Top 5 Best Click Fraud Software in 2021 – Tech Times

Top 5 Best Click Fraud Software in 2021 – Tech Times

Right now, the U.S. and other parts of the globe are facing fraudsters, hackers, and other malicious actors that pose severe security threats.
Cybercriminals usually target big companies and agencies, leaking sensitive consumer databases to generate revenue through ransoms or bank hacking activities. But, some not-so-serious malicious campaigns are also targeting small businesses.
These include click fraud. Although this issue is not an international security threat, it still has been pestering small businesses and exhausting their advertising budgets, affecting their revenues.
Click fraud involves a computer program, an automated script (to act like a real user), or just an individual hired by a malicious group targeting certain businesses. The issue starts when fraudsters start clicking the so-called PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads.
They intentionally click PPC advertisements without planning to buy the featured products, which would definitely force companies to pay advertisers more than they should. But, there are various click fraud software services that are specifically designed to protect businesses from these fake PPC clicks. Here are the top 5 best click fraud software services you can rely on:
Fraud Blocker is currently one of the leading click fraud protection software services for marketing professionals. It can easily detect fake ad clicks conducted by bots or online criminals. Additionally, it automatically blocks bad traffic sources affecting your company or business. These are possible with the use of proprietary algorithms to detect malicious practices.
Fraud Blocker is fully developed in the U.S. by a team of former marketing executives and other specialists. The leading industry company has been operating since 2019, helping various clients in the U.S. to save their ad budgets against click fraudsters.
To let the clients know how efficient Fraud Blocker’s click fraud software really is, the company offers a free 30-day trial, which doesn’t require any contract or credit card. Thanks to this effort, more businesses can try the advanced anti-click system for free without worrying about unsuspected charges.
Fraud Blocker’s click fraud software has advanced core features that protect businesses and companies from click farms, bots, and malicious publishers, which intentionally click your ads without purchasing any product.
In addition, it prevents competitors, which also tend to click your paid advertisements to drain your budget and gain some advantage.
Aside from these culprits, Fraud Blocker also focuses on preventing vengeful customers, who would leave bad reviews and click PPC ads without any reason, as well as accident clicks from regular consumers.
To give you more idea, here are the core capabilities offered by the Fraud Blocker’s advanced click fraud software:
Fraud Blocker offers a budget-friendly click fraud software with a monthly fee starting at $25 that allows you to prevent ad budget losses through various advanced capabilities specifically designed and enhanced by marketing experts and other advertising professionals.
One of the best features of this U.S.-based click fraud software provider is its “network effect.” This capability can help your company block fraud proactively by detecting fraudulent IP addresses and devices found on other clients’ websites on Fraud Blocker’s platform and then blocking those visitors to your website as well.
Fraud Blocker can be installed on any website such as those built with the following:
Fraud Blocker’s website also provides a knowledge base with comprehensive articles about click fraud, including details on the most common types of fraud, marketing research, eBooks, reviews on PPC tools, and more.
Aside from Fraud Blocker, you can also try the following click fraud software services. Here are the specific features:
ClixTell is a click fraud detector that can reveal the complete marketing picture for various digital marketing agencies and other companies. It also allows you to track your business’ calls and conversions.
On the other hand, it can also help increase your sales, profit, ROI, as well as protect and optimize your campaigns. Right now, it already sees massive growth in its click software service. This was shown after it received the Quality Choice Award. Just like Fraud Blocker, it also allows new consumers to try its service for free.
It is currently used by various giant websites, such as WordPress, Google Sites, Weebly, Shopify, PageWiz, Yola, Squarespace, Wix.Com, Webs, and Joomla. Trustpilot, a famous Danish consumer review website, already provided a 5-star rating for this click fraud detector when it comes to security.
If you want to try ClixTell, you can even visit its website and request a demo. The software provider will entertain you so that you can be assisted properly. However, you need to remember that this would still depend on the availability. Right now, you can install the app version of ClixTell via Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Another click fraud software you should try is ClickGuard, an online tool that would save you from unwanted costs on PPC ads. As of the moment, PPC ads are estimated to waste $1 out of $3.
Many businesses also find that 95% of these paid clicks are really not converted into purchases. But, with the use of ClickGuard, these annoying revenue-draining ad clicks could be prevented.
ClickGuard is designed for Google Ads PPC advertisers and client managers looking to maximize their PPC ROI. The click fraud software service can do this by removing fraudulent, illegitimate, money-wasting clicks from campaigns.
With the advanced features of ClickGuard, you can automatically detect and take action against fraudulent activities on PPC ads, allowing you to prevent any unnecessary advertisement budget loss.
Right now, ClickGuard is one of the Google Verified software services. This means that it can use MCC or Google OAuth verified secure application access, allowing it to further protect your account.
PPC Protect is an online tool that excludes, prevents, and identifies click fraud activities, as well as invalid traffic across PPC ads of various businesses.
Right now, it is trusted by giant companies, such as McDonald’s, Nike, Hugo Boss, Norwegian Airlines, Europcar, and more. It enables you to leverage data analytics and advanced cybersecurity principles to identify and exclude fraudulent and invalid click sources on your PPC campaigns.
PPC Protect offers a 14-day free trial for new users without the need to provide a credit or debit card. It has already received various awards, such as Quality Choice Award, Happiest Users Award, and Trusted Vendor Award. On the other hand, here are its specific offered services:
PPC Protect currently aims to help companies see what they are spending on ads, as well as offer them a tool that could protect their data from malicious activities.
You can definitely rely on PPC Protect for reliable click fraud software since its team is composed of marketing specialists and technologists dedicated to providing advertisers with a true picture of what they’re paying for.
If you are looking for an AI-driven, cloud-based click fraud tool, your best option is DNSfilter. This online tool is a content filtering service that offers real-time solutions against phishing campaigns. Its machine learning technology could also protect your business from C2 callbacks, ransomware, malware, and other malicious activities.
DNSFilter can do this by analyzing your website before your consumers even visit it. Right now, Lenovo, The Salvation Army, Newegg, Nvidia, the U.S. Army, PSB, KinderCare, Boy Scouts of America, and other giant companies and agencies are already using DNSFilter to protect their official pages. As of the moment, DNSFilter is trusted by more than 15,000 brands across the globe.
Fake click ads and other similar malicious online activities could affect small businesses, especially right now, since most companies rely on the internet to stay afloat and keep earning. But, you can prevent unwanted revenue losses by using one of the click software tools mentioned above.
All of them are different from one another: Some offer malware and other malicious campaign protections, while others focus on ad trafficking and preventing bad ad clicks. This is why it is important to check their services carefully when using their free trial versions to know if their services can fit your daily needs.
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