Short or Long Tail Keywords

How to Research Keywords for Your SEO Strategy

Short tail vs long-tail keywords

Short tail keywords are much more general search queries that consist of one or two words whilst long-tail keywords consist of three to five or even more words…
Short tail keyword is a lot broader and can cover a lot more things. The long-tail keyword is more
targeted and more narrowed down which as a result converts much better than short-tail keywords.
Long-tail keywords are much easier to rank for in Google as they have less competition than short-tail keywords. But do bear in mind that if you do own a holiday package website, you should be targeting holiday packages in general anyway.

Keyword Reserach Tools

These tools are a must have in your research strategy and can be divided into sections - premium and free tools. Free tools like the adwords - keyword planner, this tool gives you two different options. Option one is to
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Link building? Backlinks? keywords and option two is to Get search volume and forecast. SEMRUSH a premium tool is the best, it features a whole load of SEO techniques and a great tool.

Find Out What Keywords Your Website Already Appears For

When it comes to keyword research, one of the best places to start is to find out what keywords your website already appears for in Globe Boss's proven processes to receive more web traffic, customers, and profits. Outrank even your toughest competitors in Google. These are keywords that Google already deems relevant to your website and then further optimize our website a little bit better for these specific keywords.

Keyword Difficulty

Working out how difficult it will be to get your website to rank for phrases on page 1 of Google is is referred to as keyword difficulty analysis, which is essentially where we figure out just how difficult it's going to be to rank for a specific keyword.. By searching for a keyword and analysing data such as PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) of sites on page 1 and also keywords for which they rank and doing the magic. Get in Touch With us today

What keywords are my Competitors Ranking For

Reverse engineering the competition to see all of the keywords your competitors are targeting. This is a really effective method to do keyword research as essentially the websites you are competing with are rivals and finding out what they are doing to put them on page one is a must. So all we need to do is look at all the keywords they're targeting and then simply cherry-pick the ones which are relevant to your business.

What is keyword in SEO with example?

A business that sells or provides Facebook Bans Anti-Vaccine Ads on the Platform     
Also, products and services on their website i.e sells holiday packages. One of the main keywords you would target would be holiday packages as that's the main thing you offer on your website.


Once you know what keywords you want to target, you can then optimise your website to increase your online visibility for those searches. 
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Understanding keyword intent

Keyword intent, sometimes known as search intent, represents a user's purpose for the search. For example, if someone goes into Google and types in, "Are holiday packages worth the money?.
We can tell straight away that this person isn't actually sure whether they need holiday packages or not as the search phrase says, "Are holiday packages worth the money?. - from this keyword intent, we get two things.

Conversion intent

We can deduce that the person knows about holiday packages but that they're not sure whether they need holiday packages. 
Keywords such as buy holiday packages to Spain tend to give a clearer intent. A searcher who types buy holiday packages to Spain  has indicated that they need package holidays. And they've gone even further in describing the type of package holiday they need which is holiday packages to Spain.  

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