Using NFTs to make a difference – Digital Journal

Using NFTs to make a difference – Digital Journal

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Luke Peake, Kasey Randall and Jeremiah Shaw; noticed that the NFT space was becoming a negative playground of bad art projects and people out to make quick dollars. With over 50+ years combined digital experience working on projects for Apple, Google, Virgin, GEICO and more, and a love and respect for animals, they combined forces to bring their knowledge and passion to build a Web 3.0 product that’s both game-changing, and life-changing.
The team discovered The Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo) in Costa Rica, whom was founded by Dr. Rebecca Cliffe in 2016. Dr Cliffe is dedicated to saving sloths in the wild through innovative research and conservation initiatives.
After hearing what Metadopt was all about, SloCo was overly excited to partner with Metadopt and bring these real-life animals into the metaverse through a collection of stunningly designed Sloth NFTs. The collection is inspired by and based on real life sloths; Bojangles, Beckett, Luna, Nacho and Croissant, each with their own interesting personalities and often surprising backstories.
Proceed from each NFT purchase goes towards virtually adopting these sloths, with 20% of all initial mint sales, and 1% of ongoing royalties going to SloCo to help develop solutions to save the sloths and protect them in their natural environment.
Metadopt plans to continue beyond this initial sloth collection and is actively engaging with other conservations around the world. The team will compile a list of their top five conservations, and then poll their community in order to make a decision on what animal to support next.
Even though a major component of Metadopt’s mission is to raise funds for animal conservations globally, they are doing what they do best and building a game-changing, and life-changing Avatar Builder, which allows anyone to be able to customize and mint their own NFT.
Today an NFT launch is like the lottery, you pay for your NFT and do not know what you get until after it’s minted, meaning you can be left with something that is not appealing to your tastes, and with less rarities; meaning the value may not be as high as others in that collection.
Metadopt is changing that by allowing the buyer to be able to customize their very own NFT, giving Metadopt an incredible advantage in the web3 space with this new and innovative software. After launching their Beta they plan to license the solution out to other NFT projects to be able to use for their own collections. With never losing site of the core mission being to support animal conservations globally.
Luke Peake
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