Suzy Cato is creating lockdown 'study snacks' on TikTok –

Suzy Cato is creating lockdown 'study snacks' on TikTok –

When New Zealand was thrust into another lockdown Suzy Cato started thinking about what content she could create.
She noticed Instagram and Facebook getting busy, and said she hadn’t done any TikTok videos since the last lockdown, when she did dancing videos with her 16-year-old daughter, Riley.
“I said to my daughter ‘I wonder if I should break out another dance’.”
But Riley suggested they do something different, which was when they came up with the idea of creating “study snacks” on TikTok.
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So far they have made five recipe videos, including crumble porridge, fried rice, and quinoa slice, which have been a hit, with her garlic bread recipe viewed more than 311,000 times.
Cato, who has reprised her popular TV home learning show during the current heightened Covid restrictions, said the recipes were ones that had been in her family for generations and were made with really easy things to find.
The most challenging part?
“The editing is quite hard.
“You have to get your angles right for the camera.”
Her daughter had been helping her make them, and she said some recipes coming up were ones she had suggested, so she made them and Cato filmed.
In the pipeline were a few potato-based recipes and a really decadent sweet treat, she said.
“They are all recipes we use all the time.
“We are looking at some other bits and pieces too.”
For people tackling her recipes for the first time, she suggested they start with the first video – breadcase savouries.
Cato said a lot of people had been giving her feedback on her voice and asking her to narrate more.
So she is bringing back her bedtime reading, where she reads a book on Instagram Live.
“They have that memory of my voice all those years ago and still love it.”
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