Why Brands And Agencies Should Consider Entering The Metaverse – Forbes

Why Brands And Agencies Should Consider Entering The Metaverse – Forbes

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The metaverse has been gaining increasing popularity and excitement throughout the world. It is quickly becoming a phenomenon and revolutionizing our idea of technology and the digital world. The metaverse is what our future has been anticipated to look like for quite some time. With advancing technologies and innovation, the future is a lot closer than we think.
The concept of the metaverse can seem overwhelming, vague and a bit intimidating. What is the metaverse? How is it going to affect our lives? What does it mean for the future of agencies? Based on internal research, brainstorming and discussing opportunities for our agency within the metaverse, I’d like to share some important ideas we’ve learned along the way. Let me break it down.
The internet is a digital space where we have access to endless information, opportunities and interactions without the confines of the physical world. As the internet continues to expand and advance, big tech companies are looking for the next revolutionary thing. This is where the metaverse enters the chat.
The metaverse is the fuse of our physical universe with the boundless digital world. It is an immersive digital realm that exists beyond our material reality. It’s a place where creativity and innovation thrive, and anything is possible.
Technology has gone through tremendous transformations through the years and has taken on many forms. We experience the internet through computers, tablets and smartphones, and we communicate digitally through text, pictures and videos. As technology transforms and advances, so do the ways in which we can experience it.
The goal of the metaverse is to enhance our digital experiences and connections. The metaverse embodies the internet as an immersive experience. Instead of viewing text, photos and videos through a screen, users are able to be virtually present.
The metaverse has the ability to transport users into virtual and augmented realities. Through technological devices, such as smartphones, virtual reality headsets, microphones and digital glasses, users will be able to access 3D virtual experiences.
Meta’s presentation on the metaverse explores how users will be fully immersed within the digital world. It emphasizes the importance of presence through technology. For example, in the presentation, they show a woman being able to virtually attend a concert with her friend, from across the world. The women appear as holograms at the concert, and the friends can see each other, talk with each other, feel each other’s presence and share the experience together.
In the metaverse, all users will be represented as avatars. The avatars will be able to travel through limitless digital spaces and connect with people from all over the world. Physical objects are also able to be transported into the metaverse and will be represented as holograms. There are already sites that exist where you can create your metaverse avatar.
The metaverse seeks to enhance human connection and experiences in a way that existing technology is not able to achieve. Users of the metaverse can connect with friends from all parts of the world, attend work meetings from anywhere, shop at clothing stores and grocery stores from the comfort of their homes, travel to remote locations, and access new educational and professional opportunities, all within the digital sphere.
Yes, we can achieve most of these things now with existing technology—however, we experience them through our screen, not through our presence. Creating immersive experiences where we can be more present with others is something that is becoming increasingly important in our digital age.
Big tech companies, such as Facebook, which recently changed its parent company’s name to Meta Platforms, have begun heavily investing in the metaverse and building digital infrastructure and experiences because they believe it is the future of technology. Other social media companies, such as Snap, are also investing in the metaverse. In 2021, Snap released virtual reality glasses, where users could experience augmented reality outside of the Snapchat app.
With the arrival of the metaverse, many concerns and questions arise. For starters, the digital universe that Meta presented to the world is not possible yet. We do not currently have all the technology required to achieve that, and it is unclear when we will. Another concern is user privacy and safety within the Meta universe. Meta promises to enact privacy and safety regulations—however, in a limitless digital world, it is unclear how these regulations will be upheld.
Along with experiences and connections, the metaverse also unlocks a digital economy, where users will be able to buy, sell and trade goods. Businesses within a large scope of industries are investing efforts and resources into securing digital space within the metaverse—especially the tech industry and digital/social media companies whose future may depend on it.
This brings into question the future of digital marketing and advertising, as well as the future of agencies and how the metaverse will impact them.
At McKay Advertising + Activation, we believe in pushing the envelope and always staying ahead of the curve. That is why we aim to create immersive, engaging and groundbreaking digital experiences for our clients through our digital marketing and advertising services.
The metaverse offers a new level of creativity. For businesses, it provides opportunities to interact with customers in new and innovative ways. For example, an agency could create a virtual world for its clients to explore. This world allows users to engage with clients’ brands and their products in a way that is unique and interactive.
With the metaverse, we would be able to create experiences that are entirely new and different. We can take our clients on journeys that are more engaging and impactful than ever before.
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