These are Gen-Z’s biggest office culture ‘icks’ according to TikTok – HR News

These are Gen-Z’s biggest office culture ‘icks’ according to TikTok – HR News

Posted on Oct 26, 2022

See TikTok here.
With a whopping 11.7 million views, this video from TikTok user @theintrovertedattorney on hating making work-related calls racked up 2 million likes and clearly resonated with Gen Z’s on the app.
One user commented on the video admitting “I remember my phone broke at work and I just didn’t say anything for weeks” and another referencing “the generation of phone anxiety”. 
Workplace expert and Founder of Officeology, Adam Butler says, “Making outgoing phone calls can be really daunting when you first start in a role. You might not feel confident with what to say or whether you need to address the person formally or informally. These are all normal anxieties to have in the workplace and can be tackled with plenty of practice and an open line of communication with your manager. Making your manager and coworkers aware that this is something you struggle with will allow them to support you by delegating less calls to you in the beginning, or even providing a script to read off of. ”
See TikTok here.
Gen-Z’s clearly care about their devices more than many employers might think, as this video from TikTok creator ‘Corporate Dumpster Fire’ has a huge 8.2 million views and 435.7k likes on ‘What your work laptop says about your company’
The creator suggests that if you’re provided with a Dell laptop that your company “are probably experiencing cash flow issues.” As for the Lenovo Thinkpad, your company “views you as a number and solely for your productivity”. Lastly, “if your company sends you a MacBook Pro, they probably have some extra cash to burn and are spending it unwisely.” 
Comments on the popular video also unveiled alternative laptop ‘icks’ including one woman who stated “I just started a new job and they gave me a DESKTOP, for a wfh job. I was so insulted”. Another user shared “my old company made me use my own”! 
Adam Butler says, “I wouldn’t think too deeply into the choice of laptop your company gives you as an employee. There are various reasons businesses will choose different types including factors like lightweight design for remote workers, processor types and integrated graphics for creative industries, and durability of the laptop vs how much it costs. I wouldn’t advise being put-off by a role based on the equipment you might be provided with.”
See TikTok here.
We’ve all been there. You’re sharing your screen in a meeting, or waiting for your colleagues to join a call you’re hosting, and there’s a long silence as everyone is on mute. 
According to the top liked video under #wfhpetpeeves, the most annoying thing you can do at this moment, as the host, is make non-coherent noises such as humming or whistling.
Commenting on the post, one app user said, ‘We hate awkward silences so we just start beatboxing’.
Adam Butler says, “Waiting in a meeting room whilst everyone watches you through their screens can feel a bit strange, and although there’s nothing wrong with humming or making sounds, an alternative silence filler is to strike up conversation with those in the call. Ask them about their weekend or any plans they have for the evening. Use the opportunity to catch up with your coworkers.”
See TikTok here.
“Be brief – be bright – be gone” is another TikToker’s moto. Popular TikTok user @bhills shared a video that received almost 2,000 likes when she explained her biggest working from home pet peeve on the social media platform. 
She explains that recently she’s been receiving more replies in the form of paragraphs when messaging her coworkers for quick updates. She adds, “I don’t have the time or the energy, or frankly the interest in reading paragraphs”.
The top comment on her video agrees that “Paragraphs are for emails. Chats are for at most a sentence, at best a gif”. 
Adam says, “We all have different communication and management styles. Some of us prefer to know only what’s necessary to complete a task, whereas others may prefer a short call to align on tasks. It’s important to find out your employees or coworkers communication preferences, and work together on deciding what works best for the both of you.”
See TikTok here.
A number 4 on our list sits an ick brought to light by TikToker Kellyn Mcmullan, who shared with her 74.7k followers that she dislikes when coworkers schedule unnecessary meetings. This popular video shared three examples:
Adam says, “Sending last minute meeting invites can be disruptive to people’s workflow and not always the best for morale. Ask yourself, “Is this meeting essential, or can it wait until our next scheduled meeting?” Alternatively, can it be said in an email? Sending updates in an email as opposed to a meeting can also have its benefits. If a team member is away or somebody needs a recap of what was said, then an email is always easy to refer back to.”
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