The Best Campaign Management Software for Marketing Professionals – Solutions Review

The Best Campaign Management Software for Marketing Professionals – Solutions Review

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The editors at Solutions Review have compiled a list to spotlight some of the best campaign management software that marketing professionals should consider working with. Solutions Review participates in affiliate programs and may make a small commission from products purchased through this resource.
No matter the industry, the market, or size, every business can benefit from a full-featured campaign management software solution. These tools can help marketing teams develop, optimize, launch, and maintain their marketing campaigns. The best campaign management software reduces human errors and streamlines the campaign creation and management processes. While campaign management is often a feature in a CRM or other marketing platform, they are also available as standalone products.
However, choosing the best campaign management solution can be a complicated process, which is why our editors have compiled the following list to help your company get familiar with some of the best campaign management software in the marketplace. Our editors selected the companies below based on their specific service offering, experience, market share, and general customer satisfaction. The list is in alphabetical order.

Product: ActiveCampaign

The platform is available in four pricing models (Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise) that offer different features for various business needs. Each model can be paid on a monthly or yearly basis. The Lite plan starts at $15/month, Plus at $70/month, Professional at $159/month, and Enterprise at $279/month, with each edition’s cost fluctuating based on the number of contacts in the system.
Description: ActiveCampaign provides businesses across industries with a customer experience automation (CXA) platform to automate and customize their marketing efforts. The platform is outfitted with email marketing capabilities, marketing automation, and CRM tools to help users create experiences that attract, convert, and retain customers. Its campaign management features enable marketers to send one-time email campaigns to anyone in their database, capture audience location, track the success of their campaigns across social platforms, create memorable campaigns with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email designer, and more.

Product: Campaign Monitor
Pricing: Campaign Monitor is available in three editions (Basic, Unlimited, and Premier) with different tools and features. Each edition fluctuates in cost based on the number of contacts in a company’s database. For example, if a company has 500 contacts, the Basic plan will start at $9/month, Unlimited at $29/month, and Premier at $149/month.
Description: Campaign Monitor, a CM Group company, is an email marketing platform outfitted with a suite of email templates, segmentation tools, personalization features, marketing automation, a visual journey designer, analytics capabilities, pre-built apps, integrations, sign-up forms, and more. With the platform’s drag-and-drop campaign creator tools, marketing teams can build, launch, measure, and manage branded email campaigns that resonate with audiences, improve engagement, and boost revenue.

Product: Constant Contact
Price: Available in two pricing models (Email and Email Plus) that offer different features. Both plans use a tiered pricing structure that increases based on the number of contacts. The Email plan starts at $20/month with up to 500 contacts. Email Plus starts at $45/month, and anyone with the standard solution will be automatically updated to Plus after surpassing 10,000 contacts.
Description: Constant Contact works with small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals across various industries by providing them with the marketing tools they need to build their brand, attract customers, and improve their online business. The company specializes in social and email marketing services, so its campaign management functionalities are centered around those solutions. Specific campaign capabilities include easy-to-use email campaign editor tools, social campaign tracking metrics, contact segmentation, drip campaigns, and more.

Product: Drip
Price: Available on a flexible monthly pricing plan that changes based on the number of contacts in your list. The lowest pricing plan is $19/month and includes unlimited emails sent to a contact list of 1-500 people.
Description: Drip is an email and SMS marketing solution tailored to the needs of growing e-commerce brands. With Drip, e-commerce retailers can gather and organize customer data and use it to develop personalized omnichannel customer journeys at scale. Its campaign management functionalities include a suite of tools capable of running sophisticated multi-channel marketing campaigns optimized to drive sales and conversions. The tools Drip offers can be used with zero coding skills, too, so anyone on a marketing team can use them to create automated campaigns across SMS, social media, email, and onsite pop-ups.

Product: Freshsales
Pricing: The Freshsales Suite is available in four editions (Free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise) so companies can select the version that best suits their needs. The Free edition allows for 100 marketing contacts, and the remaining editions allow for 1,000, with room for more via the purchase of the Marketing Contact add-on. The Growth model starts at $15/month, Pro at $39/month, and Enterprise at $69/month. They are all billed annually, but monthly versions are also available with a slight uptick in cost.
Description: Freshsales is a sales and marketing CRM solution offered alongside other Freshworks products, including Freshdesk, Freshservice, Freshteam, and Freshmarketer. With Freshsales Suite, users will have access to landing page creation tools, AI-powered chatbots, email campaigns, dynamic forecasting capabilities, AI-based deal insights, campaign analytics, targeted campaigns, and integrations with leading applications like Gmail, PayPal, Slack, Zapier, and more. Other campaign management tools include email and chat campaigns that use automated triggers, actions, and conditions to nurture prospects down the sales funnel.

Product: HubSpot Marketing
Price: Available in four editions, each with different monthly costs. HubSpot Free is available at $0/month, Starter at $45/month, Professional at $800/month, and Enterprise at $3,200/month.
Description: HubSpot offers various capabilities centered around marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations. The company is one of the leading CRM and marketing platforms on the market, as users can easily customize the suite of accessible services it offers. With HubSpot Marketing Hub, users can build, manage, and track personalized, automated inbound marketing and social media marketing campaigns from a single platform. HubSpot Marketing Hub is available at multiple price points, including a free option, so companies of all sizes can use the tools they need to improve their campaign management efforts.

Product: Workflow Studio
Pricing: Iterable uses a subscription-based pricing model based on the number of users and messages sent on the platform. Specific prices and estimates are available upon request.
Description: Iterable is a cross-channel marketing platform emphasizing unified customer experiences and optimized, measurable customer interactions. The platform helps marketers create, optimize, and measure customer interactions and feedback and use that data to improve customer relationships. With Iterable’s Workflow Studio product, marketers will have access to a drag-and-drop campaign creator, optimize campaigns to engage customers throughout their sales journey, and measure campaign effectiveness with a suite of reporting tools. Other features include multi-channel message automation, advanced segmentation tools, a collection of integration functionalities, and more.

Product: Mailerlite
Pricing: MailerLite offers two editions of its software (Free and Premium) with a fluctuating pricing system based on the number of subscribers a company has. The Free version supports up to 1,000 subscribers, and the Premium version starts at $10/month with options for add-ons that expand the software with more tools.
Description: MailerLite is an email marketing software designed to help companies grow their subscribers and develop stronger customer relationships. The platform’s campaign management features include a drag-and-drop email editor, email marketing automation, e-commerce functionalities, landing pages, website building tools, embedded forms, subscriber management, segmentation, click maps, A/B split testing, analytics, and more. The platform also supports a collection of integrations to help users expand their functionalities even further.

Product: MARMIND Platform
Pricing: Available in three editions (Essential, Professional, and Enterprise) with varying features and costs for companies of different sizes and needs. Prices and estimates are available upon request.
Description: MARMIND provides marketing resource management (MRM) solutions designed to help marketing teams across industries create seamless workflows, improve their resource allocation, streamline departmental coordination, and make better investments. Features include marketing planning, cross-team collaboration, digital asset management, budgeting tools, AI functionalities, and campaign performance reporting. Users will also have access to MARMIND’s partner ecosystem to help companies tailor their tech stack to their needs.

Pricing: Monday offers five editions of its software (Free, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise) for companies of different sizes and needs. The Free version is for individual users, and the other versions are based on a per-user, per-month pricing model. Basic starts at $8/user, Standard at $20/user, Pro at $16/user. Enterprise pricing estimates are available upon request. Companies are billed on an annual basis.
Description: Monday is a cloud-based, scalable, and flexible project management software for companies of all sizes. Its Monday Marketing solution is equipped with campaign tracking, event planning, content calendar, social media marketing, brand marketing, email marketing, automation, high-level dashboards, customizable forms, and other functionalities to help users maximize their marketing efforts. Users will also have access to integrations with other leading marketing tools, including MailChimp, HubSpot, Facebook Ads, Hootsuite, and more.

Product: Pardot
Pricing: Available in several pricing models (Growth, Plus, Advanced, and Premium) that can be expanded with additional products. The Growth edition starts at $1,250/month, Plus at $2,500/month, Advanced at $4,000/month, and Premium at $15,000/mo. Growth, Plus, and Advanced support up to 10,000 contacts, and Premium supports up to 75,000. All editions are billed on an annual basis.
Description: Pardot is Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation solution that integrates directly with Salesforce’s CRM platform. This means Pardot users can harness all of the data in their Salesforce CRM and use it to align sales and marketing efforts, generate leads, and keep them engaged throughout the marketing and sales funnels. Companies can use the platform to create, optimize, and manage dynamic, personalized marketing campaigns that automatically generate leads and nurture them throughout the sales funnel.

Platform: SAP Marketing Cloud
Pricing: The platform is available in three editions (Standard, Professional, and Enterprise) and a Free 30-day trial offer. The Standard edition is available at $3,898/year and includes a block of 100,000 contacts. Professional and Enterprise edition prices are available upon request.
Description: SAP Marketing Cloud is a marketing and CRM solution built around account-based marketing (ABM), analytics, customer profiles, and marketing planning functionalities. These features are tailored to the needs of B2B and B2C organizations looking to create customized experiences, develop customer relationships, boost conversions, and streamline decision-making with real-time business insights. Campaign management features include collaboration tools available on a centralized platform, marketing calendars, data visualizations, and more.

Product: Smartsheet
Pricing: Smartsheet offers three primary pricing models (Pro, Business, and Enterprise). All pricing models use a monthly billing schedule based around a per-user. The Pro edition starts at $7 per user, while the Business edition starts at $25 per user.
Description: Smartsheet is an enterprise platform to help companies implement, manage, and automate business processes across departments and use cases. It offers users a flexible, no-code platform outfitted with team collaboration, intelligent workflows, content management, workflow automation, digital asset management, and other capabilities for companies across industries. Marketers can use Smartsheet’s advanced marketing and campaign management tools to coordinate, develop, execute, and report on targeted campaigns.

Product: Modern Marketing & Advertising Suite
Pricing: Sprinklr offers four product suites (Modern Research, Modern Care, Modern Marketing & Advertising, and Modern Sales & Engagement) that provide different tools and functionalities. Pricing information and estimates are available upon request.
Description: The Sprinklr Modern Marketing & Advertising suite includes products for content marketing, employee advocacy, marketing analytics, and social advertising. These products come equipped with AI-powered insights, enterprise-grade governance structures, automated workflows, a Digital Asset Manager, real-time data, risk management, and integrated campaign capabilities. Marketing teams can use Sprinklr’s content marketing to plan and develop omnichannel campaigns with a single, unified dashboard that improves collaboration and streamlines processes.

Product: Sprout Social
Pricing: The Sprout Social software is available in three versions (Standard, Professional, and Advanced) that use a per-user, per-month pricing plan that’s billed annually. The Standard edition starts at $89 per user/month, Professional at $149, and Advanced at $249.
Description: Sprout Social is an “all-in-one” social media marketing management platform for enterprises, agencies, and small businesses. The platform is outfitted with a suite of engagement, listening, analytics, and publishing tools. Its campaign management features are listed under Sprout Social’s Publishing and Schedule solution. These features include a shared content calendar, URL tracking tools, social commerce integrations, campaign performance analytics, automation capabilities, and the Sprout Campaigns system, which helps users strategize, plan, execute, and measure their marketing campaigns.

Product: Wrike
Pricing: Wrike is available in four pricing models (Free, Professional, Business, and Enterprise) that can be tailored to the needs of marketing and services delivery teams with various integrations and add-ons. The Professional plan starts at $9.80/month, while the Business plan starts at $24.80/month. Enterprise pricing is available upon request.
Description: Wrike, a Citrix company, offers an enterprise-ready, cloud-based work management platform to help enterprises improve collaboration and develop a single digital workplace for their teams. The Wrike platform has functionalities tailored to various use cases, including a software solution specifically for campaign management. This system has built-in campaign planning tools and performance insights that marketers can use to align their teams on projects and manage workflows. Other campaign management features include visual proofing, integrations, real-time data, custom workflows, and more.

Product: Zoho Campaigns
Pricing: Zoho offers three editions of its Campaigns software (an Email-Based Plan, Subscriber-Based Plan, and a Pay by Email Credits Plan, for companies that only occasionally need email marketing tools), alongside a Forever Free version that allows users to send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 contacts a month. The Email plan starts at $3/month for 500 emails and 250 contacts, while the Subscriber plan starts at $4.50/month for 500 contacts and offers unlimited emails.
Description: Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing solution from Zoho’s suite of business application products. The Campaigns platform is equipped with contact management, automation, email template builder, sign-up forms, and campaign management features to help marketers create and send emails that maximize engagement, build their brand’s voice, and drive sales. The campaign management functionalities enable users to approve and share content amongst team members, develop an email schedule, build and save templates, track efficiency, and more.

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