Understanding digital marketing is a must for broker success – Just Mortgages – Mortgage Solutions

Understanding digital marketing is a must for broker success – Just Mortgages – Mortgage Solutions

The potential to build your digital presence when you have a strong reputation is high.  
Within my role at Just Mortgages, I am afforded a unique insight into the varied needs of brokers. As a result of this, we have been working on the production of a new digital marketing package. 
Understanding that not everybody requires the same level of support, the package offers bespoke levels of assistance based on the needs of the broker.   
For brokers who are able to make use of a digital marketing package, it is most helpful to seek one that includes access to an internal marketing database which is customisable to include the broker’s name and contact details.  
Support should also be geared towards social media content, local business partnerships and advertising. But what’s also important is to have two-way channels of communication between marketing team and brokers. 
It is important to streamline processes in order to produce quality marketing online 
Digital marketing shows its value because it presents a broker with the ability to see what is popular, what is gaining traction online, what content is getting the most clicks.  
They can then track their activity by using analytics tools to really make sure they are giving their clients what they want.  
I love my job because it’s forever evolving, and every day is unique. You always need to have your ear to the ground and to be up to date with what is going on in the world so that your activity within the business is always relevant. 
Because of this, it is essential that brokers sign up to regular updates filled with rich content and articles to read or share online so they can stay informed and offer the best advice possible to clients. 
Marketing should be an important part of any broker’s business. If you don’t have the support of a brokerage, network or club, there are still things you can do.  
Keep up to date with what is going on in the industry by reading the mortgage trade press. There are many informative articles on all areas of mortgage lending. 
Don’t ignore social media as it is a great platform to showcase your business and your skills.  
If you can get people to give you good feedback on social View Tech Talk
Streaming has become a staple of US media, you will gain more business as people tend to trust recommendations.
 Social media offers a unique opportunity to connect and build relationships with your clients. 
Although it is important to post content to showcase your knowledge, it is just as important to post engaging content which encourages clients to continue to stay connected with you even after they have completed.  
Not everything has to be a call to action – client retention is important in the long run. 
Video is also a great form of interactive content. There is so much you can do to bring informative and engaging content to your clients and prospective clients.  
Discussing trending themes and staying relevant to clients often means that you maintain a connection with them. 
When I take a moment to reflect on my time at Just Mortgages, I think of the opportunity for growth. All broker businesses have the potential to grow as people’s needs have changed, due to Covid.  
As a marketer, I’m excited to see where the industry will be in a year from now. 

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