When it comes to LinkedIn, you should either have a good profile or none at all – HR News

When it comes to LinkedIn, you should either have a good profile or none at all – HR News

Posted on Jun 7, 2022
LinkedIn is used by over 690 million users in more than 200 countries. So, if, in 2022 your profile is lacking depth and detail, you are essentially creating career self-sabotage and throwing job opportunities down the drain.
2022 is already showing signs of the Great Resignation finally taking hold in the UK and the long-predicted (but slow to happen) era of mass job-hopping has graduated from being a possibility to an inevitability. Employers know that this will proves to be a prime time for job-seekers to take advantage of the hidden opportunities available to them. LinkedIn is the platform where businesses, employers, influencers, and stakeholders are all residing, is the one place (if any) that candidates should be.
Things recruiters and HRs want to see
The upmost important thing on a LinkedIn profile is up to date, relevant, and detailed yet concise, work experience and achievements. Too many profiles are flooded with long War and Peace novellas on project functions and life stories and do little to ‘sell’ themselves as candidates who can make the impact that is needed in the advertised role.
But on the other side of the spectrum are profiles with insufficient detail unlikely to give anyone a sense of your capability. However, at the very early stages of your career, lengthy descriptions are not necessary.
Ensure job titles and descriptions are recognisable (as recruiters will often search these) and do some research on other profiles to pick out the key words to be using. Search someone who is in a role you are aiming for and take a look at their profile for inspiration.
While doing this, don’t forget character. Job experience and achievements are vital, but so is character. Giving a sneak peek of your personality and interests through LinkedIn shows uniqueness and may resonate with a potential employer.
Fine tuning
You are seven times more likely to be viewed if you have a profile photo than if you are without. And in some cases, connections will not even accept your request if you do not have a headshot. A photograph humanises your profile to viewers and makes you appear more approachable. It’s vital to upload a high-res, clear profile photo in appropriate clothing.
A heed of warning – always use a current photo so that people aren’t surprised when they meet you in person. It can be strange to be introduced to someone in person who looks 20 years older than their online photo!
In the same vein, recommendations are like testimonials and an ode to your success and likeability. It is worth approaching old bosses, colleagues, subordinates, customers, and networking partners to ask them for recommendations – it demonstrates trust, reliability, and likeability.
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