The 3 Components of Success in a Holistic SEO Plan – Entrepreneur

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The 3 Components of Success in a Holistic SEO Plan – Entrepreneur

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There’s no SEO silver bullet; everything is interconnected – from design to UX to content – but there are key aspects of an enduring and holistic plan.
If there’s one piece of advice that business owners should follow to win at search engine optimization, it’s this: Stop putting it in a box. More often than not, people assume that ranking in searches only involves simply researching keywords and building links. And yes, they matter, but are just parts of a larger equation, and certainly shouldn’t be your only focus. Ranking higher in Google and attracting qualified and enduring traffic require a mindset shift. This is where holistic SEO comes in. 
The term, broadly, refers to improving every aspect of a website rather than focusing on one, or just a few. Getting all the key elements of SEO correctly not only boosts your brand’s organic search visibility, it also keeps visitors happy and makes them want to do business with you. In order to understand holistic SEO, a business owner should remember Google’s approach with searches, which is to help people access the best information and present it in the most useful way. Therefore, a holistic plan include three tasks: content design, user experience (UX) and semantic structure. 
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It’s no secret that visual content increases the value of a website for users, but when left unoptimized, it can slow down its performance. Here are a few factors to consider:
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Usually referred to as UX, this is a visitor’s perception of a site. If they’re able to find what they’re looking for and meet goals (like making a purchase), this translates to better rankings. Fortunately, there are metrics you can track to determine the quality of these experiences. They include:
When it comes to creating content for an audience, it’s easy to miss the meaning behind queries; you might, for example, optimize only for keywords without considering a user’s search path or intent. Understanding why and how people search for what they do and how to optimize for it, a site’s semantic structure will enable you to create better content. 
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Here are some SEO plan tips:
Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and over-optimization. Take content design, user experience and semantic structure into account to create a well-rounded SEO strategy and search engine visibility that lasts. Include the tips discussed above on your holistic SEO checklist, and most importantly, do research. SEO takes a lot of work, but it also boils down to more profitability, and making the web a better place. 
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