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Agile SEO Strategy

How does Agile SEO this work

It involves incremental iteration. Break complex, overarching projects down into small, frequent changes. Agile SEO is the optimal way for SEO to be performed in house with or without some external support.

Agile SEO helps the world’s businesses:

Accelerate organic traffic

Generate quality leads via paid advertising

Have a higher ROI

Agile SEO Things to

What is Agile SEO

The word Agile means to move quickly, efficiently and effectively. However in this case agile SEO can be defined as a method or process of performing SEO that is quick, efficient, and effective.

In any type of agile development, including agile SEO, the method or process must be repetitive. It provides a faster, simpler approach to deliver more organic traffic and ROI.

Agile SEO Things to

Moving from Strategy To Action

It’s important to note that agile SEO can have different steps and methods, so some companies may vary on how they execute agile SEO. That important thing is that the process is agile.

7 step agile SEO cycle

  1. Discover – Determine the purpose, Identify primary and secondary conversion points, events, and metrics that you define as success. Every business has different goals

2. Analyse – Perform manual and automated SEO audits. Look thoroughly at their analytics and any other marketing software they may have installed – get to know the site.

3. Strategize – Develop your short term and long term plan. What needs to be done to the site and landing pages to better optimize them? Determine how you are going to grow the site’s authority. Identify ways you are going to earn links and shares. Make checklists for every single detail you plan on executing.

5 Measure – Understand the impact of the SEO campaign. Most importantly look for value. Never underestimate the value of any metric. Something small to you could mean the world to your client.

4. Execute – Executing the SEO strategy laid out in the previous step. Follow the plan and use the checklist so nothing slips through the cracks.

6. Report – Clearly communicate the impact of your SEO in a simple but effective manner. Most importantly, don’t forget to communicate the value you found in the previous step.

7 Adjust – “The only constant thing about SEO is that it is not constant.” You need to identify the weaknesses of your campaign and make strategic adjustments to improve them. You also need to identify the successes of your SEO campaign and build on them.

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Agile SEO Framework: Building a Continuous Improvement

SEO requires ongoing time and effort that you need to measure and improve upon overtime. 

Agile methods are great for SEO - SEO relies on a constantly-shifting set of parameters, between changing search algorithms, intense competition, and the relentless geyser of new content. Adopting Agile methods allows digital marketers to keep pace with these shifting problems.

Agile SEO digital marketing strategy has the potential to consistently ensure a business’s website gets the attention it deserves. 

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