What are the social media basic practices for Businesses

What are the social media basic practices for Businesses

What is Social Media?

Social Media best practices – Social media is any digital tool that allows users to create and share content with the public.

Social Media is Internet based and gives users quick electronic communication of content.

What are social media best practices?

Research your customers

Knowing your customers is one of the most important foundational steps for any marketing campaign.

Conduct a competitor audit

When putting together any kind of business strategy, it’s always a good idea to take a look into what your competitors are doing. This is the same for social media strategy.

Establish and maintain your brand’s voice

Your social media accounts are an extension of your brand and should, thus, align with your other forms of brand messaging…

Maintaining a consistent voice helps your brand be recognizable among competitors and stay true to its values…

Choose the right time and amount to post

Are you still guessing when’s the best time to reach the most people on social? Stop guessing and start using data to tell you when and how much to post instead.

Use tools to plan and automate tasks

Tools and automation let you focus on the most important tasks, instead of getting bogged down with repetitive, menial jobs…

Respond to customers

Speed is crucial to maintaining a happy customer base. Customers have high expectations for a quick response: half of social media users expect a brand to respond to their tweet or questions….

Tap into subject matter experts at your organisation

There is no better way to get expert assistance for social agents who often do not know the answer to a customer question than to appeal to the experts within your own organization…

Share customers positive feedback

When your customers experience satisfactory resolution to specific issues, and in particular those using social channels, ask that customer if they would like to leave a review…

Build a relationship with your customers

A lot of younger people don’t like being targeted by brands on social media. The best way to build trust is to talk with, not at your customers. That way, you can build a network of trusted stakeholders around your brand.

Measure results to better optimize campaigns

Social media managers can neither prove their value nor optimise their efforts without hard data… Use a social marketing tool that helps you both measure and optimise your social programs…


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