The week in review: Love Island – the one where eBay became 'trendy' –

The week in review: Love Island – the one where eBay became 'trendy' –

Unsurprisingly, Love Island dominated headlines this past week. But not for the usual reasons.
By Hannah Abdulla
Love Island, the glamorous reality TV show, with its cult following, has partnered with resale retailer eBay instead of its usual fast fashion tie-ups.
Brett Staniland, a former contestant on the show, took to media outlets to explain how contestants would previously receive bags packed full of new clothes to adorn during the televised episodes. While “fun”, it did give rise to feelings of guilt linked to all the clothing waste from the single-use items.
What is interesting to note is how quickly media outlets are responding to consumer awareness around sustainability – both environmental and social.
They are recognising today’s consumer is seeking something different and their purchases are more considered – “how can I benefit the planet by buying this item?” “Were the people that made this item treated with dignity?” These are questions increasingly being asked ahead of committing to a purchase.
The eBay partnership will have repercussions, we believe, mostly positive. Research from GlobalData notes 37.3% of under 35s have purchased resale clothing, footwear and/or accessories in 2021. Love Island’s season 7 had a reach of 3.2m viewers so the exposure is huge. Many who hadn’t considered eBay as an option to buy clothing, will see the channel offers much more than old books and furniture. And, as incomes become increasingly strained, rental and resale platforms will continue to gain traction. It is something brands and retailers must consider and respond appropriately to.
EXCLUSIVE COMMENTS: Love Island eBay partnership signifies resale ‘win’ over fast fashion
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