Top 5 Metaverse Crypto Coins Below $4 Million to Watch in March 2022 – The VR Soldier

Top 5 Metaverse Crypto Coins Below $4 Million to Watch in March 2022 – The VR Soldier

Low market cap Metaverse crypto coins remain some of the most popular options for traders. There are dozens of great undervalued projects on the market worth exploring for new investors. This article looks at our pick of the top five Metaverse crypto coins with a market cap below $4 million to watch in March 2022, ordered by current market capitalization, lowest to highest.

Launched in May 2021, Legends of Crypto Game, aka LOCGame, is a strategy-based Metaverse card game that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. It includes icons and influencers from the crypto world with unique artwork and attributes.
To start playing the game, 15 unique cards are required. Users can visit the official LOCGame OpenSea collection that features over 11.2k items with 447 owners. Currently, the floor price is 0.01 ETH, roughly $26 at writing. This means to start playing, users are expected to spend approximately $400.
Some key features for LOCGame include the LOCG Playground, including a PVP mode where players can compete against each other with their deck of cards. Users can leverage special attacks and features to battle players to gain control of the 3×3 grid.
LOCG is the native utility asset on the platform used for various in-game activities and as the primary payment method for in-game assets. Users can also earn rewards for mastering skills, receive time-released NFTs, and more.
With a fully functional game and a minted NFT collection, the current market cap of $2.2 million makes LOCG a highly underrated project that’s a must-watch in March 2022.
You can buy LOCG on KuCoin,, Uniswap, Hotbit, and more.

Launched in April 2021, Mist is an RPG Metaverse crypto game enabling users to collect NFTs, battle epic monsters, and explore infinite immersive environments in its blockchain-based framework.
Mist’s Metaverse is built with the Unity game engine, and the team’s primary focus is on creating an engaging and immersive experience for players. It features engaging battle mechanics putting importance on the experience itself rather than on the blockchain aspect of the game.
Keep in mind, though, all in-game assets are tokenized, and Mist utilized the play-to-earn model enabling players to earn rewards for participating in its economy.
The game also features a virtual real estate marketplace allowing users to become landowners in the Metaverse. A benefit of becoming a landowner means when someone slays monsters on another player’s land, the landowner receives a portion of the rewards, thereby generating a passive income.
Mist’s Metaverse is still in development, but users can currently check out the platform’s NFT marketplace. The NFTs are exceptionally well designed, and we highly recommend you check them out.
Mist’s Metaverse connects to the MIST native token used as the native in-game currency. It’s built on the BNB chain, enabling players to stake and farm tokens and earn in and out of game rewards.
You can buy MIST on, PancakeSwap, LBank, XT.COM, and BitTurk.

Launched in September 2021, Revolve Games (RPG) features a blockchain-based Metaverse integrating the play-to-earn model. It includes a unique, actionable NFT staking system allowing holders to earn rewards distinctively.
Players are incentivized to play the game and increase the value of their NFTs, which in turn increases the potential rewards that users can receive, creating a positive feedback loop for the platform and its users.
While the game and the NFT marketplace are still in development, players can check out Revolve Games’ liquidity staking dashboard enabling holders to provide liquidity to RPG and claim rewards.
The native utility asset for Revolve Games is their RPG token, a BEP-20 asset on the BNB chain. RPG will be distributed to players as rewards for NFT staking and utilized in various in-game activities.
You can purchase the RPG token on PancakeSwap (V2) or ApeSwap (BSC).

Launching its token in October 2021, Legend of Fantasy War is leading the sustainable earning ecosystem. It’s a blockchain-based RPG-style game built with the Unity game engine.
Legend of Fantasy War’s gameplay involves users collecting an army of NFT heroes and sending them to battles, earning LFW tokens as rewards. The game incorporates the popular play-to-earn model, incentivizing players to play while earning rewards.
LFW features a fully-functional NFT marketplace where players can purchase their first hero NFT to start playing. While some NFTs cost quite a bit, users can buy a starter hero for 0.075BNB ($29 at writing).
In the future, players will be able to purchase equipment, consumables, fashion, and land from the NFT marketplace. However, currently only the character NFTs are available.
One cool feature about LFW is their mining pool, where players can bring NFTs to mine for treasure. The mining pool is a means to generate profits for investors as well as players of Legend of Fantasy War.
With a market cap of $3.4 million, LFW is a must-watch in March 2022. It features a fully functional NFT marketplace and game, speaking to the great long-term potential of LFW. The game is also highly well-designed, and we recommend everyone check it out!
The native token on the platform is LFW, used for various game activities such as NFT mining and receiving rewards.
You can purchase LFW on, PancakeSwap,,, and BitMart.

Launched in March 2021, Spheroid Universe is currently the most underrated extended reality Metaverse on the market. It’s features Spaces, which are plots of land presented as NFTs enabling users to earn rewards by placing advertisements on them.
Spheroid Universe features its Spheroid Script programming language and its Spheroid XR Cloud that empowers users and developers to develop XR/AR applications quickly.
The platform features a robust Land/NFT marketplace allowing users to browse through various plots of land. In addition, Spheroid Universe features its XR app where users can scan real-world objects to be recreated in Spheroid’s Metaverse. Over 300k spaces have been sold at the time of writing, speaking to the high support the project already has.
In addition, their XR Hub application uses AI to create reconstructions of existing structures via footage submitted to them by users like yourself, uploaded to the Spheroid Cloud. Users are also rewarded for uploading footage and creating reconstructions, incentivizing participation in Spheroid’s ecosystem.
Spheroid Universe is a highly underrated Metaverse crypto coin on the market, and with a current market capitalization of sub $4 million, we highly recommend checking it out!
The native token on the platform is SPH, used for distributing rewards and various interactions on the platform.
You can buy SPH on LATOKEN, ShibaSwap, Uniswap and find the lowest possible prices on 1inch Liquidity Protocol.
Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any Metaverse crypto coins.
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