Sting health: Police singer shares easy 'ancient' exercises to keep fit – Daily Express

Sting health: Police singer shares easy 'ancient' exercises to keep fit – Daily Express

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Earlier this year, Sting, whose real name is Gordon Sumner, stunned fans as he released brand-new music from his latest album The Bridge. Then in another public appearance, on ITV’s Lorraine, even host Lorraine Kelly commented on the star’s youthful appearance. “You look great,” she said. The Scottish presenter then asked the all-important question: “What is it down to?”
“Vanity… and a bit of discipline,” the Police frontman replied with a smile, before continuing on to address his commitment to the art of yoga and meditation.
Sting added: “Everything becomes yoga after a while.”
In addition to yoga, the singer explained his daily routine consisted of swimming as well as walking.
He simply summed up his active lifestyle in a sentence saying: “I swim every day. I like to walk. And I sing.”
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Sting: health
His brief appearance on the early morning ITV chat show was not the only glimpse fans got into the life of the star.
Embracing the newest form of social media, TikTok, Sting uploaded a video showcasing his rock-hard abs.
In a video to his 124,000 followers Sting was seen lying on the floor on his back, in a “perpetual crunch” position.
Encouraging fans to do the same with a “you can do it!” emoticon, the singer said that he was “getting [his] tummy nice and hard”.

Despite his age, the singer made the exercise look more than easy, even jovely asking the camera: “Do you like my boots?”
The narrator within the video described the position as a plank, but in a crunch position. According to PureGym, a plank position is where you lay on the floor with your elbows under your shoulders, hands flat on the floor and your core engaged.
The aim of the exercise is to hold the position for as long as possible. Therefore, the same idea applies for Sting’s exercise, something he most likely finds much easier due to his regular yoga workouts.
The NHS explains that yoga is a form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Sting: health
Originating in India, the series of yoga postures are aimed to increase strength, breathing, balance and flexibility.
Sadly for some however, the NHS goes on to explain that most forms of yoga do not count towards the 75 minutes of vigorous or 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity that they suggest to do in a week.
Moderate intensity activities include the following:
Whereas more vigorous activity includes:
Martial arts.

Sting: health
Yoga is defined as more of a strengthening exercise, which is still important to remain fit and healthy as you age.
John Hopkins Medicine added that yoga has various other health benefits including easing arthritis symptoms, promoting heart health, and can help you to sleep better.
For Sting, health is also important as he lost one of his closest friends, and tour manager Billy Francis at the age of 73.
In a heartfelt dedication to his friend and colleague Sting said: “I couldn’t have had a better teacher, big brother, protector, mentor, confidant, or companion for life than you my friend. Know this, I’ll be with you until kingdom come, until that great cosmic gig in the sky, the gig to end all gigs.”

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