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The 6 Best Productivity Tools for Bloggers – MakeUseOf

Looking for the best productivity tools for blogging? Here are the tools you need.
In the world of blogging, being productive all the time is essential. Things can get hectic when you manage everything manually, from assigning topics to your writers to monitoring your SEO. If you are struggling to keep up with your responsibilities, many online tools can help.
We have compiled an extensive list of tools to help you manage your team's work hours, set financial goals for your business, better manage your passwords, stay on top of news relevant to your niche, and more.
If you're a full-time blogger, you may have a team of SEO experts, writers, graphic designers, and web designers. When a team grows, it becomes harder to hold everyone accountable by asking what each one of them did during the day, week, or month. Toggl Track is an excellent tool for tracking the time of your team.
Your team members can keep a note of all the activities they completed during their workday, along with the time each activity took. They can quickly convert that report into an invoice and send it to you at the end of the week or before their next payday.
Then you can look at how they have spent their time in the office. If you look at each activity with its allocated time, you can quickly determine how productive each one is. By doing so, you can distinguish between workaholics and slothful. With it, you can easily assign specific types of work to team members who take less time to complete them.
It also helps your team stay organized and keep track of how efficiently they are doing their work. The fear of being held accountable will surely make your team more productive. Give Toggl Track a try if you don't use any time tracking tool.
For a blogger, one of the most challenging tasks is to remember the login information for all the various tools they use every day, including keyword research tools, hosting accounts, analytics tools, social platforms, backlinking panels, and so on.
That's where LastPass comes in. One of the best password managers, it saves all your passwords and protects your login credentials from hacker infiltration. Using the Dark web monitoring feature, you'll be alerted in advance when your personal information is at risk.
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You only need to save the password once; LastPass will store it for centuries. Additionally, you can use its strong password generator while signing up for a new blogging service. Also, it makes it easy for you to share data securely and effortlessly with your newly hired manager when you need to share the login credentials.
The free plan of LastPass can only save data on one device, but you can access it across multiple devices when you subscribe to its premium plan at $3 per month.
Asana is a web-based management system that helps teams across the globe stay organized and improve their workflow. It allows bloggers to keep an eye on how their team is performing and to manage their entire workflow in the same place.
It allows you to set up a simple board interface where your writers can suggest topics for your blog that your editors can quickly approve. Then, you can track how long it took them to finish that topic and when it went live.
Through a simple board interface, you can track how efficiently your SEO team creates new topics, how quickly your editors are approving and editing pitches, and which of your writers are becoming lazy or taking longer than expected to complete tasks.
With Asana, you'll be amazed at how smooth your workflow can be with so little effort.
A new blogging project starts with some goals and plans. You might set a target for uploading a certain number of articles, earning a certain number of backlinks, or hitting a particular financial goal on your blog. A tool like Lifetick can help you keep everything in check.
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Using Lifetick's intuitive interface, you can define a specific goal and stay organized. As you accomplish subtasks while achieving your main goal, you can document your journey, track which areas need improvement, and at the end of the given period, get a detailed report that shows how well you and your team did.
In addition to allowing you to set your own goals, the software makes it possible to share goals with your entire team. It is possible to make the whole plan in advance and assign different roles to the team members.
In Asana, you can do the same, but Lifetick makes it so much easier to set and achieve goals. Check it out!
Google alerts can be a helpful tool for filtering new content ideas for your audience. This is a simple tool from Google that lets you set up an alert for something. The alert can be about a new gadget coming to the market, a new version of any operating system, or a well-known footballer who is always making headlines.
Simply enter a keyword and add an email address where you want to be notified when news is released concerning that topic. It's a convenient filter for bloggers who run news-based websites where every second counts.
There are many internal communication tools, and everyone has their preferences, but Slack is one of the best workplace messaging options for small businesses.
You can use it to create channels for each website's categories, and let your editors make separate chat groups for your writers to share feedback. Your colleagues are all within a single Slack search. Also, just one joining request can help your new hires get settled.
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Slack's new integrations with tools like Asana, Outlook, Twitter, etc., make it easier than ever to manage everything without leaving Slack's workplace. It eliminates the need to switch from one app to another to stay productive.
With the tools on the list, you should be able to keep your blog in check and improve your communication with your team. The more efficient your workflow, the faster you can expand your business, which is why the tools listed above can assist you.
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Shan Abdul is an engineering graduate. After completing his graduation and MS, he has started his career as a freelance writer. He writes about using different tools and software to help people to be more productive as a student or professional. In his spare time, he loves to watch Youtube videos on productivity.
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