Web3 companies are still buying domains – Domain Name Wire

Web3 companies are still buying domains – Domain Name Wire

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1 Comment May 26, 2022
Sedo’s end user sales include lots of web3 companies.
The air might be deflating from the Cryptocurrency and web3 bubble, but that doesn’t mean web3 projects aren’t moving forward. 5 of the end user domain sales I discovered at Sedo this week were to web3 companies.
Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.
SEOprofiler.com €10,099 – The company that bought OpenLinkProfiler.org acquired this domain. This was an active website but the company is rebuilding its tools from the ground up. While the sale was just the domain, some of the value was from its previous use.
Smashverse.com £8,200 – Smashverse is a fighting game that includes NFTs.
YouWin .in $6,900 – Winunited Ltd. is an online gambling company.
GoodFoundation.org $6,900 – The Kleinert Foundation, a private family foundation with the mission of serving populations in need of a chance in Dallas, has rebranded to Good Foundation.
Reuniverse.com $5,995 – Reuniverse is a Web3 metaverse play.
Maitec.com €5,900 – Maitec Armaturen GmbH is a pump and water systems manufacturer. It uses the domain maitec-armaturen.de.
E-repair.de €5,000 – E Repair is an electronics repair company.
Joedex.com $5,000 – Joedex is a gaming NFT trading platform.
Photosynthetic.com $5,000 – Photosynthetic is a plant research company.
Posta.co $4,995 – Veezla Inc. provides technology to send and track checks, letters, and postcards via physical mail from within Salesforce. The Posta brand will be for an API service.
VCSA.com €4,800 – Vacation rental company Vacasa bought this domain, which matches its stock symbol, and forwards it to its investor relations page.
Just .money €3,000 – JustMoney is a cryptocurrency swap platform.
Hiboux.fr €2,800 – HiBou SARL is an IT company. It is using this domain to target French-speaking customers.
RealApp.xyz $2,995 – RealApp is a Web3 company.
FreeOnlineDomain .com $2,200 – This site purports to offer free domains, at least for the first year. The site says little about who is behind it, other than it being based in Brazil.
Millbeck.co.uk £2,000 – Millbeck is a UK-based telecommunication and IT solutions company.
FLFast.com $2,000 – Cambium Learning, Inc. offers online education services. I wonder if this is short for “Foreign Language Fast”.
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Web3 companies are still buying domains - Domain Name WireWeb3 companies are still buying domains - Domain Name WireJoel says
May 30, 2022 at 6:19 am
Wow to Web3. Embarked on 3d design self learning project. Have gotten lucky, and snagged a couple short and easy to remember meta prefixed domain names. Was looking to fully immerse into the 3d design in order to understand from the ground level, what would be required in order to develop VR/AR environments. I really enjoyed your early article on the Metaverse. I have a very small portfolio of domains. Maybe up to 30 or 40 domains. Been a tough road. The 3d design learning curve can be difficult. Understating that. I’m 64 years old. Had my first computer, an Apple IIe a long time ago. Have stayed current. I still game. Actually quite good on EA’s Battlefield 3. It’s amazing to play the game. Did game on the Apple IIe as well, and nver dreamed that I could play a battle game like BF3. Newer Battlefields, are even more incredible. Would like to try to sell some of my meta domains. Never have sold a single domain. Not sure how to figure pricing. Have a good Hosting service, but they don’t give advice on pricing. Thanks again for the Metaverse articles. Hard to keep up with all the things that are going on in the world.
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