Somebody put a Raspberry Pi inside a G5 iMac because why the heck not? – iMore

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Somebody put a Raspberry Pi inside a G5 iMac because why the heck not? – iMore

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PimacSource: PJ Evans
PJ Evans, writer at the official Raspberry magazine MagPi, has brought a G5 iMac back to life by sticking a Raspberry Pi inside it.
As reported by our friends at Tom’s Hardware:
Today we’re excited to add another Apple Pi creation to our list of projects—PJ Evans, a writer for the official Raspberry Pi magazine MagPi, has created what he calls the PiMac. This rig features a Raspberry Pi inside of a 2004 – 2006 era iMac G5 case.
My piMac project edges towards completion. Power button, sound and camera all working.
Speaking on Twitter, Evans said that his creation, which he calls the ‘piMac’ (get it?) features a working power button, sound, and original camera, and uses the device’s original Samsung display panel thanks to a controller unit he picked up on eBay for forty bucks.
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There are actually a bunch of cool uses you can find for using a Raspberry Pi as an Apple user, including these 7 great Raspberry Pi projects using iPhone and iPad, which include using one as a relay for Philips Hue Lights, as a Siri-enabled temperature sensor, through an iPad using the device as a monitor, and even to enable an Amazon Echo to work with Siri.
We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.
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