but this depends on how deep or complex your business wants to go. Depending on depth and size, it can range anywhere from €2,000 all the way up to €25,000.

Is an SEO audit worth it?

Yes indeed - Depending on the site, several in-depth audits could take hundreds of hours. But they can be worth it for competitive organic search rankings.

What is the best SEO audit Tool?

Best SEO Audit Tools in 2022
* Google Search Console.
* GTmetrix.
* Screaming Frog.
* Page Modified.
* SEMrush Site Audit.
* Ahrefs Site Audit Tool.
* SERPstat
* DeepCrawl.

What is an SEO Audit Agency

An SEO audit Agency is a business that offers professional SEO services - they evaluate your website's SEO which includes your technical, off-page, and on-page SEO and provide recommendations for improving your website's rankings.

What does a Digital Marketing Agency do

A Digital Marketing Agency is a resource that provides a wide variety of marketing services.

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What is SEO digital MARKETING
SEO in Digital Marketing is the process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial, ads, off - Page and on page techniques and natural search results on the search engines.  It is an activity that improves search engine rankings and visibility - SEO is a type of quality control for websites and your online presence.
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