Website Migrations and SEO

Website Migrations and SEO

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Software for website migrations

The specific software required for a website migration can vary depending on the nature of the migration and the platforms involved. 
FTP clients: FTP clients like FileZilla, Cyberduck, and WinSCP are used to transfer files between servers.
Database migration tools: Database migration tools like phpMyAdmin, SQLYog, and Navicat are used to transfer databases between servers.
Content management system (CMS) migration tools: If you're migrating a CMS-based website like WordPress or Drupal, you may need to use specific migration plugins or tools designed for those platforms.
Server migration tools: Some web hosts offer their own server migration tools that can help you move your website from one server to another.
Website backup tools: Before you migrate your website, it's essential to create a backup of your website files and databases. Backup tools like UpdraftPlus, VaultPress, and BackupBuddy can help you create a complete backup of your website.

what is Website Migrations and SEO

A website migration redirects all of your old webpages to new pages to reduce any negative impact on your rankings caused by moving or changing your site. 
Website migrations can have a significant impact on search engine optimization (SEO) if not done properly. A website migration can refer to any major changes to a website, such as a redesign, a change of platform, or a change of domain name.

Key to a successful Migration

Plan ahead: A successful website migration requires careful planning and preparation. It is essential to create a detailed plan that includes timelines, roles and responsibilities, and a checklist of all necessary steps.
Conduct an SEO audit: Before the migration, it is important to conduct an SEO audit of the existing site. This will help identify any existing issues and ensure that they are addressed during the migration.
Keep the same URL structure: If possible, keep the same URL structure as the old site. This will help preserve the existing search engine rankings and avoid 404 errors.
Use 301 redirects: For any pages that are moving to a new URL, use 301 redirects to redirect visitors and search engines to the new pages. This will also help preserve search engine rankings.
Update internal links: Make sure all internal links on the new site are updated to reflect the new URL structure.
Submit a sitemap: Submit a new sitemap to search engines to help them find and index the new pages.
Types-of-website-migration - Globe Boss
Types-of-website-migration - Globe Boss
Types of website migration
Domain name change: This type of migration involves changing the website's domain name. This could be due to a change in business name or a desire to use a more relevant or memorable domain name. It is essential to handle this type of migration carefully to avoid losing SEO ranking and traffic.
CMS/platform change: This type of migration involves changing the Content Management System (CMS) or platform used to build and run the website. For example, migrating from WordPress to Drupal or Shopify to Magento. This type of migration may also involve changing the website's design and structure, and the web hosting provider.
URL structure change: This type of migration involves changing the URL structure of the website. For example, changing the URL structure from HTTP to HTTPS or changing the URL structure to make it more user-friendly. It is important to use 301 redirects to ensure that search engines and users are redirected to the new URLs.
Server change: This type of migration involves moving the website to a new server or hosting provider. It is essential to ensure that the new server meets the website's requirements and that all data is backed up before making the move.
Site redesign: This type of migration involves redesigning the website and changing its structure and content. It may also involve changes to the CMS or platform used to build the site. It is important to plan and execute this type of migration carefully to avoid losing SEO ranking and traffic.
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