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SEO Tools for On-page SEO | – HTML Goodies

Do you want your website to rank high in the search engines so you can gain ultimate visibility and visitors to expand your reach? We will show you how to achieve that goal by using some of the best on-page SEO (search engine optimization) tools on the market.
On-page SEO is the process of optimizing the individual pages that make up your website so you can land higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs), attract more traffic, get high-quality visitors, and increase conversions.
As the name suggests, on-page SEO focuses on elements on your site that you can control directly, such as content or HTML source code. On the flip side, off-page SEO concentrates on elements outside of your site, such as social media mentions, guest blogging, or backlinks.
The use of on-page SEO is essential to not only landing higher up in the rankings to expand your reach, but also to keep up with Google’s constant algorithm updates so you do not fall behind your competitors. If your on-page SEO is up to snuff, you can help Google better understand your pages’ content and relevancy, which can result in a more crawlable site and better placement in the SERPs.
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A solid on-page SEO strategy involves optimizing several elements on each page of your site. Although it may seem time-consuming, optimizing these elements on every page can yield significant rewards when it comes to your ranking. On-page elements include:
As you can see in the list above, there are several elements to on-page SEO. What can make it easier to optimize them all so you can see the website rankings you desire? On-page SEO tools, such as the ones listed below.
Semrush is a popular tool that has several features to help with on-page SEO. It is an on-page SEO checker that can help spot any of your website’s weaknesses by comparing your pages to competitors for your top keywords. Not only will Semrush pinpoint those weaknesses, but it will also give you actionable suggestions on how to improve via content, user experience, and other on-page SEO elements.
SEMRush-Interface - Globe Boss SEMRush-Interface - Globe Boss
The tool’s site audit feature will scan your website for over 130 standard SEO and technical errors. By telling you where you fall short in terms of internal linking, performance, crawlability, etc., you can make those on-site fixes to make your pages more Google-friendly.
Semrush also has a log file analyzer that takes a deep dive into your access logs to see how a Google crawler interacts with your site. Once finished, you will know which navigational and structural issues need to be fixed to get your ranking where it should be.
Other ways in which Semrush can help with your on-page SEO include keyword research tools, content auditing, an SEO content template and writing assistant, and more.
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Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO solution that can help you rank higher and get more traffic without being an optimization expert. In terms of on-page SEO, Ahrefs offers several features to ensure yours is on-point.
Ahrefs-SEO-Tool - Globe Boss Ahrefs-SEO-Tool - Globe Boss
For starters, you can use the site audit to stop guessing what is wrong and see actionable steps on how to fix any SEO shortcomings. Site audit will crawl all of your site’s pages to give you an overall SEO score, flag any issues, and give you suggestions on how to fix them.
While the site audit feature is fast, it produces extensive data to help you visualize your site’s on-page SEO via printable reports and colored charts. Use this feature to check for problems related to performance, such as slow pages or oversized HTML, content quality, such as duplicate pages or low word counts, resources, such as JavaScript or image problems, HTML tags, such as missing H1 tags or meta descriptions, and more. Since site audit checks over 100 pre-defined SEO issues, nothing major should slip through the cracks.
Beyond the site audit, Ahrefs can also offer on-page SEO help through its keywords explorer, content explorer, and more. You can also read our Review of Ahrefs for more insight into this SEO tool.
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Marketmuse is a tool that focuses on one very essential element of on-page SEO: content. It can help you produce the most SEO-friendly content while also increasing your publication tempo so you can fill your site with words that will attract visitors. Regardless of the topic, Marketmuse will make recommendations on how to write the best content for Google’s – and your audience’s – eyes.
MarketMuse-SEO-Tool-Content - Globe Boss MarketMuse-SEO-Tool-Content - Globe Boss
Use Marketmuse to audit your existing content for quality and authority. Find topics that offer the highest ROI and potential traffic bump. Get suggested subheadings, word counts, and more so you can ensure that the content element of your on-page SEO is top-notch.
You can learn more about MarketMuse by reading our Marketmuse SEO Software Review.
Would you like to see your site ranked higher in the SERPs within three weeks? Zyppy is a tool that claims it can help you achieve that goal thanks to its host of on-page SEO features.
Zyppy-seo-tool - Globe Boss Zyppy-seo-tool - Globe Boss
Zyppy can assist you with optimizing your titles that both Google and search engine users will love. This can help you enjoy higher rankings and more clicks, so you get more eyes on your pages.
The software can track title changes and measure organic clicks to help you pick the best titles for maximum traffic. Zyppy can publish new titles instantly from its dashboard via Cloudflare or WordPress integration, so you do not have to switch between your CMS and other tools. And once your title is published, Zyppy can ensure that Google crawls and discovers it as quickly as possible by creating a dynamic sitemap of your altered URLs and submitting it straight to your Google Search Console.
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You get a ton of on-page SEO tools from Moz that can help expand your online reach. It has a site crawl feature that will go through your site to find any technical problems and offer suggestions on fixing them. It can audit your content to see what is lacking and give you recommendations to boost your rankings. Moz also has a keyword research tool so you can understand search intent and find the best keyword opportunities that will result in the most traffic and conversions.
Moz-Pro-SEO-Tools-1 - Globe Boss Moz-Pro-SEO-Tools-1 - Globe Boss
As you can tell by its name, Spyfu is an on and off-page SEO tool that helps you spy on your top competitors. Spyfu lets you search any competitor’s domain to see a 15-year history that includes every organic rank, each keyword they purchased on Google Ads, every ad variation, and more. By helping you see what your competitors are doing successfully in terms of keywords, content, and more, you can take a similar approach to see results without having to reinvent the wheel.
spyfu-seo-tool - Globe Boss spyfu-seo-tool - Globe Boss
Screaming Frog is an agency that developed the SEO Spider tool. With it, you get comprehensive auditing that can help you pinpoint a ton of on-page SEO issues, including:
SEO-Tool-Header-Checker - Globe Boss SEO-Tool-Header-Checker - Globe Boss
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