WordPress vs custom-designed websites – which is better for your business website? – Digital Journal

WordPress vs custom-designed websites – which is better for your business website? – Digital Journal

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Targeting the right audience with a precise digital marketing strategy is the key element in creating successful digital marketing platforms for any business today.
Targeting the right audience with a precise digital marketing strategy is the key element in creating successful digital marketing platforms for any business today. Nowadays, the main systems which provide these functions to users are namely, WordPress CMS and custom-designed systems. WordPress is a popular and widely used open-source system that allows users to create content through its available set of templates, in a cost-effective, faster, and simple manner. Customization through add-ons and plug-ins provides users with options for optimizing the templates to their benefit and needs.
Custom-designed websites on the other hand, as the name suggests are developed from grass root level by professionals like web designers, web developers, or web design companies according to client specifications and needs. Such websites offer unique product experiences of the company to the targeted audience, boost the brand image and allow for better profits and sales.
Custom design websites require much more of a substantial financial investment than WordPress CMS but provide greater security, optimization, and customization solutions.
WordPress CMS finds its major share of users among the category of bloggers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, etc, while custom-developed websites are used by big companies, manufacturers, etc who have a specific product or service to market and maintain which caters to a vast demographic.
To find the answer to the question ‘WordPress vs custom-designed websites – which is better for your business website?’, let’s look at the following comparisons between WordPress websites and custom-designed websites:
SEO friendly
Being SEO-friendly is one of the most important points to be considered in creating a successful and profitable digital marketing platform for your company. Increasing the visibility of your website through SEO optimizing strategies is necessary to increase traffic to your website and convert it to profitable sales.
WordPress has various SEO functionalities that can be availed through SEO optimization plug-ins that you can add to your website for free, though usage of some SEO functionalities comes with additional prices. Even though adding such plug-ins is not much of a hassle and requires not much technical expertise, such plug-ins are generally not well tested and often carry hidden malware, exposing your website to security attacks. These plug-ins are to be updated frequently and newer versions are to be installed from time to time. If not done right, then your website may suffer incompatibility issues and break down at later times.
Custom design websites allow native development of SEO elements into your website and can provide optimum customization of your website to accommodate any advanced SEO requirements without any limitations, at any given time. With WordPress offering limited room for accommodating ever-evolving SEO requirements presented by search engine algorithms, custom-designed websites can be seen as the perfect solution for foolproof and accurate SEO optimization for your digital platform.
Cohesiveness in branding
In the case of a custom design website, with the help of designers, you can ensure that showcasing your brand is the focal point of your website design. You will be able to go beyond just colors and logos to provide a strong voice for your brand through research-driven content, high-quality images, new technological features, and so on. WordPress has several limitations in terms of personalization.
Better security
Since WordPress is an open-source platform, it can be an easier target for hackers than a custom-designed website. The optimal functioning of a website is based on its security features. These days, even well-established companies with highly secure servers are being targeted by hackers. Such attacks result in valuable loss of data and a decline in the confidence and trustworthiness of the brand. Though WordPress provides security optimization plugins, it needs to be regularly maintained and updated. If a hacker manages to find a loophole in WordPress templates or plug-ins, he can use the same for hacking websites that use the same templates/ plug-ins. Often, due to this reason, WordPress and other template-based websites are easier targets of attack than custom design solutions. Ensuring that your website is secure requires constant monitoring and regular updating.
Custom websites are coded from the ground up meaning there is no way anybody can access the information about how the website is built. Even if a hacker manages to attack a custom-designed platform, the damage can only be done to the current one and not any other. Custom websites are developed and maintained by professionals with careful consideration for web security. Hence custom designed websites are far more secure than WordPress websites and can offer your business a smooth sail.
Speed and optimization
Getting your audience intrigued about your business and services is one of the key ways to drive your business forward in today’s competitive business environment. WordPress with a lot of functionalities and plug-ins to choose from can provide easier means for content optimization. Due to the templates having numerous elements suited for various case scenarios, it can make your WordPress websites slower and also cause a lot of clutter in the HTML structure and make your website less SEO friendly. Plug-ins best suited for business environments usually comes with a cost. WordPress can offer easier-to-deploy optimization tools but not the appropriate ones that can be tailored to your specific needs.
Custom-developed websites on the hand can have faster processing rates because they have been custom designed with elements and functions which can work together for creating better user interfaces. Better page speed and performance can allow for better SEO and increase the traffic to your websites for better business. Optimization possibilities are endless in custom-designed solutions. Optimization tools can be incorporated into the design and framework of your website and customized from time to time to create better attributes for your website.
Scope for better design
A major factor in creating an impression of your brand lies in the design and style of your website. WordPress does provide free templates with good plugins and themes but it does not allow flexibility in creating unique designs that can help your business stand out. The templates provided by WordPress with a specific theme need to be set up in a certain way. Though the process is fairly simple, any change in the theme may not guarantee the same structure as before creating a broken design for your website. For better templates and themes you may need to pay for premium subscriptions. WordPress can be of less use if you want your website to have a specific and unique brand image.
With custom-developed websites, you can add your logo, your design theme, style, specific buttons, etc in your unique way to create specific product /service-oriented websites for your business. You can also have complete control of the look and feel of your website. Specific user experiences and services can be custom-built and added to the website to make your product and services stand out, which is difficult to accomplish through WordPress CMS.
Better customization
With the scope and capabilities of catering to your requirements of complex features and functionalities needed for your website, custom development can be the best choice. WordPress websites cannot cater to your complex requirements of website functions despite having plug-ins that can cater to various basic functions of a website. Custom design websites can be well built and the framework can be added with custom design functions that can cater to meet the present and future requirements of your business.
Enhanced Credibility
If your website draws similarities from other business websites, website users can easily identify them and it can have a negative impression on the reputation of your business. By investing in a custom design website you can create a favorable and credible impression of your brand amongst your audience. By showcasing a professional design you can have better chances of gaining the trust of your website visitors. The addition of good quality content can not only create a strong impression in the minds of your customer base but also result in favorable results in terms of search engine optimization and ranking.
Web development companies can be very helpful in this regard. They can help to prepare a road map and plan your website to accommodate changes to your website and optimize the design of your website to reflect the brand image of your business.
WordPress and custom-designed websites greatly serve their purposes and are widely used by different sectors of the population for various uses. According to what your requirements are, these two can be very well applied to suit your needs.
WordPress gives a hassle-free, cheaper and faster way to create websites with fairly well functionalities. But a custom design solution is the best choice and investment for your business, in the long run, owing to greater security, better optimization, and customization features.
With that being said, since digital marketing has become the make-or-break factor in every business, investing in a good design and a professional team to back your design ideas can be one of the best investments for the growth and optimal productivity of your business. Favor a custom-designed website for your business, to get the best benefits for your business.
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